WWE Raw World Tour Results From Sydney, Australia (8/31/12)

Thanks to PWMania.com reader Justin for sending in full results from Friday’s WWE Raw live event in Sydney, Australia:

Opening contest: Brodus Clay w/ Naomi vs Jack Swagger. Winner: Brodus Clay

2nd contest: Layla vs Rosa Mendez for the Divas Championship. Winner: Layla

3rd contest: The Miz vs Alex Riley for the Intercontinental Championship. A lot of back and forth action. Miz played a really good heel here and did a great promo which I think stole the show. Great match between the two. Winner and still champion: The Miz

4th contest: Zack Ryder vs Tensai. Very quick contest. Winner: Zack Ryder

5th contest: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Epico & Primo w/ Rosa Mendez. Originally, Primo & Epico won as whilst Primo was pinning Kofi Kingston, he had his foot on the bottom rope with Rosa pushing it off. AJ then came down to the ring and said Kofi’s foot was on the bottom rope and restarted the match, with Kofi & R-Truth winning.

6th contest: David Otunga vs Santino Marella. Winner: Santino Marella.

7th contest: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan did a lot of yes and no promos throughout the match which was funny. Best match of the night with a lot of near falls and back and forth action like they usually have. Winner and still champion: CM Punk

Main Event: John Cena vs Big Show & John Lauranitis in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match. Winner: John Cena by pinning Big Show. After the match, John Lauranitis tried to attack Cena with a steel chair, but Cena reversed it and hit the AA on John Lauranitis.