WWE Raw Results – January 20th, 2014

WWE Raw Results – January 20th, 2014

We open the show with a video package honoring Martin Luther King. We then cut to the ring with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They welcome us to Monday night Raw. Triple H says this Sunday starts the road to Wrestlemania. He then says the Royal Rumble is this Sunday where 30 superstars will get a chance to main event Wrestlemania and have a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He then says he is ready to welcome us to the return of one of those superstars, before Randy Orton interrupts.

Orton insults the Authority and Stephanie stops him. She says with the WWE Network approaching, more people are beginning to watch WWE, and she wants to know what he was thinking when he attacked Cena’s father. She says his actions were disgusting and not of a champion. Stephanie threatens Orton of his job and then Orton says this was all on them. He says if it wasn’t for an unnecessary rematch at the Royal Rumble, he wouldn’t have flipped over the edge. He then says Triple H repays him by bringing back monsters like Batista and Brock Lesnar. He says he would do what he did last week all over again if he had the chance.

Triple H says he has faith in Orton but Orton doesn’t have faith in himself. He says that is why he lost to Kofi Kingston. And instead of rising up, he attacks a defenseless man. He says everyone is breathing on his neck wanting his championship and he needs to make this right. He says he will get a rematch against Kofi and he will get a chance to make it right with John Cena. Batista’s music then hits!

Batista gets in the ring and before he talks he kisses the mat and gives a hug to Stephanie and Hunter. They hand him a mic and leave the ring, where it is only Orton and Batista left. Randy offers Batista a handshake but Batista doesn’t give him one. Batista says that he knows Orton has questions on why he is back. Batista says the reason he is back is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He says he doesn’t care who is champion, but he is back to win the Rumble, headline Wrestlemania, and be the WWE World Heavyweight champion, and then says Orton to “deal with it”. Batista drops the mic and leaves the ring.

We are told Big Show and Brock Lesnar will go face to face tonight and that Big E Langston, and the Brotherhood will face the Shield in a 6 man tag team match after the commercial break.

Big E Langston and The Brotherhood vs The Shield 

Big E and Ambrose start the match. Big E starts with a big shoulder block. Rollins is tagged and picked up and thrown down by Big E. Goldust is tagged and hits a back body drop. Goldust then hits a kick to the head for a two count. Cody is tagged in and hits a stalled suplex for a 2 count. Cody tags in Goldust and hits an elbow to the head. Cody is tagged back in but Rollins finally fights back with an elbow. Rollins begins to stomp on Cody in the corner, but then gets caught in a roll up. Cody goes for the disaster kick but Rollins leaves the ring. Cody hits a springboard cross body on  Rollins to the outside and both teams have a stare down as we head to commercial.

We return with Cody and Reigns in the ring. Reigns stops Cody from making a tag. Rollins is tagged in and hits a running dropkick. Rollins begins to work on Cody in the corner, but Cody gets out. Cody tries to make a tag but Reigns is tagged in and stops him. Cody hits a disaster kick on Reigns and both men are down. Big E makes the tag as is Ambrose. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Rollins stops him. Chaos insues and Reigns hits a superman punch on Cody and a Spear on Goldust. Reigns is taken out and Rollins is tagged in. Rollins shoves Big E’s face in the mat with his foot and gets the 3 count.

Winners: The Shield

We are shown a video package of Bryan turning on the Wyatt Family last week.

We return with Daniel Bryan in the ring leading the crowd in Yes chants. Bryan says after last night, people were asking him if he had a plan. He says we all figured out that answer, but in order to defeat Bray, he must also defeat him mentality. Bryan says he had to do a lot of things he wasn’t proud of, but it was worth it for that one moment. Bryan than says he exposed Bray Wyatt for who he was, and that he was informed that Harper and Rowan are in the Rumble match, which means he can have Bray Wyatt in singles competition. Bray cuts him off on the titantron.

Bray says that he wasn’t exposed, but it was Bryan who was exposed. He says the only reason they cheer for him is because they have knelt like sheep. He then says for Bryan to go home and tell his mom he loves her and he is sorry because everything that will happen to him from now on is his fault. The camera cuts and we head to commercial.

Fandango vs Xavier Woods

Woods starts off with a hurricanrana, and then takes Fandango down with a dropkick. Fandango dodges a dropkick and hits him with a suplex. Fandango hits a leg drop for the 3 count in a quick match.

Winner: Fandango

We go backstage with Kane and Brad Maddox. Stephanie comes in and asks Maddox to leave for a second. Stephanie asks what Kane was thinking when she chokeslammed Punk on Smackdown. She says he needs to act more responsible and that Kane can not put his hands on any WWE Superstar. Stephanie then says that Kane owes CM Punk an apology.

We return with Kane making his way to the ring. Kane asks for CM Punk to come out to the ring, and CM Punk listens and comes out. Kane says that as Director of Operations, he let his emotions get the best of him and that he apologizes. CM Punk says he couldn’t hear what he said and that he should say it again. Kane says it again and CM Punk says that he is sorry too and begins to attack Kane. Maddox comes out and says that he will give Punk what he wants and it is a match against one of the Outlaws.

Billy Gunn vs CM Punk

CM Punk starts off in control knocking Gunn to the outside. CM Punk goes outside and is distracted by Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn attacks him from behind. Gunn is in control as we head to commercial. We return with CM Punk putting Gunn in a sleeper hold. Gunn hits a suplex and goes for a cover that gets a 2 count. Gunn puts Punk in a headlock and as Punk fights out Gunn hits a dropkick. Gunn tells him to suck it and Punk kicks him in the head. Gunn falls to the outside and Punk goes out and attacks Road Dogg. Punk gets back in the ring and hits his comeback on Gunn.

Gunn takes back control and goes for a splash in the corner but misses. Punk goes for the elbow drop but Road Dogg pulls Gunn out of the ring. Punk then hits a suicide dive onto Road Dogg but then gets in the ring. Punk dodges a Fame-Asser and hits the GTS for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

Kane comes out and says that Punk can prove himself in the Rumble match as the Best in the World as he gets to be entrant number 1 in the Royal Rumble. We see Brock Lesnar and Heyman enter the arena from the back as we head to commercial break.

We return with a video package of statistics of the Royal Rumble match. We are then given a video package of the late, great Mae Young.

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio starts off with a headlock take down, but Mysterio gets out and both men get back on the feet. Del Rio then gets a kick to the chest for a two count. Mysterio takes control but Del Rio keeps him grounded. Del Rio goes for a kick but Mysterio dodges it and brings Del Rio to the outside. Mysterio then hits a springboard moonsault to the outside and brings Del Rio back in the ring. Mysterio then hits 10 punches in the corner, but Del Rio gets Mysterio caught in the ropes and stomps him to the ground.

Del Rio goes top rope and hits an axe handle and goes for the cover. Del Rio only gets a two count and puts Mysterio in a headlock. Del Rio then hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker and gets a 2 count. Del Rio throws Mysterio to the outside, where Mysterio lands on his injured arm. Mysterio stays down as we head to commercial break. We return with Del Rio throwing Mysterio into the steel steps.

Del Rio brings him back in the ring and goes for the cover for a 2 count. Del Rio tries to take the mask off but Mysterio gets to the outside to try and regroup. Del Rio brings him back in the ring and begins to stretch Mysterios body against the steel post. Mysterio tries to fight back but is thrown right into the ring post. Del Rio tries to attack Mysterio in the corner but Mysterio moves and Del Rio runs into the post. Mysterio then hits a diving senton on Del Rio and both men are down.

Mysterio then hits a seated senton from the top rope and follows it with a kick to the head. Mysterio goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Mysterio then sets up Del Rio for the 619 but Del Rio catches him. Del Rio then hits his kick to the head but Mysterio kicks out at two. Mysterio then reverses the arm breaker into the 619 and hits it! Mysterio hits the splash but only gets the two count as Del Rio grabbed the rope. Del Rio then slams Mysterio into the mat and Del Rio locks in the arm breaker for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio celebrates but Batista comes out! Batista hits a spinebuster on Del Rio and follows it with a Batista Bomb! We are told Big Show and Brock Lesnar will go face to face next.

We return with Big Show making his way to the ring. Big Show says that this Sunday is the biggest match of his life. He says Brock Lesnar is the beast incarnate, but that doesn’t change the fact he doesn’t like him. He says that if Brock is here than he should make his way down to the ring.

Paul Heyman comes out and then follows Brock Lesnar. Brock makes his way down to the ring, but stops and makes his way back to the backstage. Big Show grabs the mic and calls out Brock one more time. Brock comes back out and makes his way back down to the ring. Brock stops at the end of the entrance ramp and after thinking about it, makes his way into the ring. Big Show and Lesnar begin to brawl where Big Show throws him around, and all the way to the outside! Brock begins to destroy the announce table with the chair and throws it in the ring where Big Show grabs it. Brock looks on as he slowly retreats to the back with Big Show standing tall.

AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka vs Naomi and Cameron

Cameron and Tamina start off the contest. Tamina starts it off with a scoop slam, and tags in AJ. AJ hits a neckbreaker and goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Cameron fights back but can not make the tag. Tamina is tagged in and hits a knee to gut of Cameron. Cameron hits Tamina with a knee to the head and tags in Naomi. Naomi begins to take out Tamina until she is kicked in the head. AJ is tagged in and skips around Naomi, but is then rolled up for the 3 count.

Winners: Cameron and Naomi

We are told up next is the Uso’s vs Luke Harper and Eric Rowan.

The Uso’s vs Eric Rowan and Luke Harper

Harper and Jimmy Uso start off the contest. Harper beats him down and tags in Rowan. Rowan continues the beat down with stomps to the head. Rowan throws him to the outside and tags in Harper. Harper goes to the outside but Harper gets taken down. Jimmy tags in Jey and Jey flies to the outside on Harper. Both men get in the ring and begin to exchange blows. Jimmy is tagged in and hits a cross body on Harper. Rowan comes in and takes out Jey. throwing him to the outside. Harper hits Jimmy with a kick to the head and tags in Rowan.

Rowan hits a scoop slam and puts his fists on the temple of Jimmy Uso. Rowan throws Jimmy onto the ground and continues to squeeze his fists on Jimmy’s head. Jimmy fights back with a shot to the head but Rowan maintains control. Harper is tagged in and goes for a cover for a 2 count. Jimmy fights back and goes up top but is thrown to the outside by Harper helplessly. Jimmy is down as we head to commercial.

We return with Jimmy Uso being dominated by Harper. Jimmy tries to make a comeback but is taken down by Harper. Bray grabs a microphone and says that this is the type of punishment that awaits Daniel Bryan. Bray says they are the reapers and that Hell awaits Daniel Bryan. Harper continues to punish Jimmy, but Jimmy fights back and hits a corkscrew senton. Jey gets tagged in and begins the comeback on Harper. Jimmy takes out Rowan and Harper takes control of Jey. Daniel Bryan comes out and assaults Bray Wyatt! Jey rolls up Harper in the ring for the 3 count!

Winners: The Usos

The Usos and Daniel Bryan lead the Yes chants on the entrance ramp as the Wyatt Family looks on. Up next is Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston as John Cena “has yet to arrive”.

Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton

Orton starts off the match beating Kofi in the corner, and hitting him with an uppercut. Kofi fights right back as Orton is distracted waiting for Cena to make his way to the arena. Kofi begins to beat down Orton to the outside, but Orton finally takes advantage, slamming Kofis head on the announcers table twice.

Orton brings Kofi in the ring and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Kofi begins to fight back once again with a forearm to the face of Orton in the corner. Orton however throws Kofi into the middle turnbuckle and tries to mount offense on Kofi. Orton hits a suplex in the middle of the ring and looks at the ramp waiting for Cena. Orton goes back to Kofi and gets rolled up for a 2 count. Orton hits a clothesline and goes for the cover but also gets a 2 count.

Orton puts Kofi on the middle rope for the DDT but Kofi gets out and hits the SOS for the 2 count. Orton is beating on Kofi and we are shown Cena arriving to the building. Cena comes down to the ring and Kofi doesn’t let Orton retreat. Cena begins to beat down Orton.

Winner (By DQ) : Randy Orton

Cena begins to beat down Orton in the fans as Orton tries to retreat. Cena tries for an AA in the stands but Orton gets out. Orton gets to the outside and gets in a car, as Cena stands outside frustrated. Cena comes back to the arena and celebrates with the fans as Raw goes off the air.

  • Dokky

    what a crock of shit! 2 guys who left for MMA and failed are the main selling points of one of there biggest shows, WWE will be dead by 2016

    • Bryan Thomas

      They spent the year of 2013 trying to establish the newer guys, only to put the older guys back on top. No one cares about orton vs batista at WM we’ve seen these two go at it in the past and it was nothing great. This past august i was almost certain that it would be punk vs bryan in the WM main event

      • Hrishikesh Dabir

        I thought the same about the Punk and Bryan thing.

  • Sunny

    I think wwe is boring now

    • Bryan Thomas

      As a fan, i’m hanging on by a thread. It all lies with how they book the shield guys after they split. If ambrose and rollins get forgotten about, after they decimated every TOP star in 2013 then i’m completely done

  • aj_6666

    Batista and brock quit when wwe dont dont want them as champion and wwe repays them by giving them main event status what about bringing nxt talent up to the main roster they have bo dallas who should have already be in the main rostee after he was in the royal rumble last year

  • Dean Ambrose

    Ill say this much, couldn’t give a shit about royal rumble. And Batista?!? More like batty star!

  • http://twitter.com/WeissWrites Aaron W.

    I was surprised by how big of a pop Batista got, but credit to WWE, they didn’t let people forget he existed, and they promoted his return in a big way. And hey, Batista is very charismatic. He was as big as Cena was in 05 through 07. What I’m wondering is what they’re going to do with him. Hard to imagine seeing him win the Rumble with how hardcore the fans are behind Bryan (and Punk for that matter) and with Brock coming back promoting himself as the “number one contender” for the title, you have to believe he’s going to get a shot himself sooner than later. We might see a triple threat match at Mania, with Cena/Orton vs Rumble winner vs Elimination Chamber winner. Chamber could have Lesnar/Batista/Punk/Kofi (since he’s getting wins over Orton)/and a couple other guys. Don’t forget, Sheamus is set to return soon, as well. Since Del Rio got Batista Bombed on Raw, he could fill in one of those slots as well, setting up a feud with Batista. I’m interested to see where they go with this, but more importantly, I hope they don’t screw it up. I think they’re in a good place with Bryan, but I also hope they don’t waste time with another Bray Wyatt match at the Rumble.

  • The Smartmark

    Is it just me or did daniel bryan and cm punk got louder pop than Batista.

  • aj_6666

    What is good buisness is batista and brock in a real mma fight at wrestlemania

  • Vaibhav

    there should be a steel cage match of daniel bryan and cm punk vs wyatt family and the shield (of no dq)…..