WWE Main Event Results – October 9, 2013

WWE Main Event Results – October 9th, 2013

We are welcomed by Josh Matthews and Alex Riley as Tons of Funk are on their way to the ring.

Tons of Funk vs 3MB (3 on 2 Handicap Match)

Heath and Brodus start off the match. Heath dances around Brodus to start the match until Brodus catches Heath by the hair. Brodus hit’s two scoop slam, and then follows it with a T Bone Suplex. Brodus tags in Tensai and Heath tags in Mahal. Tensai gains control early with a monkey flip from the corner, and then hit’s a modified Tiger Suplex. Brodus is tagged in and hit’s a splash for a 2 count.

Tensai is tagged in and gets taken down with a flying knee by Mahal. Drew is tagged in a hit’s a running dropkick for a 2 count. Drew kips up and chokes Tensai in the ropes. Slater is tagged in and begins the beat down on Tensai.

Slater locks in a headlock but is powered out by Tensai. Tensai throws Heath out the ring and tags in Brodus. Mahal is tagged in and Brodus begins to go to work on Jinder. Brodus hit’s a T Bone Suplex followed by a splash in the corner. Brodus goes to the middle rope and hit’s a splash on Mahal for a 2 count. Brodus throws Drew to the outside as Heath is tagged in. Heath catches Brodus off guard and hit’s a corkscrew springboard for the 3 count.

Winners: 3MB

We are told CM Punk vs Ryback has been made for Hell In A Cell. We cut to commercial break.

We come back to Aksana making her way to the ring.

Aksana vs Tamina Snuka

Aksana tries to flaunt to the crowd but Tamina is having none of that, as she immediately beats down Aksana in the corner. Aksana takes the advantage and begins to work the arm of Tamina. Aksana goes for an early cover for a 2 count. Aksana locks in an arm lock and then carries it into a sidewalk slam. Aksana taunts for tooo long and Tamina takes advantage. Tamina hit’s a running fist to the floor on Aksana for a 1 count. Aksana powers out of a headlock and hit’s a neck breaker for a 2 count.

Tamina gains control with a backbreaker leading into a big boot. This knocks out Aksana for the 3 count.

Winner: Tamina

We are told a video package of Big Show getting fired is up next. We cut to commercial.

We come back to a trailer of WWE 2K14 and then a replay of Big Show being fired by Stephanie McMahon.

Zack Ryder is now on his way to the ring as we cut to commercial.

We come back from commercial, and Zack Ryders opponent, Big E, makes his way to the ring.

Big E Langston vs Zack Ryder

Big E starts off the match by grabbing Ryder by the neck and brings him to the top rope. Ryder tries to fight back but runs right into a massive shoulder block. Big E knocks Ryder to the mat and gets him into a headlock. Ryder fights out but immediately gets a clubbing elbow to the face. Ryder finally gets some momentum after hitting a flying clothesline and a dropkick straight to Big E’s face. Big E rolls out of the ring as we cut to commercial.

We return with Ryder having Big E in a headlock, but Big E overpowers him into a strike to the midsection. Big E picks up Ryder and hit’s a clubbing blow to the back. Big E puts Ryder in the corner and hits 3 shoulders to midsection. Big E goes for the cover for a 2 count. Big E locks in a grounded bear hug, telling Ryder to quit.

Ryder fights out but falls into a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Big E bounces off the ropes twice and goes for the big splash but Ryder moves out of the way. Ryder goes to the top rope and hit’s a missile dropkick. Big E falls into the corner and Ryder connects with the Broski Boot. Big E goes to the outside and Big E throws Zack Ryder around the outside and follows it with a vicious clothesline.

Big E puts Ryder in a the ring and positions himself for a power slam but Ryder reverses into a roll up for a 2 count. Ryder tries for 3 straight splashes in the corner but is reversed and taken down by Big E. Big E hit’s a massive clothesline and follows it with The Big Ending for a 3 count.

Winner: Big E Langston

We are shown a replay of John Cena being announced as the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, as well as the vicious beat down by Del Rio on Ricardo Rodriguez. We cut to commercial.

We come back from commercial and are shown the end of the six man main event tag match from Raw, as well as Big Show knocking out Triple H. This concludes Main Event for the evening.

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