WWE Possibly Using Daniel Bryan Burglar Incident For His Feud With The Authority

As PWMania.com reported last Friday, Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella arrived at their home in Phoenix to find two burglars attempting to break in. Bryan caught one of the burglars and held him in a rear naked chokehold until police arrived, but the second burglar managed to escape.

There has been at least some talk within WWE of turning this incident into a storyline. Someone within WWE made a suggestion that they do an angle where it’s revealed that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon sent people to Bryan’s home to rob him.

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

  • ChloeMatthews

    What a surprise that they’re turning this into a story line.

    • Luke

      Why are you unhappy about it? It’s a good idea.

      • thesmarktank

        Well, it’s not a GOOD idea… it’s just an idea. That is better than nothing though.

        • Luke

          Okay… Either fans buy the angle, and they believe the authority sent burglars to the house, which means sympathy for Bryan and major heat on the authority. OR the fans don’t buy it, and they think that Triple H is trying to make hay from the fact that Bryan and his wife suffered a fairly traumatic incident, which would ALSO mean major heat on the authority and sympathy for Bryan.

          All of this keeps Bryan in the minds of the fans even though he’s injured, which gives him a better chance of being higher up the card when he returns, and WWE sell a little more of his merchandise.

          Which part of this idea isn’t good, exactly?

          • thesmarktank

            I’m not saying to not do it. It’s an idea. Just not a good one.

          • Luke

            Yes I read it the first time. I’m wondering why it isn’t a good idea, bearing in mind it works from a mark and smark angle?

          • thesmarktank

            Marks wouldn’t buy it, and smarks know its corny and lame and lazy and easy. It won’t draw much heat, you’re wrong about that, because it’s too ridiculous to take seriously from any perspective. So they can try it, but it would flop and be forgotten quickly afterwards, UNLESS they got a wrestler to act as the second un-caught burglar. In which case it’s still silly, but can produce some matches and maybe just get by. But it’s still not a GOOD idea. An idea isn’t good just because you have it. It’s still ludicrous and irreverent.

      • ChloeMatthews

        I never said it wasn’t a good idea. I’m just saying it wasn’t a surprise because WWE turns real-life situations into storylines.

  • Matt Croxton

    that’s not PG!

  • cj

    I say if they do that wait till he’s back . No point in revealing that while he can’t do anything in ring. Similar to how Austin was run down in 1999 but when he came back a year or so later it was picked and then continued.

  • bakayaro_konoyaro666

    I live in phoenix. I know what area they live in.

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    WWE gonna WWE

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Such great timing.

    Though a large majority of fans should be able to see right through this which will draw even more heat to the Authority.

  • Rico

    The second burglar’s identity is then revealed to be THE SHOCKMASTER, who becomes the Authority’s enforcer!!! I kid, I kid xD

  • Luke

    I know this is pure fantasy but imagine if police released a sketch of CM Punk as the second suspect… ;)

  • teh_LoU

    I have a lot less respect for Bryan now. There is NO excuse for either of these two would be burglars to be alive today. If someone is on your property and is a threat you put them down……no questions asked. No exceptions. (yes I know they were coming home, I am implying he should be carrying…legally of course)

    This country was founded on the idea that whats yours is yours and every man is accountable for his actions.

    • Luke

      …except they weren’t a threat. They were running away. Unless you’re advocating that Bryan should have shot them in the head while they were running away? Because that would make you a crazy person of the George Zimmerman school of self defence.