WWE NXT Results – March 11, 2015

WWE NXT Results – March 11, 2015

The show kicks off with Enzo Amore and Big Cass heading to the ring for their match with Sin Cara and Kalisto, they compare the Lucha Dragons to the Geico lizards, and say they will roll over anyone who stands in their way on the way to the NXT tag titles

The Lucha Dragons vs. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy

Amore and Kalisto start us off, tying up before exchanging a couple of quick near falls. The fans seem firmly behind Amore and Big Cass. Kalisto hits an arm drag, before tagging Sin Cara and hitting a tag team senton gaining control. Amore is able to avoid a scoop slam and tag Big Cass, who hits a sidewalk slam on Sin Cara for the near fall, before tagging Amore back in. Amore locks in a sleeper, but this is reversed by Sin Cara, who hits an enseguiri, before tagging Kalisto, who gets a big kick and a low hurricanrana, drawing the near fall. The Lucha Dragons exchange tags and keep the pressure on Amore, Sin Cara hitting chops and kicks, before hitting a springboard headbutt from the second rope, and dropkicking Amore to the outside, where he and Cass look to regroup, but Cass is hit by a double lariat from both Dragons.

Back in the ring, as the Dragons look to hit a move off the top rope, Cass hits a big boot, before dragging Amore to his corner, tagging himself in, hitting a huge East River Crossing on Kalisto, and tagging Amore in and throwing him onto Kalisto from the top rope for the victory.

Winners: Enzo Amore and Big Cass

We are shown a video package of Alex Riley’s previous in-ring exploits in WWE, before a video showing Kevin Owens’ dominance in NXT, hyping the impending match between the two. Carmella’s music hits as we return to the action.

Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

The returning Alexa Bliss is second out to the ring, and the pair circle each other before tying up, beginning with some impressive chain wrestling, with neither woman able to gain control in the early stages. A hip toss into an arm lock from Bliss is rolled into a near fall, and Alexa Bliss shows some fantastic athleticism, first off the top rope then with a hurricanrana. Carmella slams Bliss’s head into the turnbuckle though, as she looks to get into the contest, then pins Bliss down with a few stiff forearms, followed by a dropkick for a trio of near falls. Carmella locks her legs around Bliss’s midriff as she attempts to force the submission, before turning Bliss and hitting a few knees to the head and forearms to the back before another near fall.  Carmella charges Bliss into the corner, driving her shoulder into the midsection, before Bliss is able to fight out, knocking down Carmella and hitting a standing moonsault for a near fall. Bliss then goes up to the top rope and hits the Sparkle Splash for a victory on her return to NXT.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

We go backstage to an interview from earlier in the day with Alex Riley, in which he likens his journey over the last two years to being locked in a cage, being told that his dedication was unrewarded, with no-one allowing him to fight his way out. He thanks Kevin Owens for giving him the chance to fight, that unlike Owens he has no family, but he fights for his audience, and that it is time to rage. Fantastic intensity from Riley. We then see a promo video from Tyler Breeze hyping the main event against Hideo Itami, before CJ Parker’s music hits.

CJ Parker vs. Alex Riley

Parker attempts to tell the audience how the world isn’t fair, but he is cut off by Riley’s entrance theme. Riley enjoys the adulation of the crowd on his long awaited return to the ring, and the now former announcer looks in great shape. The bell rings, and the pair tie up, with Parker applying a headlock, but coming off the ropes, Riley is able to hit a dropkick, his momentum is short lived however, as Parker hits some strong shots to keep Riley grounded and assert control. Parker drives a knee into Riley’s back and gains a near fall, before Parker bounces off the ropes, Riley hits a backdrop followed by some huge clotheslines, a splash in the corner, and a spinning neckbreaker. Riley ascends the top rope and hits the Blockbuster for a victory on his return to competitive action.

Winner: Alex Riley

Immediately after the three count, Kevin Owens music hits, and he comes down the ramp, claiming Riley is the dumbest man in NXT for wanting to fight him. Because just like he has ended the announcing career of Riley, he will also end the in-ring career, before moving on to Finn Balor. Our main event is up next.

Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami

Breeze is first to the ring, followed by an intense looking Itami. Breeze immediately retreats to the outside, claiming ‘this isn’t gonna be like last time’, back in the ring he drives Itami into the corner with a series of shoulder blocks to the elbow, but a knee from ITami off the ropes forces Breeze to again retreat to the outside. This time though Itami allows him no respite, following him outside and hitting a huge running clothesline, before rolling Breeze back into the ring, hitting a knee in the corner, and ascending the top ropes, but Breeze is able to counter by backing into the ropes and knocking Itami off. Breeze takes control of the contest with repeated stomps in the corner. Breeze applies a headlock as we go to a break advertising the upcoming NXT show at the Arnold Sports Festival.

We return from the break to see Breeze attempting to slam Itami off the top rope, but Itami is able to fight out and hit a flying clothesline from the top rope, followed by two more clotheslines on the mat and sweeping Breeze’s legs away as Breeze again retreats to the outside. Back in the ring though, Itami is able to hit another huge kick for the near fall. He irish whips Breeze into the ropes but receives a kick from Breeze, who pushes Itami off the ropes and hits him with a Supermodel Kick for a close two count. Breeze wraps Itami’s legs around the ring post on the outside, but is pulled into the post, and Itami pulls Breeze back into the ring, before hitting a suplex onto the ropes, then delivering a knee to the back of the head from the top rope for another near fall. The fans chant ‘GTS’ as Itami hits his patented quick strikes and kicks, but as he tries to hit a dropkick into the corner, Breeze dodges and hits the Beauty Shot for a rather unexpected victory.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Good to see that Breeze isn’t being merely used for enhancement of other talent as he picks up a clean and impressive victory over Itami to close out the show.

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  • Keith Christner

    tonight was a good show. all the matches were decent, and a-ry looked good. and i have to admit KO was a decent bad ass in ROH, but so far, everytime he has picked up a mic in NXT, it literally sends chills down my spine. and tonight was no exception. i think, it’s almst a shame that lesnar more than likely won’t be in the WWE when KO goes main roster, because i honestly feel that he is the ONLY wrestler on either of the WWE rosters that i would find to be a realistic opponent to beat lesnar.
    mark my words, KO WILL BE the next lesnar on the main roster. and the fact that he doesn’t need a mic man to sell it, makes it even more bad ass!