WWE Makes Roster Change, Chris Benoit Left Off List, WWE Milestone, Kevin Hart Talks Raw

– WWE has removed Cody Rhodes from their roster page and added Stardust instead.

– WWE’s website has a new gallery up of every Money In the Bank participant ever, except for Chris Benoit, who competed in the first-ever MITB ladder match.

– WWE’s Facebook page recently hit 20 million likes. They currently have 21.1 million and it’s worth noting that their most engaged city on Facebook is New Delhi, India. Their average age group on Facebook is 18-24 years old.

– Below is video of Kevin Hart talking with Jimmy Fallon about being on RAW this week:

  • Stupidmarkslikeme

    Good. Fuck Chris Benoit. Garbage Human.

    • ksedude

      I’m all for not glorifying him, he committed literally the two most unforgivable crimes a human can commit. However, sometimes it’s weird that they pretend he never ever even existed.

    • Eoin Egan

      why can’t people ever remember how he fucked up in the head he actually was apparently he had the brain of an 80-year-old with alzheimer’s and his marriage was failing so you are eventually gonna snap

    • Matt Berg

      than why are you here asshole

      • Stupidmarkslikeme

        to post that comment obviously? sorry took so long to reply..was trying to think of a good comeback..cheers #sorrynotsorry #9.99 #yousupportchildkillers