WWE Main Event Results – July 22nd, 2014

WWE Main Event Results – July 22nd, 2014

Jack Swagger will take on Rusev tonight. The apparent Sheamus vs Rusev match has been nixed. Seth Rollins comes out to open the show. We are shown a replay of Dean Ambrose’s attack on Rollins from Battleground.

Seth Rollins vs Fandango

Rollins and Fandango lock up, with Rollins getting taken down with a dropkick. Rollins gets out of the ring as Fandango flaunts to the crowd. Rollins gets back in the ring and begins to beat down Fandango in the corner. Fandango fights out of the corner, but Rollins throws him into the second turnbuckle, and then continues the attack. Rollins puts Fandango in a headlock. Fandango fights out and rolls up Rollins for a two count. Rollins gets out and takes a kick to the face. Fandango goes for a another kick, but Rollins catches him and hits the turnbuckle powerbomb. Rollins follows it with the Peace of Mind for the 3 count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

We are shown a replay of Brock Lesnar being announced as the number 1 contender.

Jey Uso will be in single action up next.

Jey Uso vs Ryback

Ryback and Jey lock up, with Ryback gaining control at first. Both men gain some space and lock up again, and it goes to a stalemate. They lock up for a 3rd time, and Uso gets out and begins throwing fists. Ryback takes him down, and Jey is able to get out of the ring and gain some space. Jey gets back in the ring and Ryback takes him down with a back body drop. Ryback makes the cover for a 2 count. Ryback puts Jey in a headl0ck. Jey gets out and hits multiple roll ups, but they all get two counts. Jey then then goes for a tornado DDT, but Ryback reverses it into a spinebuster. Ryback then calls for the Meat Hook. Ryback goes for the Meat Hook but gets caught with a Samoan Drop. Uso then gets distracted by Axel, and Ryback capitalizes with the Meat Hook for the 3 count.

Winner: Ryback

Ryback and Axel celebrate after, signaling that they want a title match.

We go backstage with Slater and Titus. Slater says they are the greatest new team ever, and then calls them Slater Gator. Titus gets the mic and says they aren’t a team, and to just follow his lead tonight. Titus leaves and Heath tells Renee he meant none of that and they are going to win tonight. He says he will make Titus believe in himself tonight. They are facing Big E and Kofi Kingston up next.

Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil vs Big E and Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods

Titus and and Kofi start the match off. Titus starts off beating down Kofi in the corner, and then follows it with three backbreakers. Slater then tags himself in. Slater celebrates and puts Kofi in a headlock. Kofi gets out and tries to make a tag, but Slater pulls his hair and throws him to the ground. Titus tags himself in and Slater begins to argue. Kofi tags in Big E while they argue, and Big E begins his comeback. Big E then tags in Kofi and hits a backbreaker on Titus, and then holds it for Kofi to double footstomp him. Woods then tells Kofi to do the same thing to Slater, and Kofi grabs him and tags in Big E. Big E and Kofi do the same thing, and then Big E makes the cover on Titus while stacking Slater on top of him.

Winners: Big E and Kofi Kingston

We are shown a replay of Jack Swagger vs Rusev at Battleground. We go backstage with Zeb and Swagger. He says that if a Real American gave up in the first sign of struggle, it wouldn’t be right. He says that he wants everyone to notice what flag is going to be waved after tonight.

We return with Titus and Heath backstage. Titus calls Heath dead weight and says they are done. Titus leaves and Slater says he didn’t mean that. Heath says they have chemistry and that they are not going anywhere.

We are shown a replay of Stephanie getting fired last night.

Dean Ambrose will face Cesaro on Smackdown in a No Disqualification match.

Rusev vs Jack Swagger

Swagger and Rusev start off with Swagger trying to attack the non injured leg of Rusev. Rusev is able to gain some space, but Swagger gets back in it by throwing Rusev over the top rope. Rusev takes his time getting back in the ring, as we take a quick break. We return with Swagger in control over Rusev. Rusev however fights back, and then begins to choke Swagger in the bottom rope. Swagger rolls out of the ring, and Rusev follows. Rusev throws Swagger into the barricade, and then is slammed head first on the apron. Rusev then throws Swagger into the steel steps. Rusev gets back in the ring and hits a big splash. Rusev them begins to press his foot into the head of Swagger. Rusev puts Swagger in a headlock.

Swagger gets out and begins his comeback. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb, but Rusev gets his foot up. Swagger however catches his foot and locks in the Patriot Lock. Rusev gets to the rope, and then rolls out of the ring. Rusev then gets the Russian Flag and hits Swagger with it.

Winner (By DQ): Jack Swagger

Rusev goes to attack Swagger with the flag again, and Colter gets the flag out of his hand. Swagger then knocks Rusev out of the ring, and stands tall as Main Event concludes.

  • codys moustache

    Swagger/rusev back on?

  • Jason

    This is the second Disqualification on Rusev… if they are going to continue that Rusev’s record is “unblemished” Than someone needs to get fired a loss is still a loss

  • Dissonance

    Meh, he’s still unbeaten til someone pins or submits him.

  • king

    wwe fans do not want to see RybAxel as tag team champion… buuu.. rather wwe fans want to see Wyatt family as new Tag team champion and a match for the titles against Ascension.. HEEL vs HEEL .. as to determine which team is strongest dark force.


    That means only Bo Dallas and Adam Rose remain undefeated in WWE.