WWE NXT Live Results (7/19/13) – Jacksonville, Florida

Thanks to PWMania.com reader Ed and Brandon for sending reports from Friday’s WWE NXT live event from The Armory in Jacksonville, FL. Here are full results combined:

Friday July 19th – The Armory in Jacksonville, FL

NXT has come to Jacksonville, there was probably around 100 to 150 people in attendance. Three to four rows of chairs set up on each side of the ring. Fun, energetic crowd that got into most of the matches and creating chants & taunts which the wrestlers reacted to accordingly.

Tag Champs Adrian Neville and Corey Graves as well as NXT Womens Champ Paige took part in a meet-and-greet prior to first bell. All 3 were very pleasant. Paige took a picture with me while allowing me to hold her belt!

The two ring announcers were very green and seemed nervous, but I believe it was just their second night. They were very easy on the eyes so they didn’t get heckled or anything like that.

First match
Alexander Rusev defeated Knuckles Madsen.
Not much to this match. The guys mostly worked attacks on the ropes and turnbuckles. Knuckles got heckled quiet a bit and reacted by shouting taunts back at the crowd. Knuckles lost after a slam move by Rusev. Decent back and forth match. Rusev was getting very visibly winded as the match went on.

Tag Match
Aiden English & Danny Burch defeated CJ Parker & Jason Jordan
This was a fun match with good energy. CJ Parker was oddly interesting. He was sporting dreads and acting like he was high on drugs, often zoning out and dancing. English cut a promo prematch about how he was going to deliver a creative masterpiece. A lot of English working over Parker. Burch and Jordan didn’t get much offense in. English won when he rolled up Parker and put his feet on the ropes, while Burch & Jordan were knocked out at ringside.

Mojo Rawley defeated Tyler Breeze (Mike Dalton).
Mike Dalton had a Zoolander/90s Edge&Christian type character. He came to the ring taking pictures of himself with an iPhone, even had the ring girl take one of him. This led to a ‘You’re not pretty’ chant by the crowd, to which Dalton played up well. Mojo, who reminds of a frat boy version Goldberg, hit the ring to a big pop. Dalton told Mojo not to attack his face and the referee took a few minutes to get Dalton to put his cell phone away. Breeze was getting a lot of Ziggler referenced chants. His bit with the cell phone grew old after a few minutes. Definitely lasted too long. Almost zero action from the actual match. Mojo won by countout when Dalton left because Mojo wouldn’t stop hitting his ‘pretty’ face.


6 Diva Tag Match
Paige, Kendall, & Sasha defeated Emma, Bailey, & Charlotte.
Paige, Kendall, & Sasha were solid in the ring, especially Paige. However Emma, Bailey, & Charlotte were awful and botched several moves by reacting before there was contact. Paige hit her finisher on Charlotte to win the match. Paige is clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the NXT women and will no doubt be on the main roster sooner rather than later.

Xavier Woods defeated Scott Dawson w/ Sylvester Lefort.
Lefort came out prematch a cut a promo about how he has purchased the best fighter in NXT and introduced Scott Dawson who was booed heavily. Xaiver Woods came out to a decent pop. The match was 15 minutes and was 10 minutes too long. There was a lot of rope running and Woods working Dawsons arm. The only highlight was Dawson superplexing Woods. Woods won after hitting a sloppy finisher.

Main Event – NXT Tag Team Championship Match
Adrian Neville & Corey Graves defeated Sami Zahn & Kassius Ohno
Zahn & Ohno got huge pops and chants of Generico & Hero. Neville & Graves got a so-so reaction. This was the only match that had a lot of quality moves to it. Lots of flips, brutal kicks and top rope work by Neville & Sami. Hero appeared to be out of shape and possibly hurt, he didn’t do much during the match. Graves was unimpressive and appeared very green. Neville & Sami were amazing, both guys could be on the main roster and they worked very well together. Neville pinned Sami after a brutal hurricarana to retain the titles.

Post match
Neville tried to shake hands with Sami & Ohno who declined and left the to the back. Suddenly Erick Rowan & Luke Harper stormed the ring to a HUGE reaction from the crowd and beat down the tag champs Neville & Graves. The Wyatt music hit and Bray came to the ring. Bray helped continue the beatdown hitting his finisher on both men, and then cut a promo about destroying the system and crushing all of our heroes until there are none left to end the show.

Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville clearly had great chemistry together. The run in afterwards by the Wyatt family was unexpected and by far was the loudest pop of the night.

The crowd was loud and energetic all night. Mason Ryan posed for a few pictures off to the side as the crowd left.

Overall, it was a fun show with a lot of OK wrestling, but the Main Event and the Wyatt Family appearance was worth the $20 to get in and sit upfront.