WWE Raw Results – September 17, 2012

The opening video for RAW airs and the pyro explodes meaning that another episode of Monday Night RAW is on the air.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Monday Night RAW and CM Punk’s music airs but Paul Heyman comes out.

Heyman sings the praises of CM Punk for his efforts against John Cena. Heyman says that he has invited referee Chad Patton to come down to the ring and defend his decision. Chad Patton walks out and an image is shown of last nights main event. Patton defends his decision for making the match a draw. Paul says that John Cena had a video taken down off of Youtube that showed his shoulders down. Heyman says that Paul Heyman is the champions for 303 day and the fans still refuse to give him respect.

John Cena’s music comes on and he walks down to the ring. The first thing that Cena does is to tell Heyman to shut up. Cena mentions his ankle injury as he says that he talked to Chad Patton about ended the match in a draw and no one wanted to see that. Paul Heyman says that Punk earned respect but Cena and the fans disagree. Cena says that he wants a rematch tonight. Alberto del Rio makes his way down to the ring. He complains that the Brogue Kick was reinstated and AJ comes bouncing down to the ring.

AJ Lee makes a tag team main event for tonight, Sheamus and John Cena vs Alberto del Rio and CM Punk. As AJ skips up the ramp, Paul Heyman follows her. Los Luchas, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio are in action next.


Michael Cole is alone on commentary, wearing a Jerry Lawler’s T-Shirt. They show Jerry Lawler’s Tout from last week and says that Jerry Lawler is home. There will be an exclusive interview with Jerry Lawler next week and JBL makes his way down to the commentary booth followed by Good Ole JR.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara make their way down to the ring. They will be taking on the team of Primo and Epico.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Primo and Epico
Sin Cara start things off with several high flying moves. Rey and Cara hit a Poetry in Motion double team. Sin Cara has an armbar on Epico.


Epico has Cara is a neck lock before tagging in Primo. Primo is hit with a Tornado DDT and Cara hits the hot tag to Rey as Primo does the same. Rey Mysterio hits a couple of hurricanranas and a kick to the head for 2. Rey tags in Cara and Epico is set up for the 619. Rey Mysterio hits it nails and Cara hits a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

The Prime Time Playas assault Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara after their match. The Prime Time Playas cut a promo about how their tag team title shot was stolen from them.

Footage of Daniel Bryan and Kane screaming “I am the tag team champion.” is shown

Kofi and Truth have activated their rematch clause and will face Bryan and Kane tonight for the tag team titles.

The tag team main event is hyped as the commentated tell us about teaming up with the Komen Foundation to Cure Breast Cancer.


WWE hypes MIZTV and he will interview Booker T.

Beth Phoenix is in the ring as Eve makes her entrance. Layla is out on commentary.

Eve vs Beth Phoenix
Eve tries to shake Beth’s hand but Beth tosses her to the side. They lock up and Beth kicks her in the gut and hits her with a shoulder block followed by some punches. Eve tries to leave the ring but Beth slams her to the match. Beth goes for the Glam Slam but Eve reverses. Eve is rolls up Beth after a failed powerslam attempt for the win.

Winner: Eve

Eve walks over and holds her title in Layla’s face.

The main event is hyped.


A recap of Antonio Cesero’s segment on Smackdown is shown.

Brodus Clay makes his way down to the ring.

Antonio Cesaro is on commentary.

Brodus will be taking on Heath Slater

Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater

Clay clotheslines Slater and takes him to the corner. Slaters tries to beat down Brodus and goes for the knee. Slater has Brodus in a headlock but Brodus powers out and shoulderblocks Slater. Slater hits a stunner after Cesaro interferes but only gets two. Brodus with a headbutt and splash for the win.

Winner: Brodus Clay

Antonio Cesero holds up the US title on the ramp.

The Miz is shown and MIZTV debuts next with guest Booker T.


The Miz comes down to the ring for his new interview segment, MIZTV.

The Miz says that his show is better than Piper’s Pit, The Cutting Edge, and The Highlight Reel. The Miz calls down Booker T and he makes his entrance.

The Miz says that appearing on MIZTV is the greatest moment of Booker T’s career and asks why Booker T is against him. The Miz will not let Booker talk as the crown chants boring. Booker T takes the mic.

Booker T says that The Miz will need a new guest for his show, Ryback. Ryback comes in and just destroys the set as The Miz leaves.

The commentators give us the same update on Jerry that they did at the start of the show.


Punk and Paul Heyman are shown backstage and Josh Matthews comes in to interview them. Paul asks what he must do to get respect.

Santino Marella comes down the ramp for his match. He will be facing Dolph Ziggler.

Santino Marella vs Dolph Ziggler
They lock up and Santino hits a hip toss. Ziggler clocks him with a dropkick and begins to stomp him on the ground. Santino goes for a powerwalk and gets a roll up for two. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker and an elbow drop as the crowd chants “Lets go Ziggler” Ziggler rubs The Cobra in Santino’s face. Santino begins to punch him but Ziggler blocks him. Ziggler begins to play with Santino until Marella begins to hit his signature moves. Santino goes for the Cobra, which Vicki has, and Ziggler nails The Zig Zig. Ziggler picks Santino up and hits him again with the Zig Zig for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Kane and Bryan are shown and they hype the tag team title rematch


Wade Barrett is shown from last weeks Smackdown. Wade Barrett is now an ass whooping salesmen.

Wade Barrett makes his way down to the ring.

He will be taking on Justin Gabriel

Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel
Justin Gabiel hits a hurricanrana and a roll up for two. Barrett kicks Gabriel in the gut and he rolls to the outside. Barrett smashes Gabriels midsection into the post and punches Gabriel in the corner. Barrett hits a backbreaker for two. Barrett continues to punch several points on Gabriels body. Barrett locks in a headlock stretch as the crowd chants “We Want Nexus” Gabriel hits a reverse DDT and a top rope lionsault for two. Barrett launches Gabriel into the air and lets him fall before hitting his new twisting elbow slam for the win.

Winner: Wade Barrett

The tag team main event is hyped.


R-Truth and Kofi Kingston are in back with Subway’s Jarrod who is whoring the product. Damien Sandow and Zack Ryder come in an suggest their own subs. Ryback comes in, says his catchphrase, and takes two subs.

Sheamus and John Cena are talking in their lockerroom. John says that they need to make a statement. Sheamus says after they win, they will go to the pub and celebrate.

Daniel Bryan and Kane are shown chanting “I am the tag team champion” backstage. Their match is next.


Footage is shown of Jerry Lawler getting off the WWE Private Jet in Memphis

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth make their entrance together.

Daniel Bryan and Kane make their entrance separately.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Daniel Bryan and Kane (c) vs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Daniel Bryan and Kane argue who is going to start the match and Bryan wins who will start things off with Kofi. Bryan locks in a headlock and hits a shoulderblock. Kingston hits a back elbow and tags in R-Truth. Daniel Bryan refuses to tag in Kane but Kofi tags himself in and hits a body splash. Daniel tags in Kane. Kofi hits a couple kicks but Kane tosses him into the corner. Kofi hits a couple kicks but Kane blocks and hits several punches. Kane and Daniel are sent to the outside by Kofi.


Kane has Truth is a bearhug but Truth fights out. Truth hits a missle dropkick and makes the hot tag to Kofi who hits is springboard elbow followed by his leaping corner punches and a flying crossbody. Kofi hits the Boom Drop. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but misses that and a springboard splash. Daniel tags himself in as Kofi tags in Truth. Truth with the Lie Detector and a reverse suplex. Truth tags in Kofi and they hit a Double Team Bodyslam. Kofi locks in an armbar. Truth is tagged in and they hit a double Russian leg sweep. Truth locks in a necklock and send Bryan to the corner as Kane begs for a tag and gets it. Kane hits a flying clothesline and a basement dropkick. Kane motions for the clothesline and as Daniel Bryan was about to tag himself in. R-Truth hits Little Jimmy for 2 after Bryan breaks up the pin. Kane hits the chokeslam, Bryan tags himself in, and Daniel locks in the No-Lock for the Win.

Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions: Kane and Daniel Bryan

Kane and Bryan take their belts and argue they are the tag team champions. The crown chants, hug it out. They hug and Bryan tags his belt and they continue to argue.

WWE hypes the Be a Star Anti Bullying Campaign.

Randy Orton is shown walking backstage and we have our weekly Smackdown Rematch. Randy Orton to take on Tensai next.


Randy Orton makes his entrance followed by Tensai with Sakamoto in tow.

Tensai w/Sakamoto vs Randy Orton
They lock up but Orton outsteps him. Tensai gets hit with several punches by Randy Orton but Tensai hits a massive shoulderblock. Tensai beats down on Orton in the corner. Tensai hits kidney shot and stretches Ortons face before hitting another kidney shot. Orton hits a couple elbows but Tensai counters a powerslam for 2. Tensai hits a ground elbow for two. Tensai has a bearhug on Orton but Orton gets out and is sent to the ground by Tensai. Tensai locks in a nerve hold as the crowd chants “Albert” Orton gets out of the nerve hold and hits a powerslam on Tensai. Tensai rolls out of the but is pulled back into the ring for the Viper DDT. Orton stalks Tensai for the RKO but missed the first time. Tensai sends Orton into the turnbuckle but Orton reverses and hits an RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Cole hypes the tag team main event.


CM Punk, Heyman, Otunga, and Del Rio are shown together arguing about their match tonight. Punk and Del Rio are using their mouthpieces to talk. Punk finally sarcastically says it will be an honor to team with ADR.

Damien Sandown makes his way down to the ring. He has a mic and says that he loves the Back to School season. He has a list of words that will help people in this upcoming season.

Zack Ryder makes his way down to the ring and has a mic in hand and we have a vocabulary showdown between the two. Ryder says that AJ just booked a match between the two.


Zack Ryder vs Damien Sandow
Zack Ryder is sent to the ground by Sandow but quickly comes back and hits Sandow with a flapjack. Zack Ryder hits an over the top rope slash to the Sandow on the outside. Ryder gets sent into the top rope throat first before kneeing Ryder in the gut. Sandow gets a two count and locks in a headlock. Sandown hits a Russian Leg Sweep followed by an Elbow Drop for two. Ryder is sent into the corner and is kicked in the gut. Ryder tries a couple of roll ups for two. Zack Ryder hits a couple of clothesline followed by a facebuster. Ryder goes for the Broski Boot but Sandow goes to the outside. Ryder hits a Double Knee Lift and a Broski Boot for 2. Sandow hits his Hallelujah Neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Cole hypes next weeks interview with Jerry Lawler.

The tag team main event is next.


Sheamus makes his way down to the ring followed by this tag team partner John Cena.

Ricardo does Alberto del Rio entrance as comes in out in a $325,000 Rolls Royce followed by CM Punk who comes out in a hoodie accompanied by Paul Heyman

CM Punk stands in the middle of the ring hold up the WWE title


Sheamus and John Cena vs Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo and CM Punk w/Paul Heyman.
CM Punk and Cena start things off but Punk immediately tags in ADR. They lock up and after a few headlocks and kicks, ADR sends Cena into the corner for some punches. Cena hits a monkey flip on Del Rio. Sheamus tags in and begins to beat on ADR in the corner. Sheamus hits a rolling senton and tags in Cena. ADR tags in Punk who gets bulldoged by Cena. Cena goes for the AA but Punk gets out and retreats. Punk comes back into the ring and begins to stomp on Cena as the “Lets Go Cena/Cena sucks” chants erupt. ADR tags in and they double team Cena. Punk tags himself in and hits a drop toe hold on Cena. Cena gets the tag to Sheamus and he beats down Punk in the corner for 2. Del Rio tags in and hits Sheamus with a big boot. Del Rio sends himself to the apron and Sheamus hits his 10 count chest punches. Sheamus hits White Noise and goes for the Brogue Kick. Punk stops him and ADR hits a Backstabber for two. Del Rio begins to work over Sheamus’ arm and Punk tags in. Punk dropkicks Sheamus’ knees and begins to work it over before locking in a Surfboard Submission. Sheamus rolls out for a two. Punk tags in ADR as Sheamus tries and fails to tag in Cena. ADR locks in a headlock on Sheamus. Sheamus hits ADR for the Irish Curse and they both make the hot tag to their partners. Cena hits his signature moves but locks in the STF til ADR breaks it up. Cena hits the the AA for the win but Punk has his leg on the rope but the ref doesn’t see it.

Winner: John Cena and Sheamus

CM Punk and Paul Heyman argue with the referee as we go off the air.