WWE Now On SnapChat, Smokey Mountain Wrestling Featured By WWE Website

WWE is now on Snapchat, and posted the following on their official Twitter account:

Photo: WWE’s TLC Reveal On Snapchat

– WWE’s official website has a feature on the early 90’s wrestling organization Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Below is a portion of the feature, but you can view the entire article by clicking here:

“During the early 1990s, wrestling was in a state of transition. WCW was struggling with management issues, WWE was moving away from Hulkamania’s golden age and the glory days of ECW were still years away. With this upheaval also came the near-overnight disappearance of the territorial era when local stars and fanbases migrated to the increasingly global organizations of WCW and WWE.

Enter Jim Cornette. Bankrolled by an LA-based music genius who produced Eminem’s latest album, the fiery Louisville Slugger founded Smoky Mountain Wrestling as a throwback to what he believed to be the lost art of southern-style rasslin’. The result was a unique Appalachian institution that attracted fans who traveled over the hills on the backs of mules to watch performers like Chris Jericho, Road Dogg, Sunny and a guy called Dirty White Boy. Four years later, it was gone.

What made this small, regional organization so memorable? How did it gain national attention? And why did it close so quickly? Learn the amazing story of Smoky Mountain’s rise and fall from the men who lived it, including an exclusive conversation with Jim Cornette himself, speaking to WWE.com for the first time ever.”