WWE Main Event Results – August 12th, 2014

WWE Main Event Results – August 12th, 2014

We open Main Event with the Usos making their way to the ring. Jey says that tonight their is an open challenge for their titles tonight. Jimmy says that they made the open challenge themselves, because they want to be known as one of the best champions ever. Out comes RybAxel. Axel grabs the mic and says that the open challenge has been accepted. Out comes Rob Van Dam. RVD says he wants to challenge for the title. Ryback says he doesn’t even have a partner, and RVD introduces his partner, who is Sheamus. Kane then comes out and announces it will be a triple threat match for the tag team championships.

We are shown a video package for John Cena vs Brock Lesnar.

We are told Seth Rollins will be in action next.

Seth Rollins vs Kofi Kingston

Rollins and Kofi lock up, with Rollins pushing Kofi in the corner and beginning a beat down. Kofi fights out of the corner, but then takes a kick the gut. Rollins then whips Kofi across the ring, and then hits an elbow drop. Rollins begins to choke Kofi with the second rope, and then follows it with a neckbreaker. Rollins goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out at 2. Rollins puts Kofi in a headlock. Kofi fights out but Rollins knocks him down. Kofi however gets up and begins his comeback. Rollins is thrown to the outside, and then Kofi hits a diving senton over the top rope. Rollins gets up and side steps Kofi, and gains control as we go to break.

We return with Rollins in control, hitting a splash on Kofi. Rollins then puts Kofi in another headlock. Rollins lets go but then gets caught with a kick by Kofi. Kofi then hits a springboard forearm, and then follows it with a back body drop. Kofi goes for the Boom Drop and he hits it. Kofi calls for Trouble in Paradise, but Rollins ducks it. Kofi still gets to the top rope, and then hits a cross body for a 2 count. Rollins gets up and then throws Kofi head first into the second turnbuckle. Rollins goes for the powerbomb but Kofi gets out and hits the SOS! Kofi makes the cover but Rollins kicks out at 2! Kofi goes up top for a superplex but Rollins reverses it into a sunset flip powerbomb into the corner. Rollins then hits the Curb Stomp for the 3 count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

We go backstage with Sheamus and Rob Van Dam. RVD says that he was actually approached by Sheamus to team up. Sheamus and RVD say they are like Yin and Yang, and that they are going to become champions tonight.

We are shown a video package for Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon.

The Usos vs Sheamus and Rob Van Dam vs RybAxel – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Jimmy and Ryback start the match off. Ryback takes Jimmy down, but Jimmy gets and takes a couple shots to the face. Ryback then takes a kick to the head, but Ryback kicks out at 1. Jey is tagged in and hits an elbow to the face. Sheamus then tags himself in and he hits a shoulder block. Ryback however makes a blind tag on Jey and then takes out Sheamus. Sheamus however gets a tag in to RVD, and RVD gets Ryback down and hits the Rolling Thunder. Ryback rolls to the outside and RVD takes out both of RybAxel. RVD is in control as we go to commercial.

We return with Sheamus in control over Ryback. Ryback however gets back in it with a powerbomb. Ryback then hits a double axe handle, and then tags in his partner. Axel begins to stomp away on Sheamus, and then tags in Ryback. Ryback then hits a splash on Sheamus. Ryback follows it with a spinebuster for a 2 count. Ryback puts Sheamus in a headlock. Sheamus however gets out and hits the White Noise. Axel and RVD then get tagged in. RVD begins his comeback on Axel. Jimmy however makes the blind tag and then begins his comeback on Axel! Jimmy then hits a Samoan Drop but Axel kicks out at 2! Jimmy then gets tagged out by RVD, and RVD goes up top for the 5 star frog splash. Jey is able to make a tag on Axel without RVD seeing, and RVD still hits the splash on Axel. Jey then hits the splash on RVD, and makes the cover for the 3 count.

Winners: The Usos

  • Jesse Reid

    Where are the smackdown spoilers guys?

    • WWE Ukraine

      Dark Match: Adam Rose defeated Xavier Woods

      #Smackdown opened with MIzTV. Roman Reigns is the guest, with Miz saying Roman may have a hard time rising to the occasion of being a Superstar and interrupting Roman whenever he attempts to talk. Miz says he knows he is a role model to Reigns as a Superstar who has been in movies. As Miz lists off his movies, Roman punches him in the face, knocking him out of the ring. Roman says a guy with great hair and a great smile just knocked the Miz on his ass. The Miz scampers to the back while the crowd chants “Roman,” who says it’s great to be in Seattle.

      • Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro
      • Dolph Ziggler defeated Titus O’Neil
      • Mark Henry defeated Eric Rowan by DQ when Harper interfered. Then, a tag team match with Henry and Show vs. Harper and Rowan was made. Babyfaces won after WSS on Rowan
      • Eva Marie defeated Divas Champion, AJ Lee, by count-out. After the natch ended, Paige attacked AJ Lee
      • Jack Swagger defeated Bo Dallas with Patriot Lock.
      During the commercial, Dallas said that he BoLieves Rusev will crush Swagger at SummerSlam
      • Roman Reigns defeated The Miz


    RVD continues to job and put other guys over.