WWE-Mattel Action Figure Updates: Owen Hart, Internet Title

– Representatives from Mattel appeared at the Ringsidefest in New York City this week to take questions from fans in attendance. Below are some highlights:

* Sin Cara’s first figure will be released in April or May of next year. Other new figures debuting in the near future include Jinder Mahal, The Bella Twins, Jerry Lawler and CM Punk with a cloth version of his Best in the World t-shirt.

* Mattel reps have spoke with Zack Ryder about including his Internet Title on a future Ryder action figure. In regards to a replica Internet Title, Mattel said they would have to get Ryder’s permission first.

* New versions of the Diva figures are also being worked on, including Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly.

* As noted before, Jim Ross is working with Mattel on a new project but it’s too early for details. Ross will be helping them promote a new product.

* There will be a Miss Elizabeth figure available towards the end of this year online and if her figure sells well, they’re looking at doing one for Sherri Martel and others. Mattel had a good relationship with Randy Savage before he passed so his estate will allow them to produce new figures in the future.

* Mattel can’t make figures that break bones, bleed or bruise due to WWE’s PG content.

* Mattel is doing a series of figures with Toys R Us where each figure in a set comes with a piece and when you buy all the figures, the pieces assemble to make a Michael Cole figure. Mattel figured people would want a Cole figure but would not buy him.

* Mattel doesn’t have the rights to do Brock Lesnar figures as those are held by Jakks Pacific right now. They also don’t have rights to Matt Hardy figures and have no plans to do a figure on him.

* There will be no Owen Hart figure because Owen’s widow asked them not to do anything with him.

* They will be doing a Tribute to the Troops set with four Superstars next year through K-Mart that will be sold for charity. A Troops ring will also be available.

* Mattel wanted to do a figure for Steve Austin’s old Ringmaster gimmick but WWE wants the figures to represent their iconic versions, not the older versions right now.

  • GGG

    Is she even going to let Mattel make a figure of Owen Hart because if they were to make one with the legends style box they would sell millions and she won’t be complaining because she would make some money off of the deal also and if I am not mistaken I believe one of his kids are old enough to go into wrestling if the child was interested because he is over 18 now. What is she trying to erase wrestling from the life that was his life that put food on the table for his family and put clothes on their back what is trying to prove that was an accident it wasn’t planned to happen