WWE Possibly Bringing Back Combined Tapings, News On Pyrotechnics At WrestleMania 31

Due to the ongoing budget cuts and WWE looking to cut $30 million in 2015, officials have had talks about bringing back the combined RAW and SmackDown “Supershow” tapings next year.

In addition to more roster and office cuts, it’s said that WWE will likely cut back on WrestleMania pyrotechnics next year. WrestleMania 31 will be an outdoor show at Levi’s Stadium and starts at 4pm on the West Coast so less pyro would be expected anyway.

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

  • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

    I don’t get how the supershow would help the budget cuts, the same stars are on both shows, save for Cena and Lesnar and maybe another or two.

    • totallyneccessary

      It’s one long day instead of two… Cuts the weekly budget in half… Also the revenue

  • ThePsycho

    This will also mean that WWE Main Event will be taped, not live during these Super Shows.

  • nbdynprtcular

    I have a feeling this all goes back to a report here a couple of weeks ago about production crews being unhappy about travel and lodging not being paid for anymore. A lot of good employees were talking about leaving, this is probably a way of keeping them happy.

  • Jason

    I say make Raw a supershow 4 hours a week monday nights, and get rid of smackdown.

    • Mario Cardone

      and put raw back to 2 hours. since they changed it to 3 hours Ive been fast forwarding nearly the entire show except for a couple segments, lately the entire show now.

      • Jason

        The problem with 2 hours is that it focuses on the mainstream and not give the rest time for the spotlight, Divas, Lower Midcard talent, Tag teams, etc to put these things on main event or smackdown isnt helping. Thats why some WWE shows that was on WGN and so forth got cancelled because no one wants to just see low to mid card talent that half the fans dont even care about.

        • Mario Cardone

          don’t they do that now anyway? Not give time to the proper people?

          • Jason

            and with what i mean is that people like AJ,Paige,Miz,Ziggler,Uso’s, Stardust/Golddust,Sheamus(Would just fade away like all the other forgotten champions), Etc would not get the proper TV time.

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