WWE Opening Up New Developmental System In Connecticut

Following all the confusion this week regarding the future of WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, we have an update on FCW and a new developmental program in the works.

WWE plans to open up a new branch of its developmental system in Stanford, Connecticut in the next few months. The project has been described to us as something in between Florida Championship Wrestling and the main roster, where talent that is “almost ready” will work closely with WWE officials to get them ready for their debuts.

Triple H issued a statement to WWE.com on Tuesday saying that WWE is not shutting down its developmental program. In fact, they are getting ready to “ramp up” their process of cultivating new talent – with a major announcement coming shortly after WrestleMania. Triple H told WWE.com:

“WWE’s developmental system is being revamped, not shut down. If anything, it’s going to get bigger and better than ever. By no means is it going to get smaller or shut down.”

WWE already has someone in mind to run the new Stanford-based developmental program, but it has not been made public yet.

As for Florida Championship Wrestling, there are no plans to shut down the school/promotion. WWE is looking for new locations in Florida to film the FCW TV show (including Orlando) and will also look for a new television partner to air the shows.

WWE officials are said to be extremely upset about the reports of FCW shutting down this week.