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WWE Names The Top 25 Managers; Addresses Two Omissions has published a list counting down the top 25 managers in WWE history. The list’s criteria is measured by a manager’s ability to get the crowd to react.

Matt Striker says, “A great manager is someone that can incite the emotions of the WWE Universe.” added: “As usual, he was right. When the final bell rings, it’s not about championships or main events — although those things matter — it’s about making the fans react.”

Individual bios are available at

1. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
2. Jimmy Hart
3. Freddie Blassie
4. Captain Lou Albano
5. Sensational Sherri
6. The Grand Wizard
7. Paul Bearer
8. Arnold Skaaland
9. Jim Cornette
10. Mr. Fuji
11. Sunny
12. Paul Heyman
13. Miss Elizabeth
14. Paul Ellering
15. Vickie Guerrero
16. Slick
17. The Million Dollar Man
18. Harvey Wippleman
19. Stephanie McMahon
20. Oliver Humperdink
21. Teddy Long
22. Armando Estrada
23. Michael Hayes
24. Marlena
25. The Genius

The end of the list concludes with the following note: “Bearing in mind that this list was strictly for managers who spent time in WWE (explaining the notable omissions of greats like Gary Hart and J.J. Dillon), did we manage to mess up this Top 25?”

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