More Details On Beth Phoenix’s Injury During Her Match On Raw

As previously reported, Beth Phoenix suffered an injury, and lost the Diva’s Championship on this week’s edition of WWE Raw.

During the match with Nikki Bella, Beth attempted to go outside to the floor to attack Nikki. Beth jumped down, and immediately winced in pain. At first glance, I was not completely sure the injury was legit, but when I went back to watch it in slow motion, the pain on Phoenix’s face told the story. She was in pain. is reporting that Phoenix suffered a sprain to the anterior talofibular ligament.


This ligament connects the fibula to the talus. The main purpose of this ligament is to keep the foot anchored in place in relation to the bones of the leg. Without this ligament, the foot would be able to slide forward and away from the bottom of the leg. This would make it virtually impossible to walk.

Phoenix will have to undergo an MRI to determine the extent of the sprain.

All sprains are graded by the severity of the damage to the ligament.

A grade one sprain means that the ligaments have been stretched, but still full intact.


A grade two sprain means that the ligament has a partial tear in it.


A grade three sprain means that the ligament is completely torn through.


Depending on what the MRI shows, will determine what treatment Phoenix will need in order to recover.

We will most certainly know more in the next couple days about what the tests show, and how long Phoenix will be out of action.

Louie Babcock has over five years experience working in emergency medicine, and is studying biology and health science at the University of Minnesota.