WWE Officials Make Brie Bella Apologize For Nip Slip, Latest On Big Show, Superstars

– WWE officials were furious over the Brie Bella nipple slip on Monday night’s RAW. The apology that she tweeted out was ordered by management.

PHOTOS Of Brie Bella’s Nip Slip From Monday’s WWE Raw (7/22/13)

– The reason Big Show didn’t return on Monday night’s RAW may be because of his knee injury. Show was still limping as recent as the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. WWE officials may want him back early so they can shoot an angle for SummerSlam.

– WWE taped the following matches in Austin, Texas Monday night to air on this week’s Superstars:

* Layla vs. Alicia Fox

* The Usos vs. 3MB

  • Noel Lackey

    So she has to apologise for that but yet they had Sable rip the top of Jacqueline back in the day?

    • Total Wafflez

      WWE are hypocrites

    • Yo Momma

      It was PG-14 back then and they were getting their ass kicked by WCW.

  • Total Wafflez

    Big deal.. Who cares…

  • damndago1

    i remember on one ppv,sable came out only with a black handprint over her nipples. That was awesome……….

  • Rhawk

    So they basically wanted her to apologize for having breasts? Okay then…

  • XenoZeno

    What about when Mae Young got her puppies out?! APOLOGIZE VINCE MCMAHON.

  • deadgas

    so people want her to apologize for a nip slip a couple years back they have bra and panty matches