WWE Raw Results – April 28, 2014

WWE Raw Results – April 28th, 2014

Raw opens in St Louis with a video package of The Wyatts vs John Cena from last week on Raw.

We cut to the ring and a steel cage is set up around the ring. Out comes John Cena. John Cena asks why to start off his promo. The fans are heavily against Cena. He then says why did the fans vote him to face the entire Wyatt family. He says that they were given a choice to give him a fair chance or no chance and they gave him no chance. Cena continues to ask why. He says that someone told him you either die a hero or you live long enough to be a villain. He says that’s true because 10 years ago in St Louis he got drafted to Raw in St Louis that was the biggest ovation in his life. He says why Bray Wyatt. He knows the future is bright and he can’t stay around forever. He says guys like Reigns, Rollins, Cesaro, Bryan and even Sami Zayn have the drive that he does. He says that Bray is different and that his passion is not the WWE. Cena says that Bray’s message will not leave the cage on Sunday. The camera cuts and the lights go out. A bunch of children are singing The Whole World in His Hands on the stage. Then Bray comes on the stage with the lights out and sings as well.

Bray walks down the ramp with the children singing with them. Bray then has the ring surrounded with the kids singing as Cena looks on. Bray then cuts the lights and when the lights come back on all the children are wearing the sheep masks. Bray begins to laugh while a kid sits on his lap. Cena is shown in the ring completely distraught. We cut to commercial.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match – The Usos vs RybAxel

Axel and Jimmy Usos start the match off. They lock up with Axel pushing Jimmy in the corner. Axel hits a chop but then Jimmy hits one of his own. Jimmy hits a flying shoulder block for a 2 count. Axel tags in Ryback and Ryback pushes him around. Jey is tagged in and Ryback takes him down. Ryback goes for a splash and misses. Jimmy is tagged in and both Usos fly over the rope and take out both men. One of the Usos appeared to have hurt his foot on the fall as we go to commercial break.

We return with Ryback hitting a big splash from the second rope on Jimmy Uso. Jey Uso is being attended too so Jimmy is on his own for now. Axel is tagged in and continues to keep Jimmy grounded. Jimmy fights back but is taken down. Jey goes back to the corner even though he is injured. Ryback is tagged in and hits a clothesline on Jimmy. Ryback goes for 3 covers but Jimmy kicks out at 2 on all 3. Axel is tagged in and both men go for a double superplex. Jimmy fights back and knocks both men off. Jimmy goes to the corner and tags in Jey. Jey hits a cross body and begins his comeback. Jey goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Ryback gets a blind tag and hits a spinebuster for a 2 count. Ryback goes for the Meat Hook but is hit with a super kick! He goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Both men trade blows and Ryback then hits the Meat Hook. Ryback goes for the Shell Shock but Jey rolls him up for a 2 count. Axel is then tagged in and Jimmy hits a blind tag on Jey. Axel hits a PerfectPlex on Jey but Jimmy hits Axel with a big splash for the 3 count.

Winners: The Usos

We are told Hugh Jackman will be here tonight. We are also told that the main event tonight is Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton. We head to commercial.

We come back to an Adam Rose vignette. We are told he will be on Raw next week.

We then go backstage with Cesaro and Heyman. Heyman says hes disappointed with Van Dam talking down to him. He says the last person who got underneath his skin was the Undertaker and look what happened. He says he is a liar, a conniver, but he gets his clients to the top. Cesaro says thats all he needs to hear.

We get a video package of Kane’s assault on Daniel Bryan. Stephanie will apologize to Daniel Bryan later on tonight. We go to commercial.

Sheamus comes out for a match but Titus comes from behind and takes out. Titus begins to lay into Sheamus, throwing him into the barricade and ring post. Titus throws him into the ring and begins to assault him. Sheamus says he wants to go and we get a match.

Titus O’Neil vs Sheamus

Titus begins to beat him in the corner. Titus steps back and then runs into a Brogue Kick. Sheamus gets the win.

Winner: Sheamus

Hugh Jackman will be on Raw after the commercial break.

We come back to a Bo Dallas vignette.

We go to the ring with Dolph Ziggler. Dolph says that this is his favorite time of the year. He says that the weather gets better, the bikinis get tighter, and the superheroes come back to the big screen. He plugs the new X=Men movie and we get a trailer. He then welcomes back Hugh Jackman. Jackman makes his way down to the ring. Jackman says its great to be back on Raw. He says he loved hosting a couple years back, and he says that Raw is one of the most exciting shows out there. He says that anything can happen. Dolph says he’s right, and shows a video of Jackman knocking him out the last time he was there. They then bury the hatchet and out comes Damien Sandow dressed as Magneto.

Sandow puts down Jackman and says that Ziggler is star struck and that he looks ridiculous. Ziggler says that he tripped on his cape when he says that. The crowd chants knock him out and Sandow tells them not to tell him what to do. Sandow tries to use the power of magnetism and Jackman hits him with a hip toss. Ziggler then hits a Zig Zag to take out Sandow. Both men stand tall in the ring.

We get a video package for Evolution and the Shield, including the Shield taking out most of the 11 guys on Smackdown. Roman Reigns will face Randy Orton later tonight.

Cesaro vs Jack Swagger

Both men lock up with Cesaro lifting Swagger up for a gut wrench slam. Cesaro then hits him with another one. Swagger leaves the ring and then Cesaro goes up top. Cesaro hits a double axe handle to the outside, but Swagger gets up and hits a knee to the gut. Swagger gets in the ring and covers Cesaro for a 2 count. Swagger hits a clothesline for a 2 count. Cesaro comes back with an uppercut but Swagger than hits a boot. Swagger than hits a clothesline after Colter made a distraction. Heyman than attacks Colter and Swagger gets distracted. Cesaro then hits a German Suplex with a bridge for the 3 count.

Winner: Cesaro

Cesaro celebrates in the ring with Heyman.

We get a replay of the opening segment between the Wyatt’s and Cena.

We go backstage with Cena being interviewed. Cena is asked for his reaction and he just walks away. We go to commercial.

Cody Rhodes vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio attacks Rhodes from behind. Rhodes fights back and begins to beat down Del Rio in the corner.Del Rio hits a kick to the head and a suplex for a two count. Cody fights back and takes him down, and then follows it with a scoop slam for a 2 count. Cody then takes Del Rio down by the arm. Del Rio gets the upper hand and hits a back drop for a 2 count. Cody is put in a headlock and fights out. Cody then hits a dropkick but is caught with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a 2 count. Cody outs Del Rio in a headlock but Cody gets out and begins his comeback. Del Rio dodges the springboard dropkick and is kicked in the head. Del Rio then locks in the cross arm breaker and Cody tries to get out but has no choice but to tap.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Cody goes to the back and pushes off Goldust in frustration and Del Rio celebrates. We go to commercial.

Alexander Rusev vs Xavier Woods

Woods starts with a dropkick and tries to start a flurry of offense. Rusev halts it immediately is about to put the Accolade on Woods. Truth then stops it and both men take out Rusev.

Winners (By DQ): Alexander Rusev

Lana tells Rusev to back off and Woods and Truth stand tall.

We go backstage with Rob Van Dam being interviewed. RVD says that he is going to deliver bad news to Wade Barrett tonight. Colter comes in and says that they should work together to take out to common enemy in Paul Heyman. RVD says thanks for the offer but he has a mind of his own and he is just going to continue to be RVD. We go to commercial.

Los Matadores vs Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater

Drew and Diego start the match off. Drew gets advantage first and in comes Heath. Diego then takes down Slater and Fernando comes in and hits a flip over the rope. Fernando then hits a hurricanrana and is then taken down with an arm drag. Fernando takes out Mahal on the outside and Slater hits the Impaler DDT in the ring for the 3 count.

Winner: Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre

El Torito takes out all of 3MB after the match.

Stephanie McMahon will come out and apologize up next after the commercial break.

We are told Sheamus will face Bray Wyatt tomorrow night on Main Event.

Out comes Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie says that what happened last week was a senseless apology. She wants to make it up to Bryan and asks if Bryan can come out. Out comes Daniel Bryan in a neck brace with Brie Bella. Bryan says that he almost believed her that he wanted him to stop. He then says that everyone knows that she is full of crap. Stephanie says that shes earned that but he needs to understand that she never wanted him to become champion. She says they got a little bit out of control. Bryan says that they didn’t care how his wife felt every time he came out and was beaten down. He says that they didn’t care how she felt when Triple H dumped his head in a bucket of water while she screams to drown him. Stephanie gets it and says that she just wanted to give him a credible opponent at Extreme Rules and that she is truly sorry. Daniel Bryan says that she is still full of crap. Stephanie says that he can come to the ring and looks her in the eye. Daniel Bryan says that he is cleared for Extreme Rules and that if Kane takes him out then he is taking him out with him.

Stephanie says that she will make it up to them by giving Brie a title match right now! Bryan said he is not leaving Brie alone and Stephanie says that match is going to happen right now! We go to commercial break.

Divas Championship Match – Paige vs Brie Bella

Paige and Brie lock up with Paige taking her down. Brie hits a dropkick on Paige and goes for a cover for a 1 count. Paige then hits a kick to the gut and then begins to beat Brie down in the corner. Paige hits a fisherman suplex for a 2 count. Paige then hits a couple knees to the gut but Brie fights back. Brie goes up top and Paige follows and hits a superplex! Both girls are down and Kanes music hits!

No Contest

Kane comes from under the ring and throws Bryan to the outside. He grabs Brie and tries to bring her with him but Bryan hits him with a wrench. Kane then sits up and hits a chokeslam on Bryan. Kane then tries to drag Brie into the hole into the ring again but Brie kicks him off and gets out. Kane stands tall in the ring laughing as Bryan is being looked on.

We return with a video package for Legends House.

We go backstage with Bryan being checked on and Brie shaking. Stephanie comes in apologizing. She asks if he will be able to compete at Extreme Rules. Bryan says he will be there, and she will regret dragging his wife into this. Brie then tells Stephanie to get out and calls her a bitch.

We are shown the opening segment of Raw again. Cena then is interviewed. Cena says that he thought everyone turned his back on him but they didn’t. He says that on Sunday the whole world will not be in his hands.

Intercontinental Championship #1 Contenders Tournament Finals – Bad News Barrett vs Rob Van Dam

Barrett and RVD start off locking up, with both men not gaining an advantage. They lock up again with RVD hitting an arm drag with both men standing again. They lock up for a third time with Barrett being taken down into a headlock. Barrett is then flipped over the top rope and is hit with an apron moonsault. Barrett is then thrown in the ring and is covered for a two count. RVD then puts Barrett in a headlock. Barrett gets out and throws RVD to the outside. Barrett throws Van Dam into the barricade, and throws him back in the ring for a two count. RVD then catches Barrett with a roll up for a two count. Barrett hits a nasty kick to the gut on RVD as we go to commercial.

We return with Barrett in control with a headlock. RVD fights back but is taken down with a Winds of Change! Barrett goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Barrett goes up top for an elbow and he hits it for a two count. Barrett begins to choke RVD, and, then hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Barrett then begins to work the back. RVD gets out and begins his comeback. RVD is about to hit Rolling Thunder but Cesaro comes out. Then comes Swagger and takes out Cesaro. Barrett then goes for the Bullhammer but RVD reverses it. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and goes for the 5 Star Frog Splash. Cesaro distracts RVD but RVD fights him off. Barrett then gets the knees up on RVD and follows it with a Bullhammer for the win!

Winner: Bad News Barrett

Cesaro, RVD, and Swagger all brawl with RVD hitting a Frog Splash on Cesaro to end the segment. RVD is the only one standing tall.

We go backstage with The Shield. Dean says that evolution has passed Evolution by. Rollins say they wear suits because they think its power, but the real power is with them when they get in the ring. Reigns says that Orton calls himself the future, but to him he is the past. He says the The Shield is the today and the tomorrow. Our Main Event is up next.

Triple H grabs a mic and says that the Shield took out 11 guys on Smackdown. He says he reminds them of them. Orton says there is a problem. Batista says that they are  still there. Triple H says that on Sunday they will either adapt or they will perish.

Evolution and the Shield stand off and out comes Ric Flair. Flair grabs the mic and says that he is so happy to be in the ring with men who have dominance. He says he dominated with the Four Horsemen. That can be said the same for Evolution. He said he has seen everything come full circle. He said he is surrounded by men who are great. And those men are now the Shield. Flair shakes their hands and leaves.

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

Reigns and Orton begin to go at it with Orton throwing Reigns to the outside. Reigns then hits a suplex on Orton from the outside. Reigns continues the beat down on Orton until Orton throws Reigns into the steps on the outside. Orton puts Reigns in the ring and puts him in a headlock. Orton then clotheslines Reigns to the outside on the apron. Orton goes for the hangman DDT but Reigns gets out. Orton stays on the offensive until Reigns hits a clothesline. Reigns then begins his comeback. Reigns foes for the Superman Punch and Triple H distracts Reigns. The rest of the Shield begin the attack on Evolution! Reigns hits a Superman Punch on Orton and then goes outside to help his teammates!

Winner (By DQ): Roman Reigns

Evolution is in complete control on the outside. Triple H hits a spinebuster on Ambrose on the outside. Rollins and Reigns are both thrown into the post. Evolution then begin the assault in the ring. The Shield then begin the rally and Reigns hits a spear on a solo Triple H. They go for the triple powerbomb but Triple H gets away! The Shield stand tall over Evolution as Raw concludes.

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        For the most part, Raw was actually a pretty good show… and the crowd was dead for about 95% of the show so it made everything come across as bleh since almost the entire damn show was recorded in silence seemingly.

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