WWE Raw Rating News Regarding The BCS National Championship Game

Cable television ratings from Monday night were delayed this week and should be available later today (Wednesday afternoon).

In what has to be seen as a good sign for WWE, the college football BCS National Championship game that aired on ESPN opposite RAW was a blowout and their ratings reflected it. The show peaked at a 20.0 rating at the 9:30pm (EST) hour, but then dipped to a 15.0 rating by 10:00pm. This is when the game clearly became a blowout – and it’s when WWE aired the TLC match for the WWE Championship featuring CM Punk vs. Ryback.

After the blowout BCS game returned from halftime, their rating dipped from a 16.0 to a 13.0 by the time RAW was over. The show-closing segment featuring CM Punk vs. The Rock was going up against the lowest-rated quarter hour of the BCS game (13.0 rating), so hopefully RAW’s ratings reflect a strong showing by WWE.