WWE Network News: New Countdown Show, Big Announcement

– WWE is conducting yet another poll on the company Facebook page asking fans to name a new show for the WWE Network. The names that are being considered for the new countdown show include:

* WWE Your Call
* WWE Countdown
* WWE Settle the Score
* WWE Hit List

– During Thursday morning’s investor conference call, WWE CEO Vince McMahon said that WWE will “soon be making a very big announcement” on WWE Network plans. cMahon said that WWE is on track to launch the network next year and feels confident they “finally turned the corner” to where they can make the “very big announcement.”

– When asked about when the WWE Network will launch, WWE said 6 months is a good estimate.

– They noted they have about 100,000 hours of footage in their tape library – with 30,000 hours digitized. They are using those 30,000 hours as the first programming for the Network and will continue to digitize the rest of their content. They called their library of footage their most underutilized and unappreciated asset. WWE owns 100% of the rights to their tape library, although they do license it to partners.- They were asked about WWE’s Network and if would have any partnerships. Vince said it would be solely owned by WWE.

– Vince McMahon talked about why the network will be a success – and took a shot at Oprah Winfrey’s struggling network, which he called a failure. Vince said Oprah just put her name on the network without giving fans what they want, which is a mistake WWE won’t make.

– Also during the conference call, WWE said that their 4th quarter earnings report will reflect several big expenses related to the upcoming WWE Network. Upcoming WWE Network expenses include $4-6 million for staffing and $10-15 million for additional equipment and construction of a WWE Network Media Center.