WWE Raw Results – November 11th, 2013

WWE Raw Results – November 11, 2013

We open the show with a very well done video package for Veterans/Remembrance Day. A replay is shown of last weeks main event segment, where Big Show is rehired and given a WWE Championship match at Survivor Series, and then being beaten down by The Authority.

We are told Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are on vacation. Randy Orton’s music hits and Orton makes his way to the ring. We are told due to Big Shows injuries he is not medically cleared to be at the show tonight. Randy Orton grabs a mic and says he will just cut to the chase. He says Big Show blackmailed his way to a title match at Survivor Series. He says if you saw the beat down last week, you will know he will retain the WWE Championship, and stay as the face of the WWE. He says while The Authority is on vacation, he is in charge of Monday night Raw.

Brad Maddox cuts him off and makes his way to the ring. Maddox says he is in charge because he is the GM. Kane’s music then hits. “You Sold Out!” chants begin. Kane says he was told last week that he is now the Director of Operations. This means that he will be in charge. Maddox says that he knows he is new so he should just follow his lead. Maddox says Orton will face Cody Rhodes in the opening contest. Kane says that Orton will face Goldust. Maddox and Kane argue until Vickie comes out. Vickie says unlike the two of them, she is confident in Randy’s abilities. Therefore, in the light of whats “best for business”, Randy Orton will face both Cody Rhodes and Goldust in an “All Champions” handicap match!

Goldust and Cody Rhodes music hits and they are making their way to the ring. This match will happen after the commercial break.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton

The match begins with Goldust and Randy Orton. Goldust starts it off an arm drop and some shots to the head. Goldust goes for the cover for a 2 count. Cody is tagged in. Cody hits a front falling suplex, and continues to work on Randy. Randy finally gets some offense. Randy tosses Cody against the rope and Goldust tags himself in. Randy doesn’t see it and Goldust hits him from behind. Randy hits a clothesline right back as the crowd begins to chant “Randys Boring”. Orton begins to stomp on Goldust, followed by a couple of headbutts. Goldust tries to fight back, but gets taken down with a big boot. Goldust is down as we cut to commercial.

We return to Randy Orton in control. Orton goes for a powerslam but Goldust reverses into a roll up. Goldust only gets a 2 count. Cody gets the hot tag, starting off with a spring board dropkick. Rhodes hits a nifty roll up for a 2 count. Rhodes gets the crowd fired up and hits a moonsault. Cody goes for the cover for a 2 count. Orton tries for a backbreaker but Cody hits a running knee. Cody tags in Goldust and they both clothesline Orton over the top rope. Orton doesn’t want to get in the ring and gets himself counted out.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Big Shows music hits and he runs down to the ring and attacks Orton! Big Show throws Orton into the steel steps, and begins to rip the top of the announce table off. Big Show puts the steel steps next to the table, and brings Orton with him on top of the steps. Big Show hits a MASSIVE chokeslam on Randy Orton through the table!

The doctors begin to check on Randy Orton as we see a replay of the chokeslam from Big Show. This cues a commercial break as Orton looks as if he is dead on the floor.

We return showing Big Show leaving the arena, as well as another replay of the chokeslam on Orton. Los Matadores are now making their way to the ring. They are teaming with Santino Marella against the Union Jacks (3MB)

Los Matadores and Santino Marella vs The Union Jacks

Diego and Slater start off this match, both exchanging some punches. Jinder is tagged in and hits a running knee. Drew is tagged in right away and hits a clothesline, followed by a kip up. Drew gets taken down and Santino is tagged in. Jinder is tagged in aswell and Santino begins his comeback. Santino tries for the headbutt but Jinder gets his knees up. Heath begins to chase Torito around the ring, and gets taken out by Santino. Torito jumps on Slater from the outside. In the ring, Santino hits the Cobra on Jinder for the three count.

Winners: Los Matadores and Santino Marella

We head to the back and Randy is being checked on by the doctors. Maddox comes in an apologizes to Randy, but Randy isn’t having it. Vickie comes in to apologize as well but Randy doesn’t want to hear from her as well. Kane comes in and Orton says he is sick of all three of them and to leave him alone. Kane says he should watch his mouth or Big Show will not be his only problem. Doctor Andrews asks for some privacy so he can check Ortons shoulder.

We are told Axel and Ziggler will have an Intercontinental Championship match tonight on Raw. We go to commercial.

We return with Damien Sandow in the ring. He is facing Kofi Kingston.

Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston

Sandow starts off aggressively, with multiple knees to Kofi, as well as throwing him out of the ring. Sandow continues the beat down, bringing Kofi in the ring. Sandow hits multiple shoulder blocks in the corner, followed by a jumping knee to the face of Kofi. Sandow goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain and a couple more elbows for a 2 count.

Kofi finally fights back, hitting a lou thez press, followed by a kick to the head for a 2 count. Kofi goes to the second rope and hits double knees to the back of Sandow for a 2 count. Kofi tries for a springboard but Sandow grabs the ropes so Kofi loses his balance. Sandow hits the You’re Welcome for a 3 count.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Ziggler vs Axel for the Intercontinental Championship is up next when we come back from commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs Curtis Axel – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

The match starts off with both men locking up, with Dolph pushing Axel into the corner. They lock up again but Axel gains control this time. Dolph fights but Axel flips it into an arm lock. Axel hits an elbow to the head and begins to stomp down on  Ziggler in the corner. Axel whips Ziggler against the ropes and hits a nice dropkick. Axel begins to taunt Ziggler and they once again lock up.

Ziggler bounces Axel off the ropes and hits his own dropkick for a two count. Ziggler then taunts back at Axel, telling him to come get it. Ziggler hits a nice suplex for a 2 count. Ziggler then hits 10 straight elbows on Axel for a 2 count. Ziggler is thrown in the corner and flips over to the outside. Ziggler appears to have hurt his shoulder, and Axel goes on the outside and takes advantage. Axel throws him in the ring and goes for a cover for a 2 count.

Axel begins to hammer away on Ziggler, with Dolph looking extremely loopy. Dolph fights back and hits a jumping DDT, and now both men are down. Both men get up at the same time, with Axel running at Ziggler in the corner. Ziggler moves out of the way and Axel hits the ring post. Ziggler begins his comeback, finishing it off with a neckbreaker. Dolph then hits a big elbow for a 2 count. Dolph tries for a fame asser but it is reversed into a roll up by Axel. Axel gets a 2 count and immediately is hit with a fame asser. Dolph only gets a 2 count. Axel hits a back suplex but only gets a 2 count.

Axel goes up top but Ziggler runs up and hits a top rope face buster for a 2 count. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Axel holds onto the ropes. Axel hits his inverted DDT for the 3 count.

Winner: Curtis Axel

We go to the back with Kane and Maddox. Maddox says we should have another handicap match, with The Real Americans vs John Cena. Kane then says he likes the idea of a Handicap night, so he makes The Shield vs CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Maddox likes it and asks to shake on it, but Kane says he would rather not. We cut to commercial.

We return with Tamina in the ring accompanied by AJ Lee.

Nikki Bella vs Tamina Snuka

The match starts off with Tamina throwing Nikki in the corner. Tamina is rolled up by Nikki twice for a 2 count. Nikki hits a drop toe hold, followed by a dropkick. Tamina gets back in control with a scoop slam. Tamina puts a knee to the back of Nikki, trying to make her submit. Nikki fights out, but Tamina stays on her. Tamina hits a pump handle slam for a 2 count. Nikki hits a back body drop, followed by a couple of clotheslines. Nikki hits a bulldog as ECW chants erupt. The referee is distracted by Tamina and AJ hits a cheap shot on Nikki. Tamina hits a big boot and SuperFly Splash for a 3 count.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

Brie attacks both Tamina and AJ after the match, with Brie standing tall. We are shown a preview of The Real Americans vs John Cena for tonight. We head to commercial.

We return to a video of Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker in WWE2K14. We are shown a replay of Big Shows chokeslam on Orton.We come back to Orton being checked out. The Shield come in and Randy lays it in them for not being there for them. The Shield say that they don’t work, for Vickie, Maddox,  Kane, and definitely not him.

We come back to the ring and Fandango is making his way to the ring.

Fandango vs Tyson Kidd

The match starts off with Kidd and Fandango both exchanging fast reversals. Kidd gets Fandango in the corner and hits a couple of chops. Fandango however throws Kidd over the ropes and begins to dance in the middle of the ring. Fandango brings him in the ring and goes for a cover for a 2 count. Fandango puts Kidd in a headlock and then hits an elbow to the head of Kidd. Kidd fights back and throws Fandango in the corner. Kidd hits a springboard dropkick and Fandango goes to the outside. Kidd hits a hurricanrana on the outside and brings Fandango in the ring. Kidd goes for a sunset flip but Fandango holds Kidd down for a 3 count.

Winner: Fandango

John Cena is shown in the back making his way to the ring. His match is up next after the commercial break.

We return to John Cena making his way to the ring.

John Cena vs The Real Americans

The match starts off with Swagger and Cena. They both lock up and Swagger immediately tries to work the arm of Cena. Cena tries to evade Swagger while watching his back. Cesaro wants in and gets the tag. Right as Cesaro and Cena lock up, Alberto Del Rios music hits and Del Rio makes his way to ringside. Cesaro throws Cena to the outside and Swagger clotheslines him on the outside. Cesaro goes to the outside and slams Cena into the barricade as we cut to commercial.

We return with Cesaro slamming a knee to Cenas back. Cesaro throws Cena across the ring, and tags in Swagger. Swagger puts Cena in a headlock but Cena fights out. Swagger tags in Cesaro but Cena hits a full nelson neckbreaker. Cesaro however keeps Cena down and tags in Swagger. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb but only gets a 2 count. Cesaro is tagged in and Cena tries his comeback but Cesaro lands in an uppercut. Cesaro goes for the Swing but Cena reverses into the STF. Swagger is tagged in and locks in the ankle lock. Cena gets out and Cesaro is once again tagged. Swagger takes Cena down and both Cesaro and Cena are down. Cesaro makes another tag and Cena hits the back suplex on Swagger. Swagger gets hit with a five knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA. Swagger reverses into a Patriot Lock. Cena fights out and hits an AA on Swagger. Cesaro breaks up the pinfall and both Cena and Swagger are down.

Cesaro is tagged in and Cena hits a powerbomb right away for a 2 count. Cesaro and Cena exchange blows until Cesaro flings Cena in the air for a massive uppercut! Cesaro goes for the pinfall but only gets a two count. Cesaro places Cena to the top rope but Cena pushes him off. Swagger is tagged in by Cesaro. Swagger is thrown off and Cena hits a cross body. Cena clotheslines Cesaro and locks the STF in Swagger. Swagger taps out.

Winner: John Cena

After the match Del Rio ambushes Cena with a chair, attacking the arm. Del Rio puts the chair on Cena’s arm and locks in the arm breaker. Big E however comes in and makes the save, fending Del Rio off. A huge Big E chant erupts as we head to commercial.

We come back from commercial, and are told that AJ vs Natalya for Divas Championship will happen this Wednesday on Main Event.

We are backstage and Del Rio is with Kane, Vickie, and Maddox. Del Rio says he smells a new World Champion at Survivor Series. He also says to let Big E to mind his own business. Vickie says Del Rio should do that himself.

Ryback is now making his way to the ring.

Ryback vs R-Truth

The match begins with Ryback whipping Truth to the ground. Ryback tells Truth to hit him, and Ryback just throws him to the ground again. Truth however hits a big kick to the head that makes Ryback stumble. Ryback grabs Truth and throws him into the corner, and continues to do it two more times. Ryback then begins to choke Truth on the middle rope. Ryback then hits a Gorilla Press Power Slam for a 2 count. Ryback goes for a cover for a 2 count.

Truth bounces off the ropes but lands right into a huge spinebuster. Ryback goes for the Meathook but Truth reverses it into a roll up for a 3 count.

Winner: R-Truth

Ryback is fuming in the ring as Truth runs off the to the ramp. We are shown another replay of Orton being chokeslammed through the table.

Big E Langston is now making his way to the ring, he will be facing Del Rio after the commercial break.

Big E Langston vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio starts the match off with a kick to the gut of Big E, but Big E immediately takes control. Big E hits a huge shoulder block but tastes a boot to the face by Del Rio right after. Del Rio hits a DDT on Langston, followed by a couple of kicks to the back of Big E. Del Rio locks in a sleeper hold on Big E, but Big E reverses it into a sidewalk slam. Big E hits a couple of clotheslines, followed by a belly to belly suplex. Big E then hits a splash for a 2 count. Del Rio hits a kick to the head when he gets up, only  getting a 2 count. Del Rio tries for the arm breaker, but Big E gets out and hits a massive clothesline. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Del Rio fights out and locks in the Cross Arm Breaker. Big E tries his best to fight out but has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

The Shield vs Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are up next, which is our main event of the night. We head to commercial.

We return with Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel in the ring. Heyman who is in a wheel chair says this was done by “our hero” CM Punk. Heyman says it wasn’t all Punk, but also Ryback. Heyman says he is glad Ryback never accepted Heyman’s offer of being a Paul Heyman guy, but most of all he blames his beating on the WWE Universe. Heyman says he will return to the WWE with a vengeance. He says he will be hovering over CM Punk, but is then interrupted by CM Punk.

Axel and Punk begin to fight on the outside where Punk hits a GTS on Axel. Punk gets in the ring with a kendo stick, where Heyman begs for him to stop. Punk begins to spin Heyman’s wheelchair, where he then proceeds to drop him. Punk then begins to slam at least 15 shots to the back of Heyman with a kendo stick. Daniel Bryan now makes his way to the ring. We head to commercial.

We return to a replay of CM Punks victory against Luke Harper last week on Raw.

The Shield vs CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

CM Punk and Dean Ambrose will start off this match. Both men lock up in the middle of the ring. Punk hits a dropkick on Ambrose, and drags Dean to his corner. Bryan is tagged in but is taken down by Ambrose. Rollins is tagged but is taken down with a knee to the gut on Bryan. Bryan then hits a surfboard stretch on Rollins.

Punk is tagged in and hits a kick on Rollins for a 2 count. Punk catapults Rollins in the corner and goes for a GTS, but Rollins gets out and Reigns is tagged in. Punk and Reigns have a long stare down, before finally locking up. Reigns begins beating on Punk, but Punk escapes and tags in Bryan. Bryan and Punk begin to kick Reigns but get double clotheslined. Rollins is tagged in and Bryan begins gain some offense. Bryan hits multiple kicks to the chest of Rollins but Ambrose distracts Bryan long enough for Rollins to hit a high kick on Bryan. Both men are down as we head to commercial.

We return to Rollins in control over Daniel Bryan. Rollins brings Bryan to their corner and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose begins to pull back the fingers of Bryan, and drags him to their corner once again. Reigns is tagged in and knocks Bryan with one hard blow. Bryan tries to fight back but Reigns hits a massive punch to knock Bryan back down. Rollins is tagged and begins to stomp on Bryan.

Bryan fights off Rollins and Reigns who was just tagged in. Bryan tags in Punk as Ambrose is tagged in aswell. Punk begins to clean house, followed by a running knee and clothesline on Ambrose. Punk hits the flying elbow and goes for the pin but Rollins breaks it up. Bryan hits a dropkick on Rollins as well as a suicide dive. Reigns spears Bryan on the outside. Reigns gets in the ring and gets GTS’d by Punk. Punk then locks in the Anaconda Vice on Ambrose. The Wyatts music hits.

The Wyatts are in the ring and they begin to argue with The Shield. The Shield and The Wyatts now go at it! Bray then convinces them to go after Punk and Bryan. They begin to attack Punk and Bryan until The Usos and the Rhodes come for the save! The faces stand tall as we go off the air!

  • James Bradbury

    Looks like Punk, Bryan, The Usos and The Rhodes vs The Shield and The Wyatts will be the traditional Survivor Series match.

    • DWAYNE

      you are correct…but it is a seven man elemination matckh…..wait for the 7th one..

  • Saif

    Big Show does what is best for the universe

    • Sunil kumar bhargava

      Now a days he does for universe choice.

  • Negatist

    ” Kofi tries for a springboard but Sandow grabs the ropes so Kofi loses his balance.”

    Bullshit. Kofi lost his balance, there was a bad edit and then Sandow beat him. Sandow can’t be in two places at one time…

    • Joe D’Agostino

      When Kofi went for the springboard Sandow grabbed the top rope and Kofi fell? It looked pretty legit on television? Were you there live and saw a crazy botch?

      • Negatist

        I wasn’t there live — I saw the bad edit and the botch.

  • The YinYang

    Truth beats Ryback…wow.

  • Sunil kumar bhargava

    In the absence of hhh and stephaine the so called ” authority”, this time the raw was interesting. The kane, vikie, maddox and shield plan failed. The directors of wwe should ensure the free and fair game at survivors series 2013.

  • saksham banga

    the raw was much interesting than earlier one.
    this is because the authority has gone to vacation

  • are

    it was good watching wwe ……as triple h was not thier triple h u only deserve middle finger