WWE Raw Results – April 7th, 2014

WWE Raw Results – April 7th, 2014

We open Monday Night Raw with Daniel Bryan, our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! The New Orleans crowd goes absolutely insane! Daniel jokes around, asking if the crowd gets tired and how hard it is to do the yes chant with two titles. The crowd begins to chant you deserve it and Bryan says its them who deserve it. He says the yes chant is all about the power the people have. He says because of them he is standing in the ring as champion. Out comes Triple H and Stephanie.

Triple H says he won’t step in the ring because he doesn’t want to do something he will regret. Bryan then goes up to him and shoves the titles in his face. Triple H says this moment won’t last, and that it won’t even last tonight. He then says he will defend the title tonight against him! He says he will end the yes movement and that the reality is that it is Triple H’s show and he can’t do nothing about it. Daniel Bryan begins a Yes chant as Triple H and Stephanie walk away.

We are told Brock Lesnar, the man who broke the streak, will be here tonight for Raw. We head to commercial break.

We return with photos of Wrestlemania last night. We then go backstage with Hunter and Stephanie. Hunter says that he is going to make everyone choke on the Yes Movement. Batista and Orton come in and say they should get rematches. Triple H says he gets his match first. Stephanie says that they both will compete against the Usos tonight for the tag team titles. They say they don’t want the tag titles, and they want the World Title. Triple H says if they all get on the same page they can be unstoppable.

Out comes The Wyatt’s. They will be in 6 man tag action after the commercial.

The Wyatt Family vs John Cena, Big E, and Sheamus

The match starts with everyone brawling in the middle of the ring. The Wyatts are cleared from the ring, with Bray and Cena starting off the match. Bray hits a big right hand, and then hits a headbutt to the head. Cena begins to fight back, and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus hits the Battering Ram and then works Bray in the corner. Bray fights back and tags in Rowan, with the crowd fully behind the Wyatts. Sheamus stays in control, hitting a shoulder block, but Rowan pushes him off when Sheamus works him in the corner. Sheamus then hits a kick to the gut and tags in Big E. Big E falls straight into a elbow, but then catches Rowan and does three backbreaker’s on him! Harper gets tagged in but runs into a shoulder block.

Cena is then tagged in and hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena then goes for the AA but Harper reverses it into a slam face first on Cena. Bray is tagged in but we head to commercial break. We return with Harper in control over Cena. Cena tries to make a tag but Harper doesn’t let him. Cena tries to go for an AA but Harper gets out and hits a DDT. Rowan is tagged in and hits a scoop slam and leg drop. In comes Bray Wyatt. Bray begins to stomp away on Cena in the corner. Cena then fights back with a massive clothesline. Bray gets back up right away and slams Cena to the ground. Bray then tags in Harper and both Bray and Harper then kick him down and Harper continues the assault with uppercuts. Cena creates space with a back drop and tags in Sheamus. Rowan is also tagged in.

Sheamus then begins his comeback, taking out Harper and Rowan. Bray causes a distraction, with Sheamus being taken down by Rowan. Bray is then tagged as is Big E. Big E then begins his comeback, and goes for the Big Ending, but Harper hits him with a super kick! Rowan, then takes out Cena, and Harper hits a suicide dive on Sheamus to the outside. Bray then hits the Sister Abagail on Big E for the 3 count!

Winner: The Wyatt Family

We are given a video package for “Slam City”. We then head to commercial.

We return with a Bo Dallas vignette. Out comes Fandango to a huge pop!

Fandango and Summer Rae vs Santino and Emma

Fandango and Santino start the match off. Santino hits an arm drag and goes for the cobra. Summer is tagged in so in comes Emma. Emma then hits her strings of moves into the Emma Lock, where Summer has to tap out.

Winner: Santino and Emma

Up next Brock Lesnar will come out and address the entire world. We go to commercial break.

We return and out comes Brock Lesnar. Heyman grabs a mic and says that he says its his greatest privilege to represent Brock Lesnar. He says that he is the conqueror of the Undertakers streak. He says it is something that lasted 2 decades, that ended in 3 seconds from Brock. He says that he knows everyone is in shock, but he told everyone what was going to happen. He then says to read the shirt, and puts Brock over some more.  Heyman says that Brock is here to shock the world and create tears from children. He then says that after Undertaker left the stage he collapsed. He said he has a severe concussion and almost had a broken neck. Heyman says that Brock would not have stopped until the streak was done. Heyman says he doesn’t get how everyone gave Undertaker a standing ovation, when Undertaker was a loser.

Heyman than says everyone in the crowd tonight is like everyone in the back, which is a bunch of wannabes. He says no one respects Brock, which is okay because Brock respects no one. Heyman says no one in the back has switched to octagon because they are wannabes. He says people came up to him and said they could have broken the streak, but then he asks why couldn’t they. He says Brock is the one and he will always be the one in 21 and 1. He says there are legends, hall of famers, and WWE Superstars. He says the most important part of that is that those words are plural. There is never going to be a plural when it comes to Brock Lesnar and the accomplishment in breaking the streak. Heyman and Brock then leave.

The Usos vs Randy Orton and Batista for the WWE Tag Team Championships is up next.

We get an Adam Rose vignette.

The Usos vs Randy Orton and Batista – WWE Tag Team Championships

Batista and Jimmy Uso start the match. Batista brings Jimmy in the corner and tags in Orton. Jey is then tagged in but Orton keeps him in control. Batista is then tagged in and works Jey in the corner. Batista and Orton then begins to beat down both Usos on the outside. Orton hits a hangman DDT on the outside, and the ref calls the match off.

Winners: The Usos

Batista continues the assault, hitting a Batista Bomb on the steel steps. Both men get in the ring and raise each others hands.

We are told Hogan will present the Andre trophy to Cesaro tonight.

We come back and we get the return of Rob Van Dam!

Rob Van Dam vs Damien Sandow

RVD starts with a kick to the head, but Sandow immediately goes on the offensive. Sandow hits a Russian leg sweep and the Elbow of Disdain. RVD gets up and kicks Sandow all the way to the outside.  RVD then puts Sandow on the barricade and RVD hits a leg drop from the apron. RVD then hits the Rolling Thunder, and then goes up top and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash for the 3 count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

RVD celebrates with the crowd after the match after being triumphant in return. We then head to commercial break.

Rey Mysterio vs Bad News Barrett

Barrett asks for a mic before fighting. He says he has some bad news. Mysterio then attacks him. Mysterio hits a hurricanrana that sends Barrett to to the outside. Rey then hits a suicide dive that landed in a splash. Barrett gets back in the ring and Mysterio goes up top. Barrett then throws him to the ground and begins laying in on Mysterio. Barrett then hits the Winds of Change but only gets a 2 count. Barrett begins to work the crowd as a face and then hits a big knee in the corner. Barrett then goes for a superplex but Rey pushes him off. Rey then works his comeback and sets up for the 619. Rey connects and goes up top, but Barrett hits him with the Bullhammer! Barrett goes for the cover and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

We are given an Alexander Rusev video package. We are told he will be in action up next.

Alexander Rusev vs Zack Ryder

Rusev starts with a kick to the gut to Ryder, and begins to beat him down in the corner. Ryder tries to fight back but runs into a big kick to the head. Rusev then begins to hit knees to the gut which is followed by a fall away slam. Rusev then puts Ryder in the Accolade and Ryder taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

We are given a video package on the Hall of Fame ceremony that took place on Saturday. We are told Ultimate Warrior will be on Raw next.

We return and out comes the Ultimate Warrior. Warrior says that it was hard for him to find words. He then puts on a Warrior mask and then says that the people are who made the Warrior. He says that he sees people in the back that have the passion and that the people will make them legends as well. He then says that the Ultimate Warrior will live forever.

We are told AJ will come out next to address the fans.

We return and out comes AJ. AJ says that she has been champion for 295 days. She then says its the longest reign of all time. She said that on the stage a couple months ago, she tore every diva “a new one”, but she gave them 295 days to prove them wrong. She says that this proves she has always been the hero. She says that last night it was her against the world, and that she was a poor girl in the New Jersey, and now she is the best diva in the world. Out comes Paige!

AJ asks what Paige is doing here. Paige says that she just wants to congratulate her. AJ says that she doesn’t need her congratulations, and that she should run back to NXT. Paige says that she just wants to congratulate her. She then slaps Paige and says that she will put the title on the line right now against Paige!

Paige vs AJ – Divas Championship

AJ immediately goes on the offensive, and puts her in the Black Widow. Paige gets out and hits the Paige Turner for the 3 count!

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Paige

Paige celebrates on stage as AJ has a meltdown in the ring.

We are told Cesaro being awarded the Andre trophy by Hogan is up next.

We return with the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy in the ring. Out comes Hulk Hogan. Hogan says that last night it was one of the greatest Wrestlemanias ever. He says that there were many Wrestlemania moments, but the Andre Battle Royal was his favorite. He says that when Big Show was slammed, he knows Andre would have smiled. He then announces Cesaro to the ring.

Hogan congratulates Cesaro and then leaves the ring. Cesaro is about to speak but Colter takes the mic. Colter says that Cesaro is going to tell everyone who he is, but he first wants to say that he helped Cesaro get to this situation. He says he is a Zeb Colter guy. Cesaro than grabs the mic and says he is not a Zeb Colter guy, but a Paul Heyman guy! Paul comes out and says not only did he beat the streak, but he also is the advocate of the king of swing. Swagger then comes out and attacks Cesaro from behind. He then destroys the trophy! Cesaro flips out and begins to beat the hell out of Swagger! This leads to a commercial break!

Jack Swagger vs Cesaro

We come back with Cesaro catching Swagger in a back breaker for a 2 count. Cesaro begins to fight Swagger on the outside, and Swagger goes back in the ring with Cesaro going up top. Swagger then catches him with a throw off the top rope. Swagger begins to beat down Cesaro in the corner, and then throws him all the way across the ring. Swagger begins to work the back with elbows, but Cesaro fights back with two uppercuts. Swagger however hits a slam and goes for the cover, but only gets a 2 count. Swagger then goes for a Swagger Bomb, but Cesaro gets the feet up. Cesaro then hits a superplex but only gets a 2 count. Cesaro then hits 5 straight running uppercuts in the corner, and then calls for the swing. Swagger then escapes the ring and runs off. Swagger gets counted out as Cesaro looks on.

Winner: Cesaro

Cesaro celebrates in the ring with Paul Heyman as Colter and Swagger look on.

We are told the Shield and Wyatts will face on Main Event tomorrow! Daniel Bryan vs Triple H is up next.

We return and are shown the opening segment from tonight.

We go backstage with Stephanie, The Shield, and Kane. Stephanie says all of them have to make sure that Triple H needs to be champion. Kane then gets upset with the Shield and says that they are thought of as nameless faces to the Authority, and that Triple H is the one that sicked all the teams on the Shield on Smackdown. Stephanie then tells Kane to shut up and that she has given them all orders, and that they all must be on the same page tonight. Kane understands and The Shield with a look of disdain, say they understand everything “crystal clear”. We go to commercial.

Before the main event, Batista, and Orton come to the ring and begin to beat down on Daniel Bryan. Orton hits an RKO on Bryan, and then Batista hits a Batista Bomb. Kane then comes down and hits a chokeslam on Daniel Bryan. Out comes Triple H. We are getting our title match.

Triple H vs Daniel Bryan – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Triple H mocks the Yes Chant, and is about to pick up the win, but out comes the Shield! The Shield stare down Batista, Orton, and Kane from the other side of the ring, with Triple H trying to tell both teams this is not going to happen. The Shield get in the ring and Triple H tells them to step down. Batista, Orton, and Kane then enter the ring. He tells them to step back as well. Triple H then turns around and is hit with a spear!

No Contest

Everything breaks down, with Kane, Orton, and Batista being taken out. The Shield then surround Triple H! Triple H then turns around and takes the running knee from Daniel Bryan! The Shield and Daniel Bryan stand tall as Monday Night Raw concludes!

  • Bryan Thomas

    I expect alot of heat tonight. Because i’m definitely poking at tye hornets nest lmao

  • matthewgarriet

    tonight is going to be amazing

  • luke1992

    heel crown tonite just hope DB retains and kick HHH arse again

  • Bryan Thomas

    Who will be the first to rant about the undertaker? Hahaha

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TimPhilly317 TimPhillips

    This crowd is making this one of the best Raw shows I’ve ever seen. I’ve remarked at how disrespectful crowds can be but I have to take that back, when the crowd refuses to accept the same old nonsense WWE presents it makes for a great viewing experience.

    and the entire Wyatt family getting cheered…ha ha. I still don’t know what to make of that.

    • Jesse Reid

      Agreed. I love that everyone loves the Wyatt’s.

    • ksedude

      Proud of my city :D
      By the way, yes the Wyatt’s are awesome. Bray was extremely over with the crowd last night, it was great. Best match of the night for me.

      • Ryanbu23

        It isn’t your city. it’s people from all over the world.

        • ksedude

          You have a point, although I’m pretty sure not everyone who was at WM was at Raw as well. You make it sound like I tried to steal the credit lol. Yeah I read the stats people from all 50 states and 37 countries.

  • Yusei Asakura

    Soo HHH basically says if things go right they’ll be powerful. Evolution Return? Considering They’re going to break up The Shield. Shield Makes the Save tonight in the HHH Vs DB Match and leads to Shield vs Evolution for one night only?

    • Jesse Reid

      Even though I hate Batista right now.. That would be awesome!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TimPhilly317 TimPhillips

    Everyone on the internet likes to make “Am I the only one?” comments but I’m 99% sure I’m the ONLY person in the world that’s stoked about Lesnar breaking the streak.

  • luke1992

    i wish some 1 would of shut paul haymen up

  • Zachary Lee Simpson

    Sweet a Bo Dallas and a Adam Rose vignette hopefully Paige or Sami Zayn get one

  • Yusei Asakura

    Eh I got my closure about the Streak. Reading the article about it and then going back digging up the other articles. My only question is Why did he decide to put Brock Over? Was it because of the whole thing with Steve not wanting to Drop to him? Personally Yes I am pissed that it was still dropped to a part timer but It’s over only “top” people were claimed to had known how the finish would go even then I still have my Theory that this match/story was the true reason why punk said what he said but couldn’t ruin takers match and now that WM30 is over hopefully we can true dig some “opinions” from him about this to see if this was the actual cause

    • ksedude

      I seriously doubt that he did it because of what Steve did over 10 years ago. You are referring to when he went home rather than lose to Lesnar right?
      I know Lesnar obviously is into MMA, and Taker is an MMA fan. They may be friends off camera and Taker may have wanted to bow out, and felt that breaking the streak was his way to do it. He may have picked Brock because of a real life friendship, that’s my opinion.

    • ksedude

      As far as Punk, I guess it’s possible Heyman knew and mentioned it to Punk. Punk had just lost to Taker and may have felt that the rub going to him would have been what he needed to be the next big time player he wanted to be. Lesnar is a part-timer and to be honest I don’t see him committing fully to WWE or even fully appreciating what he has been given.

      • prabhat

        but cmpunk choose his way. and also he is not come to fight in wrestlemenia. so lets vote

        you want to see cmpunk
        please voters choose option edit and write in n.o form
        yes –


  • Raihan Khan

    taker wanted brock to beat him so why do we argue

    • Yusei Asakura

      Yep Found all the old articles Even the one with the “Stare” off at that UFC Match lol Everything made sense

  • Cody Cosmos

    Great RAW, love post-WrestleMania crowds like this.

  • cj

    Paige vs Aj. FINALLY !!!!

  • cj

    Seeing HHH and Stephanie’s entrance takes me back to 2000 lol. It’s weird they were defying authority back then and now they’re back together on screen as the Authority

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TimPhilly317 TimPhillips

    A hot crowd, ROH alumni in top spots (and Daniel Bryan being the champ), the return of RVD, the Wyatt family getting cheered, a divas match getting a positive reception, a temporary Evolution reunion, very good matches…NOTHING wrong with Raw as far as I’m concerned. Top to bottom perfect and that hasn’t happened in a LONG time. I only have one complaint and it has to do with next week’s Raw where things are bound to get back to normal…but right now I’m very satisfied. An excited crowd translates into more energy for the performers and that translates into an incredible show…it’s just a damn shame it can’t last all year like it did a decade ago.

  • ksedude

    I honestly feel that Lesnar should have shown a little respect to Taker. Heel or not. I understand the concept of heat, I know someone portrayed as a “rage fueled beast” doesn’t shake hands with someone he beats or says he respects them. I just think Taker deserved to at least get a nod in his direction from Lesnar out of respect or SOMETHING. The audience may have been just a little more accepting. Idk maybe I’m crazy.

  • deekshit

    The Shield and Daniel Bryan

  • Stoney53

    Got to give HHH and Batista some respect. They both lose at Mania to Bryan with Batista even tapping out to end he show, and now in the first RAW back they both accept beatdowns with HHH taking it from the Shield now too. Can’t really spout off about the “ego” issues anymore.

    We also seem to forget that HHH is new to this. He’s never had this much responsibility for the company behind the scenes and it’s taken him awhile to fill into his position. I think he’s learned how to work with creative to put a good product on television. He’s got a ways to go and will continue to have a bad show here and there, but it’s getting better. I think everybody just expected things would be perfect or figured that Vince was still calling every shot. I think if more fans realized that HHH and Stephanie are going to have growing pains while taking more creative control, they wouldn’t freak out so fast when story lines don’t to come to fruition or play out quick enough.

  • sunil kumar bhargava

    What a shame hhh and stephaine bigman? What the hell stop you to understand what is good for business? You two are loosing time to mend your past sins. Truth prevailed with daniel brayan. I again repeat wwe board of directors are sleeping. God bless them.

  • Yusei Asakura

    LOL How did I call that ending? ‘Turning one face and the other two heel Nah It cant happen now As much as I hate to admit it Batista Orton and HHH Need to Feud with The Shield I don’t know what you do with DB until then but Hey This is just too good to pass up on Giving all 3 members of the shield a push like this? Even if Roman is suppose to be the “next” Cena If wwe does this right The shield can break up being one of the greatest tag teams up there with “DX=Attitude Era DX” And a few others

  • Amrit

    great team shield and daniel bryan

  • Bryan Thomas

    This is how RAW needs to be. Dammit. First step toward a new direction

  • Necro

    – Wyatt Family still over even after Cena won
    – Emma getting featured more, she and Paige are the best divas alongside AJ Lee so it’s a good sign towards the future especially after her dance is catching on like Fandangoing!
    – Brock Lesnar might actually do something great now that he’s beaten the streak, maybe be a valid contender for the title in the future if he appears more?
    -Disliked the burial of the Usos but it was for a bigger storyline in the potential reunion of Evolution, can’t have both so I’ll accept this.
    -Rob Van Dam is back and he always produces excellent matches, maybe can fight Ambrose or Langston for the title?
    -Dislike the use of Sandow though, something must be up that he’s in the doghouse or something. He went from MiTB holder to a jobber to RVD? C’mon man….I really wonder what Sandow did.
    -Bad News Barrett actually in action, I even like his gimmick this time around and he could be a solid mid-carder while the big guys are going for WHC.
    -Rusev is a great talent, reminds me of Samoa Joe a lot, has big potential and putting over Ryder who imo I don’t care much for, he’s just an internet personality, the big foreign angle will work for him definitely.
    -I LOVE PAIGE! This might be the most biased part of the post but I don’t care. Seeing a Paige vs AJ feud = GOLD! Thank you WWE! The women’s division might be saved!
    -Cesaro is the new Paul Heyman guy? I like it! Hopefully he doesn’t become like Curtis Axel or Ryback because that would be a big shame, but I’m optimistic he’ll go over at THE RIGHT TIME. Maybe after WM 31 he’ll be headlining main events? Time will tell but he’s a huge talent for the future.
    -The Shield is now on a complete face turn and Daniel Bryan is still the champ! What’s there to complain about?
    -Shield vs Evolution will be a match of the year candidate since there are 5 guys who can carry a match and well there’s Batista who can have some spots here and there. Tag matches is where he will thrive.

    Overall this Raw was probably better than last years’ post WM Raw and it was awesome! Can’t wait to see what’s in store! 10/10!

  • luke1992

    who is face/heel outta swagger and cesaro now

  • Latoya

    I think I’ll wait until Smackdown or Raw next week before I assume their tuning a new leaf. I hope they continue using their new talent, it wad a VERY good show. I will admit that.