WWE Reportedly Confident That TNA Star Sting Will Be Joining Their Roster Soon

As seen on Monday night’s RAW, WWE included current TNA star Sting in their video packages looking back at former World Heavyweight Champions.

F4Wonline.com reports that Sting was included in those video packages for a reason.

Word is that Sting is once again interested in joining WWE. While he hasn’t opened direct negotiations with the company, he has sent feelers to WWE about joining them. There is said to be a lot of confidence on WWE’s side that Sting will be on their roster eventually.

  • Joe Kendle

    IT’S SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tonka

    Its about time

  • xnyer

    Hope the WWE leaves Sting just as he is,

  • Ruus22

    Highly doubt it, especially with Sting reforming the MEM.

  • Kyle

    Idk, I don’t think I buy this. If it said WWE again sent out feelers, and Sting is meeting with them I’d buy it. I think Sting said his contract lasts till next Janurary, and Stings not the type to leave early. The only way I want Sting with WWE, is after he retires with TNA, he’d sign with WWE on a legends contract for games and DVDs.

    • Luke

      That would suck. The article says that WWE wants Sting on the roster “eventually”, which would give Sting’s contract time to expire and sign with WWE. They’ve got more money and- let’s be honest- more talent than TNA so anyone in their right mind would go there.

  • Geoff

    I don’t want him in WWE. He’s old, out of shape, not even close to having credibility as someone who could match the namevalue of the Undertaker, let alone as a good wrestler anymore.

  • Wes

    A- Why would it happen now and not when he has so much momentum in early 2000’s? (not that he doesnt now, but how old is he)
    B-i dont know if I could ever watch or support WWE if they used him like a midcard jobber or have him join the kiss my ass club or something.
    C- Stinger is awesome, no doubt about his ability to work and to draw. Over 50 he still performs better than most 30 yr olds.
    I guess well have to wait and see, I doubt it though, they’ve been filtering out the old generations over the past few years why bring in someone in their twilight to contend with up and coming stars. (no doubt if they brought him id wtahc raw n smakcdown every week)

  • Cian Dunphy-Smith

    Stings in a big angle right now, looks very unlikely

    • Luke

      Right now, yes. Hence the word “eventually”.

  • Doc75

    we’ll see what happenz when/if it happenz

  • Nate

    It’s only so they can induct him into the HOF

    • debra

      don’t forget jobbing to the undertaker.

  • wwe213

    I hope they. Bring the joker sting or the emotianless sting from wcw