WWE Raw House Show Results From Jacksonville, Florida (8/3/12)

Thanks to PWMania.com reader Stephen Knuth for sending in full results from Friday night’s WWE Raw live event in Jacksonville, Florida:

Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater
Slater comes out to start the show with his “One Man Rockband”, calls out any guy from the back. Out comes Brodus Clay! Quick match. No big spots. Brodus Clay wins with a splash. Match was over in about 10 minutes. Bunch of kids jumped into the ring to dance for a few minutes. Brodus posed for a few pictures and gave hugs to a fans at ringside.

The Primetime Players w/ A.W. vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston for the Tag Team Titles
Good back and forth match. When Titus had an upper hand A.W. said on his live mic “He is unstoppable!” Following was a group of fans loudly chanting “Kobe Bryant”. That quickly went down. Primetime Players win the match & titles! A.W. celebrating by dancing at ringside. AJ comes out to one of the biggest pop’s of the night and restarts the match. Kofi pins an unsuspecting Titus for the win.

Layla vs. Alicia Fox
This was our bathroom break. I have no idea who won this match. Didn’t hear any loud cheers. There was however a lot of “We want Kelly” chants. Jacksonville, FL is Kelly Kelly’s hometown and we could tell the fans were pretty upset they didn’t get to see their hometown hero.

Alex Riley vs. B-Edwards
No one knew who B-Edwards was and I still don’t know. Could someone fill me in here? It was a shocking match because Edwards smacked Riley around the entire time. Edwards wins with a clean pin. Alex was booed. Match was less than five minutes

Santino vs. Jack Swagger
Fast match. Swagger ran away from an almost cobra 4 times. Swagger hits ankle lock. Santino Reverses and wins with Cobra.

C.M. Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship
AJ comes back out and asks the fan to vote by texting for what kind of match we’d want to see. Choices were Street Fight or 2/3 falls. Street fight won by landslide. Match started out really slowly. Bryan jumped out of the ring at a start and ripped up a kids sign that had “Yes! Yes! Yes!” written on it. He yelled at fans telling them to say “No!”. Punk hits Bryan into the barricade. Punk grabs chair & kendo stick. Back & forth typical match we’ve seen from these guys. They hit all their typical spots. Match was over 20 minutes long. Over 5 near falls. Bryan locks in submission on Punk, Punk kicked out. Punk hits Bryan with GTS for the win. Punk was very much a face. Signed a ton of autographs after the match, gave his shirt to a fan and took photos. No mic work from Punk or Bryan. It was locally advertised to be Punk vs. Bryan vs. Kane for WWE Title and Kane was a no show. Not sure what happened.
Fun Note: When Justin was doing introductions, CM Punk told him to announce “From Chica– WAIT! Residing for the next 3 hours.. from Jacksonville, FL.. CM PUNK!” That got the crowd way over.

(Intermission and showcase of all the new gear you can buy only at WWEshop.com. We also got a videopackage all about Tout and a recap on the 1000th episode of RAW)

Chris Jericho & Zack Ryder vs. The Miz & Dolph Ziggler (w/o Vickie)
For the first 10 minutes before match began, The Miz & Dolph asked the crowd who was the best looking guy in the ring. Then asked who had the coolest tshirt. Jericho goes face to face with Dolph and starts to trash him about his overuse of hairproducts. Jericho called Dolph a “Greaseball”. Greaseball was chanted for the rest of the night. Really funny moment. During a point of the match for about 10 min or so, Miz & Ryder fought outside the ring while Jericho & Ziggler had a set of time to work together. Other than how Punk/Bryan always work together, this was by far the best in ring work of the night. Jericho really outshined Dolph. Jericho hit his sault off the top rope, walls of Jericho and Codebreaker. Dolph tries to use briefcase for the win, Jericho hits Codebreaker. Throws Dolph at Ryder for the Rough Ryder. Jericho pins Dolph for the win. Jericho’s entrance even at a house show is really freaking cool. His jacket, the lights shutting off, him as a face. It’s all a really cool
moment. Jericho signed a ton of autographs after the match and took a few photos for fans with Ryder. After match, Jericho & Ryder did “Woo! Woo! Woo!” together.

John Cena vs. Big Show (Steel Cage Match)
Main event of the night. The house show cage is very different from the tv cage. Funny moment was show climbed to top of cage and sat on it. The cage started to sway way right and he got off. Crowd laughed. Back & Forth typical action we’ve already seen on TV. Show squeezing Cena for about 3 minutes. Cena gets his superpowers and AA on show. Couple of near escapes. Show chokeslammed Cena from top of cage. Cena walked around the ring a few times to thank fans and sign posters. Let’s go Cena/Cena Sucks chant live is super fun.

Loudest Pop’s of night:
1) CM Punk
2) John Cena
3) Chris Jericho
4) AJ

Biggest Heat of night:
1) Big Show
2) Daniel Bryan
3) A.W.
4) The Miz

The arena holds exactly 15,000. Top level was trapped off. Would guess total attendance was about 6,000. Good crowd. Mostly little kids. We sat in a section of older fans who had a great time chatting about ECW, WCW and the 1000th episode of RAW. After the show and walking to my car I was next to Daniel Bryan at a red light. Fans were asking him to roll down his window for a picture. He looked at them then drove off. He sure plays his heel card really well. Ha. :)

Justin Roberts thanked us at end of show, asked us to drive safe and WWE hopes to return one day. Go see a house show if you can. Small stage but great crowd and its all about the wrestling and less about production.

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    B-Edwards is said to have been played by Dean Ambrose