WWE NXT Diva Charlotte Has Surgery, “Where Are They Now” On WWE Network?, Lisa Marie Varon

– WWE NXT Diva Charlotte recently had minor surgery for an unknown injury.

– WWE is planning a “Where Are They Now?” type of show for the WWE Network.

– The Chicago Tribune recently spoke with former WWE Diva Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria) and asked if the new WWE Network would affect the business of her wrestling-themed restaurant, The Squared Circle. Her restaurant currently hosts WWE PPV nights.

According to Varon: “People don’t come to The Squared Circle because they can’t get WWE programming in their home. They come to The Squared Circle to share the experience with fellow wrestling fans. It’s the reason a University of Michigan fan, for example, goes to a U of M bar to watch a U of M football game. And not only can wrestling fans root alongside wrestling fans, they can also do it with yours truly, a 13-year veteran and eight-time world champion (toot toot) who can give unparalleled insight into the spectacle.”

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  • ThuganomicShow

    i think that the minor surgery can be “breast augmentation”