WWE Raw Rating Continues To Drop Leading To Elimination Chamber, Viewership Rises

Monday’s WWE Raw rating scored a 3.08 rating, continuing a four-week slide for Raw with the 1/27 episode scoring a 3.24 post-Rumble rating, 2/3 scoring a 3.15 rating and last week’s 2/10 episode scoring a 3.14 rating.

The show averaged 4,364,000 viewers, up from the previous week’s 4,329,000 viewers.

The first hour of Raw drew 4.662 million viewers, dropping to 4.296 million for the second hour viewers, and the third hour dropped to 4.134 million viewers. There was an unusual ratings pop among teen males.

WWE Raw ranked #1 in overall viewers and in the key male demos this past Monday night on cable television.

(Source: PWTorch)

  • Gus Echon

    How many weeks has CM Punk been absent? Four? Ratings high in first hour where Daniel Bryan was heavily featured…hmmm???

    • Joshua Williams

      And that is relevant how? Punk is the one who walked away. Why do fans insist on playing along like it was somehow WWE’s fault that he left? As for Daniel Bryan, viewership fell by almost half a million viewers during his main event RAW match against Orton a few weeks ago. Where were all you die hard Bryan fans at then? Turning the channel it would appear

      • Bryan Thomas


        • Luis Suarez

          @disqus_guk0OyNTjX:disqus Agreed.

        • Joshua Williams

          I’ll stop when they do.

    • joe

      Or last week and this week were hurt by the Olympics.

  • Joshua Williams

    How is it that ratings go down while viewership goes up? Aren’t ratings supposed to reflect viewership? Did I miss something?

    • joe

      I might be wrong but I think the ratings are based of the percentage of TV viewers(those with Nielsen boxes) watching whereas the number of viewers is self explanatory. If the number of WWE viewers goes up but the number of total TV viewers goes up even more, the ratings will go down.

      • Joshua Williams

        That seems weird. Must be government math.

  • Jaime Villasana

    I think is cuz i didn’t watched

  • Bryan Thomas

    I punk comes back, there will three great main eventers lol. I keep infiltrating the main event guys lol