WWE NXT Results – May 22, 2014

WWE NXT Results – May 22, 2014

Bo Dallas has had some bad luck since he lost the NXT Title to Adrian Neville. Tonight, he will face Big E with his NXT career on the line. Do you BOLIEVE in miracles?

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Alex ‘Watch NXT Takeover next week on the WWE Network’ Riley, Renee ‘Watch NXT Takeover next week on the WWE Network’ Young, and Rich ‘Watch NXT Takeover next week on the WWE Network’ Brennan.

Bo addresses his BOLIEVERS. He says that he has taught them to never give up and follow your dreams. Tonight we can do both tonight. NXT was built on BOLIEVING. As the longest reigning champion in NXT history, he accepts the title ‘Mr. NXT’. When he looks into the audience, he does not see fans. He sees a family.

Bo says that he will never give up on you. From the bottom of his heart, he will never leave you. He tells everyone Don’t stop BOLIEVING.

Match Number One: Bo Dallas versus Big E in a Win or Leave Match

Bo with a waist lock into a side head lock. Big E with a shoulder tackle and Bo goes to the floor. The crowd chants ‘FIVE’ for Big E while Bo takes his time entering the ring. Bo misses a clothesline and Big E with a leap frog and shoulder tackle. Big E with punches into the midsection. Big E goes to the turnbuckles for five punches but Bo escapes after four. Bo goes to the floor.

Big E sends Bo into the apron. Bo is sent back into the ring and then he rolls to the floor on the other side. Bo with a shot to Big E’s knee and then he sends Big E into the ring steps. Bo rolls Big E into the ring and he gets a near fall.

Bo with punches to Big E and he gets a near fall. Bo with a cravate and he keeps Big E on the mat. We go to commercial.

We are back and Bo with a cross body and he gets a near fall. Bo with an elbow to the head as he holds on to Big E and he connects with a few more elbows. Bo with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Bo tries to Irish whip Big E but Big E uses his size advantage and he Irish whips Bo into the corner. Big E with two clotheslines and then he avoids a clothesline from Bo. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with a running body block.

The straps come down and he waits for Bo to get up and he gets Bo on his shoulder but Bo escapes and he hits an inverted DDT and gets a near fall. Bo with Panic Attack in the corner and then he goes for the bulldog but Big E lands on his feet. Big E with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.

Big E sets for the Ultimate Warrior splash but Bo gets his knees up. Bo sets for Future Shock and he hits it but Big E kicks out at two. Bo unwraps his wrist tape and he throws it aside. The referee goes for the tape and Bo takes off the pad for the top turnbuckle. Bo is thrown into the exposed turnbuckle and Big E with the Big Ending and he gets it for the three count.

Winner: Big E

After the match, Bo throws a fit and he says that he cannot leave because this is his home. Bo tells everyone not to leave her.

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage of what happened during the break when Bo tried to prolong his time in the NXT Arena. Bo says that everyone who spent their money to see him, he strongly dislikes every one of you. He does not usually use language like this, but you stink. You should have BOLIEVED. Now he tells everyone to leave.

Bo says that he will be the bigger man and leave. He is a bigger and better man than all of you.

The announcers talk about NXT Takeover and Tyson Kidd’s victory over Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze last week to earn a match against Adrian Neville.

Tyson was asked about being the number one contender. He says this is why he came back to NXT. This is why he laces up his boots and puts on his tights. He will attain his destiny at Takeover.

Devin Taylor is with Sami Zayn. She mentions that Sami almost became the number one contender, but how does he feel. Sami says that it stinks. Tyson was opportunistic. He won’t let this stop him in his tracks. He will continue until he wins the NXT Title.

Tyler Breeze walks into the interview area and he says that Sami is crying to Devin.

Sami says that Tyler should be crying since he was pinned. Sami says that they can do it tonight.

Tyler says that Sami is on, but not tonight. He has things to do. Tyler says that he will see him at NXT Takeover. He will be the one standing over Sami . . . looking Gorgeous.

Match Number Two: Paige versus Tamina Snuka in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Tamina backs Paige into the corner and she gives a clean break. They lock up again and Tamina with another clean break. They lock up again and Paige with forearms to Tamina. Paige with a thrust kick and scream. Paige with a head butt but Tamina shakes it off. Paige has Tamina hanging over the middle rope and Paige with a knee but Tamina with a clothesline.

Tamina with a slam or two. Tamina with a third slam and she gets a near fall. Tamina with a forearm to the kidneys. Tamina with a bear hug on Paige as she continues to focus on the back. Paige with forearms to get to her feet. Tamina with a clothesline and she gets a near fall. Tamina with a forearm to the kidneys.

Tamina with another forearm to the kidneys as she pushes Paige into the ropes. Tamina with a torture rack on Paige but Paige with an elbow to get out of the hold. Paige runs Tamina into the turnbuckles but Tamina grabs Paige by the hair. Paige with elbows followed by a series of short arm clotheslines. Paige with a knee to the chest followed by a clothesline.

Paige picks up Tamina and she kicks Tamina. Tamina picks up Paige and puts her on the top rope. Tamina pushes Paige off the ropes and Paige hits the apron and then falls to the floor. Tamina goes to the floor and she sends Paige back in. Tamina goes up top for the superfly splash but Paige gets her knees up.

Paige with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Paige

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Camacho versus Adam Rose

Rose with punches but Camacho with punches in the corner and the referee warns him. Rose with an elbow and then he gets his feet up to keep Camacho away. Rose kicks Camacho away and then Rose with a running forearm and punches. Rose with punches on the turnbuckles but Camacho with a Samoan drop.

Camacho kicks Rose in the corner but Rose with a punch. Camacho with punches of his own followed by a butterfly suplex and then he hits a leaping leg drop for a near fall. Camacho punches Rose but Rose with chops. Camacho with punches and he sends Rose into the turnbuckles. Rose gets a second wind as he is sent into the turnbuckles.

Rose with jabs to Camacho followed by a punch to the midsection. Rose with a spinebuster and then he hits a running elbow into the corner followed by a back heel kick. Rose with a running bronco buster. Camacho pushes Rose away when Rose goes for the Party Foul. Camacho goes to the floor.

The referee continues his count and Camacho stays on the floor and gets counted out.

Winner: Adam Rose (by count out)

After the match, Rose celebrates with his Rosebuds.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Charlotte talked about Sasha’s chances. She wants Sasha to beat the has been Nattie, but she doesn’t have the heart to expose Sasha’s weaknesses if she can beat Natalya.

Match Number Four: Sasha Banks (with Charlotte) versus Natalya in a NXT Women’s Title Tournament SemiFinals Match

They lock up and Sasha pie faces Natalya and Sasha gets into the ropes to stay away from Natalya. Sasha has a kick blocked and Natalya gets a near fall with a rollup. Natalya with a side head lock take down. Natalya with a shoulder tackle and Natalya with a handsparing. Sasha tries for a victory roll but Natalya counters for a near fall.

Natalya with a snap mare and then she runs over Sasha’s back and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Sasha with an Irish whip and Natalya has her legs put in the ropes and Sasha kicks Natalya and stomps on her back and gets a near fall.

Sasha with a straitjacket choke. Sasha with a knee to the back and she returns to the straitjacket choke. Natalya gets Sasha on her back and she gets out of the hold. Natalya with a butterfly suplex that sends Sasha into the corner. Sasha with a bulldog but Sasha is sent to the floor. Charlotte checks on Sasha and tells her to get back into the ring.

Charlotte rolls Sasha back in and Natalya with a double leg take down and she applies the Sharpshooter and Sasha taps out.

Winner: Natalya (Advances to face Charlotte in the Finals at NXT Takeover)

We are back and we run through the card for Takeover. Tyson Kidd will face Adrian Neville for the NXT Title. Sami Zayn will face Tyler Breeze in a Number One Contender’s Match. Charlotte will face Natalya for the NXT Women’s Title. The Ascension will defend the NXT Tag Titles against Kalisto and El Local. Adam Rose will face Camacho.

Match Number Five: Curt Hawkins versus Adrian Neville in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Hawkins with a side head lock take down but Neville with a head scissors. Hawkins with an escape. Neville with a back heel kick followed by a side head lock take down. Hawkins with a clothesline to the back of the head followed by a suplex for a near fall. Hawkins with a reverse chin lock.

Neville with punches to Hawkins but Hawkins with a punch. Hawkins with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Neville with forearms and a back heel kick and a drop kick to the temple. Neville with a missile drop kick and then he hits a running European uppercut into the corner and then he goes up top for the Red Arrow and the three count.

Winner: Adrian Neville

After the match, Tyson comes out to congratulate Neville. He tells Adrian that the title is his at Takeover. He has faced some incredible competition in NXT. Tyson says that he has been on Raw and Smackdown. He is a former WWE Tag Team Champion. He is one of the few people who have had a Wrestlemania moment in front of 75,000 people. He wants that again and winning the title is what will get him back there.

Adrian says that he has been watching Tyson for a long time and he respects him. If Tyson thinks that he is going to use NXT and him as a springboard, he has another thing coming. Adrian says that he is the future and this is his ring. At Takeover, the only person in his family taking home the gold, as per usual, will be his wife.

We go to credits.

(Source: PWInsider.com)