WWE NXT Star Re-packaged With New Gimmick?, Leaked Promo On WWE Creative (Video)

There is talk that WWE NXT star Leo Kruger debuted a new gimmick and name at a NXT live event last week. Apparently he is now called Adam Rose. However, Kruger worked last Thursday’s NXT tapings and will be appearing on the December 18th and December 25th episodes under his normal name. Kruger’s Twitter hasn’t been changed either so either there’s nothing to it or he could be debuting the new gimmick after the December 25th episode airs.

Here is a photo of Kruger as Adam Rose:

On a related note, more videos recently leaked from a NXT presentation class and here’s a promo Kruger cut on the WWE creative team:


    Loved the Leo Kruger, south african gimmick looks like a dick as Adam rose

  • fizzdaboi

    Of all characters to change on NXT…


    First, if there’s a gimmick that should be changed, Leo’s gimmick is not the one. CJ Parker and Bo Dallas are two names that are in my list.

    Second, his promo is awesome. I mean, his pronunciation is not the best, but the content of it is simply great.

    • Big_Heat_34

      Bo Dallas is legitimately one of the most interesting characters on NXT right now. I’ve done such a 180 on him lately I still can’t believe it. The slide show from this week’s episode was probably the most entertaining non-wrestling thing WWE/NXT has done in a long time.

      But you are 100% right on CJ Parker. That… is just awful.

  • saulewright

    That was a boring promo