WWE Night of Champions Kickoff Results – September 15, 2013

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WWE Night of Champions Kickoff Results

Josh Matthews welcomes us to the Night of Champions Kickoff show as the camera shows the WWE Universe filing into the arena.

The WWE Kickoff Panel includes Josh Matthews, Booker T, Alex Riley, and Santino Marella. Booker T talks about WWE Championship Match while Santino talks about the CM Punk match. Alex Riley brings up the Tag Team Turmoil Match, A-Ry predicts the winner of the match, will defeat The Shield. Booker predicts The Prime Time Players will win while Alex Riley and Santino predict a win for the Usos.

Renee Young is in the WWE Social Media Lounge and opens a poll asking who is the WWE’s Favorite Tag Team.

A preview of the Handicap Elimination Match is shown. Paul Heyman is in the back and runs into Brad Maddox. Paul Heyman complains about his upcoming match to Maddox and foolishly runs down a scenario where he can get disqualified. Brad Maddox makes the match a NoDQ Match.

The panel begin to discuss the World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Down at ringside, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL are ready to call the Tag Team Turmoil Match.

3MB and Tons of Funk will start things off.

#1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil Match
3MB vs. The Usos vs. Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro vs. The Prime Time Players vs. Tons of Funk

Heath Slater and Brodus Clay starts things off in the ring. Slater is quickly slammed to the mat while Sweet T comes into the ring. Drew McIntrye makes the blind tag and does a flip over the top rope on the outside. Back in the ring, Drew begins to put the boots to Sweet T. 3MB is quickly eliminated with a roll up by Sweet T. Swagger and Cesaro are on the way out. Tons of Funk are taken down by The Real Americans but quickly make a comeback. A belly to belly suplex by Brodus onto Cesaro. Brodus hits a splash from the middle rope for two. Swagger comes in off a blind tag and locks in the Patriot Lock on Brodus and he taps out. The Usos make their way out.

The Usos take out Swagger and Cesaro with top rope moves to the outside. Back in the ring Jey Uso gets a two count with a flying crossbody. Swagger comes in and a double team move takes down Jey. Swagger locks in an armlock as the crowd chants for the Usos. Cesaro comes in and stomps on Jey before Swagger gets in a cheap shot as Jey lays on the ropes. Jack Swagger has in the Patriot Lock on one of the Usos and he taps out. The Prime Time Player come out and one of these teams will face The Shield. Titus with a fall away slam to Swagger but he comes back with a chop block and goes for the Patriot Lock. Darren Young comes into the match but is met with the Patriot Lock. Young gets out of the hold and hits Swagger with the Gutcheck for the win.

WINNER and #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships: The Prime Time Players.

The Kickoff Panel start to talk about the WWE Championship Match again. Santino and Alex Riley predict Orton will retain the championship while Booker T predicts that his boy D-Bry will win the championship as the Kickoff Show comes to a close.

WWE Night of Champions PPV Results – September 15, 2013

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