WWE Raw 10/28/2013: 5 Things We Learned

Coming off a highly lackluster Hell In A Cell PPV, RAW this week came out with all guns blazing in an attempt to make up for the previous night’s misses. Here are 5 things we learned this week following the airing for WWE’s RAW broadcast:

Damien Sandow Cashes In
While it’s highly questionable that WWE would have Damien Sandow cash in now, so relatively soon after winning the MITB contract and briefcase, and with Cena just winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell In A Cell the night before, WWE handled this segment with great care. In the recent past these cash-in’s have been a wasted opportunity, but this time it was different.

Damien Sandow looked like a monster, attacking Cena and his injured arm, and keeping us all guessing as if he would cash in at all on this night. When he finally committed after a full segment of some great mic work and vicious pre-planning, both men delivered a PPV quality match that paid dividends. Sandow will undoubtedly go back to the upper mid-card, but let’s hope he stays in the World Heavyweight Championship picture. He lost nothing but his briefcase as a result of this cash-in match with Cena, and if anything, he looks stronger because of their performance this week.

Daniel Bryan Confronts Shawn Michaels
Following the Sweet Chin Music Bryan received at Sunday’s PPV from HBK, Daniel Bryan was given the opportunity last night on RAW to confront HBK, and listen to his reasoning as to why he attacked Bryan at the Hell In A Cell PPV which ultimately cost Bryan the WWE Championship. This segment of RAW was some great television, with Shawn Michaels going full on heel and reminding us all who he really is.

And Daniel Bryan took his game to the next level. Not his wrestling game, mind you, but his performance on the camera. He finally let go of all the happy-go-lucky YES! chants that he is so over for, and for one segment we all felt how truly upset he was at again being screwed over by Triple H and Friends. This was the only way this entire angle could continue, because more of the same with Bryan and Triple H would be exhausting. Hopefully this all leads to a match with either Bryan and Hunter, or Bryan and HBK down the road.

Kane Confuses Us All
For those of you that do not know, Kane returned to action at the Hell In A Cell PPV, attacking both the Wyatt Family and The Miz with utter disregard. And on Monday night he returned to RAW, and called out Stephanie McMahon.

What started out as something intriguing quickly got confusing, as Kane accused Steph of running wild with her authority and then apparently letting her know he was now at her beck and call. Kane made his way up the rampway, stopped next to Stephanie, took off his mask and handed it to her, and walked on backstage. Steph stood on the stage with a smile on her face as the show went to commercial, and viewers sat wondering what they just witnessed. Is Kane without a mask now? Is he Steph’s new hired gun? Is this the return of Dr. Issac Yankem (finally!)?

The Wyatt Family: More Of The Same, and Something More
The Wyatt’s have been on a roll as of late, but with their figurehead supposedly nursing a leg injury, they have been limited to mostly backstage and the occasional in-ring, beat-down segments. This week on RAW, however, they added a new level of intrigue to their schtick: they attacked both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk when they, and we, weren’t expecting it.

What’s interesting about this turn of events is the fact that The Wyatts are now seemingly going after A-list players. Bryan is still at the forefront of the WWE with his story alongside The Authority, and CM Punk is still the most popular character in the WWE right now. Why The Wyatt’s would attack these two is highly suspect, but when Bray Wyatt claims “the devil made me do it” as he finishes off both men, he keeps us all guessing. While it’s highly unlikely The Authority would be behind this, I am personally hoping Paul Heyman has them in his back pocket because they could really get to the next level with Heyman and Bray Wyatt on the mic together.

The Authority and WWE Champion Randy Orton: Embarrassed By Big Show
For a man without a job and legal paperwork barring him from arenas and so on, Big Show is certainly getting around on WWE TV these days. Last night on RAW he made his way into the ring during Randy Orton’s WWE Championship Victory Ceremony at the end of the show, and he proceeded to clean house with his right handed fist.

At this point, I’m not even sure where WWE is heading with this story, and while the live fans loved the ending last night, it just feels like they are leading up to a match with Orton and Show. And your new WWE Champion looks like a pawn, and second rate player right now, when he should be the heel champion that’s larger than life. Expect more of the same in the week’s that follow, and someone work on explaining to us all how a man with no job and legalese against his person still gets entrance music on the show he’s been barred from. Come on, man!

What started out as a great episode of RAW fizzled as the night wore on. What say you, fans? Sound off below in the COMMENTS section, and with me on Twitter: @davyshrader

  • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

    I’m left confused by Kane. What about the Wyatt’s? He get’s kidnapped, and then comes back just to work for Stephanie McMahon? Weird. And what’s with the Shield? They played the role of Triple H’s personal security for two months, now Ambrose is forced to defend his title one night after busting his chin open? I’m starting to wonder if the creative team even watches the show.

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      cena defended his belt the next night after winning it so ambrose is no different cenas arm is worse than ambrose chin

      • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

        Thanks for not addressing the point. I could care less about his chin. Story line continuity is completely out the window with Ambrose being “forced”, as Michael Cole put it, into defending his title again. He’s supposed to be a part of the authority’s group. Ya know? The bad guys. Do I really have to explain this?

  • Ǎ.Ĵ.

    i hate to see they have cut daniel bryan and cm punk back to mid card level and nobody who replys can tell me that they have not.bryan screwed out of belt for 3 straight ppv”s the punk/heyman angel getting boring

  • Robb Maynard

    Bryan and Punk are not midcard, this should be a high profile feud against the Wyatts, will probably get plenty of screentime. That isn’t midcard, it is not buried.

    Further, one thing I can almost guarantee is that HBK is not coming back for a match with Bryan. Or anyone. Puts the poster in questionable light for him to even suggest it.

    And we don’t know what Kane is doing yet. Maybe Wyatt did warp his mind, maybe Kane is under the influence of whatever “devil” Wyatt mentioned. And that “devil” wants Kane to be a henchman for Steph, doesn’t like Bryan attacking HBK, and doesn’t like how Punk put out Heyman. We will see who it is as time goes on.

  • Budwiser

    What I think is interesting which no one has pointed out yet is the backstage segment with the Shield. Could we be seeing a breakup on the horizon?

    • Henry Ford

      god i hope so