WWE Main Event Results – June 24th, 2014

WWE Main Event Results – June 24th, 2014

We are told there will be an exclusive interview with Roman Reigns tonight.

We open Main Event with Dolph Ziggler on top of a ladder in the ring. Dolph says that grabbing this briefcase means your life is changed forever. He then says that he knows because he has done it. He says winning the briefcase was the greatest moment of his career. He then says that it all lead to the greatest moment of his life; winning the World Heavyweight Championship. He then says the fans made it special. Dolph says that he knows that somehow lightning will strike twice, and that he will win the briefcase again. Dolph then says that its not about stealing the show Sunday, but about taking what is his.

Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Kofi Kingston vs Bad News Barrett, Jack Swagger, Seth Rollins

Swagger and Kofi start the match off. Swagger beats Kofi in the corner, but Kofi fights out and hits a monkey flip. Kofi hen hits a kick to the head, and tags in Ziggler. Ziggler hits a dropkick, but Swagger pushes Ziggler in the corner. Barrett is tagged in, and hits a suplex right away. Barrett makes the cover for a 2 count. Ziggler gets away and tags in RVD. RVD hits a flurry of kicks, and then connects with the Rolling Thunder. RVD makes the cover but only gets a 2 count. RVD goes up top, but Barrett throws RVD off to the outside. Barrett is in control as we go to commercial.

We return with Rollins in control over RVD. Rollins hits the Triple Verticals, and then tags in Swagger. Swagger hits a belly to belly side slam, and then follows it with the Swagger Bomb for a 2 count. Swagger puts RVD in a headlock. RVD gets out and tries to make a tag, but RVD is dragged to the opposite corner. Barrett is tagged in and hits a neckbreaker. Barrett hits a couple of knees, and then follows it with a boot to the face, which gains him a 2 count. Swagger is then tagged in. Swagger gets taken down with a kick to the head, and RVD finally gains some space. RVD tags in Kofi, and Rollins is tagged in as well. Kofi then begins his comeback. Kofi hits the Boom Drop, and then follows it with the SOS. Kofi makes the cover, but Swagger breaks it up. Dolph takes out Swagger, and then RVD takes out Barrett. Rollins then takes out RVD, and hits the Peace of Mind on Kofi for the 3 count.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Bad News Barrett, and Jack Swagger

After the match, Swagger takes out Dolph, and Barrett takes out RVD. Barrett then takes Swagger, and Barrett stands tall.

We go backstage with Fandango and Layla. Fandango says that Layla is the only one for him, and that there is nothing between him and Summer Rae. Fandango and Layla then kiss.

We are shown a replay of the Vickie and Stephanie segment from Raw.

Fandango vs Bo Dallas

Before the match starts, Summer Rae runs in and kisses Fandango. Layla comes in and attacks her. Layla and Summer continue to attack each other on the outside, as Fandango looks on. Fandango gets in the ring and immediately gets caught with the Running Bo Dog. Bo makes the cover for the 3 count.

Winner: Bo Dallas

R Truth and Xavier Woods vs RybAxel

Ryback and Truth start the match. Truth makes a quick tags, and Woods hits an axe handle drop. Woods then hits a kick to the gut, and then follows it with one to the head. Woods goes for a springboard, but Ryback catches him into a powerslam. Ryback hits a suplex, and then tags in Axel. Axel hits a big knee to the head, and then puts Woods in a headlock. Ryback is tagged in, and then beats down Woods in the corner. Ryback then puts Woods in a headlock. Woods gets out and tags in Truth. Axel is also tagged in. Truth then begins his comeback. Truth hits a splash and a DDT. Truth makes the cover but Ryback breaks it up. Ryback then takes out Woods, and Axel capitalizes with the Axe-hole for the 3 count.

Winner: RybAxel 

Ryback and Curtis Axel issue a challenge to Stardust and Goldust to a match at Money In The Bank. They say that if they are real men, they will accept.

Renee Young is in the ring, and introduces Roman Reigns. Reigns gets in the ring and Renee asks how he feels about being in the WWE Title match. Reigns first says that it doesn’t matter who it is in the match, because he will take his rightful place at the top. She then asks about Kane and Orton, and Reigns talks about how he assesses everyone, and then attacks. Triple H comes on the titantron. Triple H says he will face Kane on Smackdown, and that he should get to know him right now. Out comes Kane. Kane gets in the ring and the two brawl! Kane tries to chokeslam Reigns, but Reigns gets out and clotheslines Kane over the top rope. Kane hits his pyro and Reigns doesn’t flinch at all. Reigns stands tall to close Main Event.

  • Paul Petit-Frere

    A feud between Kane & Roman Reigns equals awesome. At least Kane is getting somewhat of a push now