WWE Raw House Show Results From Melbourne, Australia (9/1/12)

Thanks to PWMania.com’s Mase for sending in full results from Saturday’s WWE Raw live event in Melbourne, Australia:

Brodus Clay (With Naomi only) d Jack Swagger
Pretty much your basic Brodus match. Quick back and forths between the two with Brodus getting his splash finish for the pin

Miz cut a promo that he likes the ring of the word “champion” with his name and he announces that he will be facing Alex Riley later in the night

WWE Divas Championship – Layla© d Rosa Mendes
This was a pseudo-comedy match up with Rosa spending a lot of time dancing and Layla reacting. Nothing of interest here really.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – The Miz © d Alex Riley
A great technical match up between the two. Before the match, Miz grabbed the mic and played up the fact that as IC champion that he was the champion of Australia and did his usual thing of saying that he is not aweful, but he is awesome. The crowd wasn’t buying it at all.

Zack Ryder d Tensai
Tensai dominated the match and Ryder got a roll up pin to get the victory

RAW Recap video – Triple H “goodbye”

WWE Tag Team Championships – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth with Little Jimmy © d Epico & Primo with Rosa Mendes
R-Truth came out singing “What’s Up!” with modified lyrics to include Little Jimmy (Little Jimmy got one hell of a pop from the crowd). This was a solid tag team match which included an opening spot with Primo talking to Little Jimmy before punting the invisible kid in the head. Lots of high flying from both teams mixed with all the classic tag team spots. Epico & Primo got the win but Kofi’s foot was on the ropes; this brought out AJ Lee who restarted the match and the tag team champs retained.

Santino Marella d David Otunga
A comedy match. Lots of showboating from Otunga and his baby oil with Santino eventually returning the same poses to the delight of the crowd. Santino hits the cobra for the win.

WWE Championship – CM Punk © d Daniel Bryan
A great match up. Lot of playing to the crowd from Bryan who would take a few moments from the match to grab the mic and yell at the crowd about the “YES!” chants, his anger management and that he does not have a goat face, which leads to a great line of the night.

Bryan: “Do I have a goat face!?”
Punk: (laughing) “Ha ha ha yes, you do”

Amazing wrestling from both men in this match. Punk broke you not only the Macho Man elbow drop to huge applause, but also “Punked Up” against Bryan complete with the finger point, three punches and the leg drop. Punk eventually hits Bryan with the GTS and retains. Punk was easily the most over the of the night.

Handicap Match – John Cena d John Laurinaitis & Big Show
Big Johnny came out first and introduced himself and his tag team partner for the night. Cena comes out to a huge reaction from the younger fans with the older fans equalling the reaction negatively. Cena was at the disadvantage for most of the match but got his usual Superman style comebacks against Big Show. Big Johnny also got into the thick of things from time to time. Eventually Cena hits Big Johnny off the ring apron, gives Big Show the AA and gets the win. After the match Big Johnny hits Cena with a chair once, but then gets hit with the AA to send the kids home happy.

Cena grabbed the mic, thanked everyone for being there (he was amazed at how full the arena was) and said they would be back soon.

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    I swear to god Ryder beat Tensai last night with a rough ryder