WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results – February 13, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results – February 13, 2018

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Bayley and Elias are in the ring and they are playing a duet.  They introduce each other but they are interrupted by Rusev’s entrance music.

Lana and Rusev are wearing matching gear tonight.

Elias and Bayley versus Lana and Rusev

The men start things off but Rusev decides to let Lana start so it is the women’s turn.  They lock up and Bayley with a side head lock and take down.  Lana with a head scissors but Bayley escapes.  Bayley with a snap mare and elbow to the back followed by a sliding clothesilne for a near fall.  Rusev with a pep talk for Lana.  Lana with a take down and she punches Bayley.  Lana with a jumping thrust kick.

Lana with a waist lock but Bayley escapes and she slams Lana.  Lana goes to the floor and grabs Elias’ guitar but Rusev stops her.  Rusev takes the guitar from lana and he drops it on the floor.  Elias goes after his guitar and makes sure that everything is okay.  Elias tags in so Rusev enters the match.  They lock up and Elias backs Rusev into the corner and gives a clean break.  They lock up again and Elias avoids a slam.  Rusev asks Elias if his back is okay.  Rusev wants a Test of strength.  Elias with kicks to Rusev followed by a back elbow.  Elias gets a near fall.

Elias kicks Rusev in the corner and snap mares Rusev and follows with a leaping knee drop and he gets a near fall.  Rusev with a series of Irish whips and punches.  Rusev with a round kick and a back heel kick.  Rusev with a running hip into the corner followed by a punch.  Rusev with punches.  Elias with a boot to Rusev but he misses a punch.  Rusev with a jumping thrust kick.

Rusev says it is Machka Time and he stomps on the back and tries to apply the Accolade but Elias escapes.  Rusev with a suplex and Bayley tags in.  Lana with a running shoulder and then hits an X Factor for a near fall.  Lana chokes Bayley in the ropes and then hits a running double knee strike to the back for a near fall.  Lana sends Bayley face first into the mat.  Lana with an arm bar and chin lock.

Bayley backs Lana into the corner to get out fo the hold.  Bayley with forearms followed by a flying clothesline and punches.  Lana goes to the apron and Bayley hits the hanging cutter.  Bayley with a shoulder into the corner followed by a running back elbow into the corner and an exploder for a near fall.  Bayley with forearms and she puts Lana on the turnbuckles.  Elias with a jumping knee to Rusev and Lana pulls Bayley off the turnbuckles and gets the three count.

Winners:  Lana and Rusev

After the match, Renee Young interviews Lana and Rusev.  Rusev says he told everyone that Lana is the Best . . . Lana Number One.  Lana speaks in Russian and then Rusev says it is Ravishing Rusev Day.

We get comments from Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair as well as Nia Jax and Apollo Crews.

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Credit: PWinsider.com