WWE Posts Feature On Lord Tensai, Torrie Wilson Update

– WWE acknowledged that Lord Tensai is a former WWE Superstar who went to Japan but did not specifically call him the former A-Train on RAW last night. WWE posted an article on their website last night and mentioned that Tensai is the former A-Train:


“He calls himself Lord Tensai, but it turns out the mysterious Superstar who stormed onto Raw SuperShow and defeated Alex Riley this past Monday has a storied history in sports-entertainment, including WWE. When he arrived on Raw, Tensai did not speak and dressed in traditional Japanese garb, which would suggest he is something of an expat.


This, it turns out, is exactly the case. The hulking warrior is in fact the WWE Superstar formerly known as A-Train, who competed in WWE for several years before embarking on a journey of self-discovery in Japan. Once he’d crossed the Pacific Ocean, he immersed himself in the Land of the Rising Sun, embracing a new culture, training regiment, and philosophy that seemingly caused him to forsake the customs of his native United States.


As a final step to his transformation, he took the name “Tensai,” which means “disaster.” Based on what he did to Alex Riley, he seems to have chosen appropriately.”


– Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson was asked on Twitter if she would be returning to WWE. She replied:  “…don’t think I can do that schedule again..”  Torrie was asked if she was still in WWE, which Diva would she like to face. She answered Vickie Guerrero.