WWE Raw House Show Results From Dothan, Alabama (8/5/12)

Thanks to PWMania.com readers Daniel Williams, Marc Hall and Taylor Burck for sending in full results from Sunday night’s WWE Raw live event in Dothan, Alabama:

Report by Daniel Williams:

Results for 8/5/12 Raw House Show in Dothan, AL

The auditorium was packed and there were more green Cena shirts than I could
count. Here are the matches:

-Brodus Clay def. Heath Slater
Slater actually got in some offense, but Clay finished the match in his
usual manner.

-Tag Team Title Match: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth def. the Prime Time
Initially, PTP won when AW pushed Kofi’s leg off of the rope after a
Darren Young gut check. AJ came out and restarted the match. Kofi and
R-Truth hit their finishers simultaneously for the win.

-Diva’s Title Match: Layla def. Alicia Fox
Two chicks rolled around until one hit a neckbreaker.

-Alex Riley def. Dean Ambrose
Ambrose receive no reaction whatsoever from the crowd. After some back
and forth, Riley hit his finisher for the win.

-WWE Championship Match: CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan in a Street Fight.
This was a pretty good match. The guys hit their normal spots and took
turns on each other with a kendo stick and a steel chair. Punk won
with the GTS.

-US Championship Match: Santino Marella def. Jack Swagger
This match had a few botches, most notably a phantom arm drag by
Santino. After a few comedy bits, Santino hit the cobra for the win.

-Chris Jericho and Zack Ryder def. Dolph Ziggler and the Miz.
By far, the match of the night. Jericho and Ziggler did most of the
work here. Jericho hit codebreakers on Ziggler and Ryder for the win.

-John Cena def. Big Show in a Steel Cage Match
Nothing we haven’t seen before. Cena wins with an AA.

Biggest Pops:
1) Cena
2) Punk
3) Jericho

Biggest Heat:
1) Daniel Bryan
2) PTP-mostly AW
3) Swagger

The crowd was split on Ziggler, the Miz, and Big Show.

Report by Marc Hall:
WWE Raw Results
Dothan, AL

1 – Brodus Clay def Heath Slater
Slater wants to make a music video and wants Brodus’ dancers. Wants a stipulation that he wins the girls if he wins the match. Short 5 minute match – about what you’d expect. Good starter match, kids dance in ring afterwards.

2 – R-Truth and Kofi Kingston def Primetime Players w/ AW
Good action, same finish as rest of weekend. PT Players get the pin and are named Tag Champions. AJ comes out and tells ref that Kofi had his foot on the rope. Match is restarted. R-Truth and Kofi instantly hit both opponents and pin both of them to retain title.

3 – Layla def Alicia Fox
Layla retains Diva Championship – really nothing to talk about here. Short and not interesting at all.

4 – Alex Riley def Dean Ambrose
Both played old school face and heel roles very well. My first look at Ambrose – he comes out on mic and talks about how we probably haven’t heard about him since it takes a while for communication to make its way to Alabama. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing Ambrose on television soon.

5 – CM Punk def Daniel Bryan in street fight
This 30 minute part of the house show is worth your admission. AJ comes out to announce that fans voted this a street fight. Bryan made a big deal that he wasn’t going to participate in a street fight – he wanted to wrestle.

During intro, Punk had ring announcer add to his announced hometown of Chicago that he was currently looking for real estate in Alabama. These two played to the crowd with perfection. Bryan made a young girl at ringside cry when he tore up her sign – Punk then went over to hand her his t-shirt.

This one lasted 15-20 minutes. Both guys did “yes” and “no” kicks – funny moment where both repeatedly bounced off ropes and exchanged several blows to each other with the crowd yelling “yes” for Punk hits and “no” for Bryan’s. Match included chair and kendo stick and several near falls.

6 – Santino def Jack Swagger
2nd half of show opens with Santino’s humor really playing well for crowd. Not a lot of wrestling in this short match. Santino wins with cobra.

7 – Chris Jericho and Zack Ryder def Dolph Ziggler and The Miz
Fun match – starts with Jericho/Ryder taking upperhand. Action goes outside the ring for a few minutes. Ryder spent good part of match taking the beating waiting for Jericho’s hot tag. Jericho moonsaults Miz and then applies the walls. Dolph tries to hit Jericho with MITB briefcase but Jericho hits him with codebreaker. Then pins Miz for victory. Kind of cool to know this was Jericho’s last house show – at least for a while.

8 – John Cena def Big Show by pinfall in steel cage match
The Dothan Civic Center holds about 2500-3000 and appeared to be very close to a sell out. Cena entrance prompted by far the loudest ovation of the night. Kids wearing the green Cena shirt the dominant of any t-shirt in the arena.

This match was really better than I thought it had any right to be. Both men gave good effort for a small house show. Several well executed spots including 1) Cena trying to climb over cage but Big Show bringing him back in, 2) both men taking turns dragging each other back from leaving the cage door and 3) Cena climbing over the cage door to slam it on Big Show before Big Show catches Cena and chokeslams him back into the ring.

Normal finish with Cena hulking up after taking a beating. He applies his finisher after knocking Big Show from the top rope to straddling the ropes with a midsection hit.

This is my first live WWE event in probably a decade. The mini-Titan tron adds so much to the house show with intro videos and back stage promos. This was an excellent card with everyone giving great effort. Very impressed and even my wife enjoyed most of the show for her first live wrestling show ever. This is a very family friendly event.

Report by Taylor Burck:
I dont have a single bad word to say about the show, as always WWE put on a show that was amazing and so much fun for the fans!

This is my 9th wwe show in person, counting house shows in Chicago, Tampa, Fort Myers, Montgomery and Monday Night Raw’s in tampa. This was my 1st show ever in Dothan, Alabama and the Dothan Civic Center. The Civic Center workers were not good at all and was the worst live event experience I have ever had.

Again, let me say this was NOT because of the WWE, who put on a great show, but the arena it self did a horrible job. They only had ONE….count it ONE ticket counter open for BOTH will call and ticket purchase. I had will call tickets and the site you HAD to buy tickets from was called Etix and you can’t print your tickets online. You had to pick them up at the arena.

We (me and my girlfriend) got to the show at 4:30 for a 5 pm start time, with my WWE live event experience in the past this more than enough time to grab tickets, buy things from the merchandise stand and settle into our seats in time for the show. Only problem was there were NO signs up telling people were tickets were for will call. So we and about half a dozen other fans walked all over this arena.

We went up stairs and saw there was only ticket booth open with a line wrapped around the upstairs part of the arena about 300+ fans deep. We thought for sure this was the line for buying tickets. We were dead wrong.

After circling the arena again looking for signs both inside and outside the building, we went back up stairs in hope of finding a Dothan Civic Center employee to help us out. We found no one. We asked the people in line and every single person was confused also, but said they were told this was the only place to not only buy tickets, but to pick up will call tickets.

One ticket window was all they had open for both. It was now 4:45 at this point. We stood in line for 10 minutes and it did not budge an inch and after a tweet to @wwerawworldtour told us they were sorry the building was having issues, but the show would not be delayed at all for us 300+ people not able to get tickets, I made a move.

I had my ticket confirmation Via email on my i phone and with Drivers License in hand I pushed my way through a huge line of fans up to an older set of 3 ladies tearing tickets. After asking if that was indeed the only open ticket window and asking if WWE has any plans to delay the show and being told yes and no to the respective questions, I showed her my phone and license and asked if I could please be let in without having to stand in line and get my tickets. She quickly snatched up my phone and ID and went in the ticket office and grabbed my tickets for us. I was so thank full for her and I tried to ask for her name so I could at least give her some praise on here and to the people I plan to talk to tomorrow at the Civic Center on the phone (Their offices are only open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm, So I was not able to speak to anyone in person and I live in Montgomery), but she quickly went back to ripping up tickets for the huge line of fans looking to get into the arena and see the show.

We got into the show at 5:03 right as Brodus Clay was dancing down to the ring for the opening match. As the show went on, I kept my eye on the doors and people were still getting into the building 45 + minutes after the show had started.

Now comes the next problem…out seats.

The etix website (Still not sure why were not able to use ticketmaster) and Dothan Civic Center website have NO seating chart at all. So being from Tampa and going to college in Montgomery, I was not familiar with what the civic center looked like or what the seating arrangement was. We paid $40 plus tax and an etix “connivence fee” and let the etix website choose our seats and we were rewarded with horrible seats. (I have attached a picture with this email)

We could NOT see the entrance ramp at all as it and half of the ring was covered up by a wall. The way the speakers were pointed, they were attached to the entrance ramp pointed toward the ring and away from the wall. You could NOT hear Justin Roberts talk, you could barley hear entrance music, we missed what AJ, AW, R Truth and Kofi said on the mics also, and in a huge moment in the night when the Prime Time Players won the Tag Team Titles, but AJ came out and reversed the decision and we had no idea what was being said due to this wall covering up the sound of the speakers.

What made things worse is they played pre taped interviews with Dolph Ziggler and had and CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan build up video on the tron…all the while we could not see or hear what was going on.

Again this was seats we paid over $85 for the two of us. those seats should NOT have been sold to people, they should be roped off or at the very least they should be have been sold as the $10 seats…not $45 seats.

Finally, during the intermission after the CM Punk vs. Bryan WWE Title Street Fight, the Civic Center sear watchers went on break and me and my girlfriend moved and found new seats. We asked this really nice lady if the seats next to her were taken. It was an empty row of about 6 seats. She said no and told us she was an old wrestling fan but did not watch any more. The only reason she was there was because she works at books a million in dothan and Alicia Fox came in today and gave her a free ticket because Fox had no one that could use it. So we just assumed that whole row of empty seats were due to unused tickets given to wrestlers.

Overall the show was amazing and fun and the WWE put on a heck of a good show, but the Dothan Civic Center crew failed in a huge way,

I want thank the @WWERawworldtour twitter page very much for the quick responses though out the night. I thank WWE for the amazing show and the hard work all the superstars and crew members put into this event! Even though we only saw the 1st half of the show covered by a wall, from what we saw it was a good 1st half with an AMAZING cm punk vs. Daniel Bryan Street Fight.

1. Brodus Clay beat Heath Slater in about 2 minutes. Clay and his ladies danced with little kids after the match.

2. WWE Tag Team Title Match: Kofi and R Truth beat Prime Time Players, The Players won the match at first and the titles after Kofi had his foot on the rope and AW knocked it off without the Ref seeing, but AJ came out and said something we could not hear, but the match was restarted and both Kofi and R-truth hit one move and won.

3. Divas Title Match: Layla beat Alicia Fox, Fun Match that Layla won in about 6 minutes

4. Alex Riley beat Dean Ambrose, Fans were LOUD when Riley’s music hit, we didn’t know who is was at first because the fans were so loud we could not hear the all ready muffled music being played and we were a bit shocked when it was Alex who walked out from behind the wall. He was pretty popular in Dothan despite the lack of time he has been on TV these days. Lots of “WHO ARE YOU” chants were yelled at Ambrose. He cut a promo before the match, but no one in our area could hear what he said, so could be the reason why people were yelling that at him asking who he was.

5. CM Punk beat Daniel Bryan in a street fight – 20 Minute match that was back and forth and awesome with MANY false finishes! AJ Came out before the match and said something, but again we had no idea what she said. Punk wins with the GTS.

Intermission was at this point and we were able to move.

6. US TITLE Match – Santino beat Jack Swagger with the Cobra in about 7 minutes. VERY funny match. I enjoyed it.

7. Chris Jericho and Zack Ryder beat The Miz and Dolph Ziggler – Again really fun match, it as at this point I realized all the good guys had won every match tonight. Miz and Dolph were booed like crazy and were pretty funny as they faked throwing their shirts to the fans….only to turn around and throw them at Jericho and Ryder’s face.

8. John Cena beat Big Show in a cage Match – close to a 20 minute match. Fans went crazy for cena and the little kids in the arena went NUTS when cena won. You could tell this made their night special to see Cena win. On the way out we heard one little kid tell his mom “SEE! I TOLD YOU CENA WOULD WIN! HE NEVER LETS ME DOWN!” Crazy good match with so many false finished with pins, the cage door and Cena trying to go over the top of the cage. The poor ring looked like it was going to explode and the apron around the ring flew up every time the Big Show was slammed to the mat. Cena wins with the AA.

Overall, take away the horrible Dothan Civic Center experience minus that nice ticket ripper lady, the show was really fun and you could tell every wrestler worked super hard to put on a really good show for the fans. Thanks WWE!

My name is Taylor Burck and I would love to hear from other fans at this show. I hope you guys get more reports and I would love hear if other fans had the same horrible Civic Center Experience as me. My email is Taylorburck@yahoo.com and my Twitter is @Taylor_Burck