WWE Reaction To Kassius Ohno’s Release, Curtis Axel Responds To Criticism, Matt Hardy’s Latest

– As reported last night, WWE has cut ties with developmental wrestler Kassius Ohno, real name Chris Spradlin. Some main roster talent were surprised with the news, since Triple H had praised his recent WWE NXT match against Luke Harper (it airs on this week’s show).

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, who often responds to fans on Twitter, continues to address criticism over his sports-entertaining abilities. During SmackDown, a fan wrote, “Yeah. CM Punk vs Broomstick would be more interesting than this match. @RealCurtisAxel have less charisma than The Broom.” He responded, “hey!!! Don’t offend broomsticks! They have feelings too.” The fan then remarked on “Mr. Charisma” responding to him, leading Axel to write back, “ur right! I have no charisma. All I do all day is stare at the wall with a blank look on my face… It’s fun!”

Earlier in the week, a fan cautioned Axel on being branded as uncharismatic again by Konnan, leading the Raw wrestler to snap back, “Who cares what that piece of crap thinks.”

Meanwhile, Konnan said his critical remarks toward Axel aren’t out of hatred. “Not hatin, just stating…#GetInformed,” he said to a fan on Twitter telling him to “stop hating.”

– Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy issued this “Public Service Announcement” promoting two events taking place in New York tonight, “Big Event” and “House Of Hardcore #3.”

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(source: PWInsider.com)

  • ray stewart

    We watched C.M. Punk VS Axel and OMG it sucked balls! Thank God Punk could carry the match all by himself along with Paul Heyman (msp) running his mouth in the back round. I would rather watch TNA than watch Axel wrestle again and TNA blows chunks.

    • Punk my funk

      I have had farts that are more entertaining than Curtis A-hole is.

      • The Knight of Truth

        Curtis Axle sucks at wrestling, sucks on the mic and now shows that he sucks at replying tho hate comments too!! Only reason I got bored of Punk vs Heyman was because of hi, even Ryback has better wrestling and mic skills than Curtis A$$hole!!!!!