WWE Posts Another “Transformed” Teaser On Social Media – Possible New Superstar?

– WWE posted another new “#WWETransformed” teaser on Twitter this morning:

It appears this could be for a new character coming to the main roster.

  • Xx_Deadpool_xX

    Looks like we will get a actual DEMON KANE lol

    • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

      Fuck, if it’s a demon, it’s probably the KISS DEMON

  • Mario Cardone

    It’s Poppa Wheelie!!! #PoppaWheelie2014

  • Hawk

    Umm.. is it just me or does that look like the old Raven character.. with added Road Warrior Spikes.. Could have something to do with Sting also..

  • CMP

    The baby of Undertaker and Kane? The Demon of Darkness: KANEDERTAKER

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    Im still going with Ascension

  • Jay Jay Aces

    To me, it looks suspiciously like Corey Graves…but maybe not…

  • Kris Lermond

    Solomon Crowe has been making hints for a while now. Maybe him. The Ascension is also a solid choice. Either way, I’m excited to see who it is.

  • codys moustache

    It’s probably an undertaker cartoon for the network.
    Why would they promote a new superstar via twitter? Why in that case wasnt bo and Adam rose promoted via twitter?
    It’s a cartoon and/or comic book series

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    IT’S KALISTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    It’s just another version of Kane in his old attire :/


  • Luis Suarez

    Lmao I love the dirt sheets

  • Scott Hargrave

    It’s GWAR

  • Sandman

    omg shockmaster is returning