WWE Reportedly Forces El Generico Fan To Change His Seats At Monday’s Raw

At Monday’s RAW from Greenville, South Carolina, a fan reportedly held up a “RAW Is Generico” sign and was moved by security, taken from his paid seat to the opposite side of the arena and a seat filler took his seat at ringside. The fan asked security why he was being moved and was told the people running the show didn’t want him sitting there because of his sign.

The fan reportedly asked if they could just take the sign and let him sit at ringside but was told by a security guard that he was about to be kicked out because the people running the show, presumably WWE officials, didn’t want him there. Another guard told the fan that wasn’t correct, they just didn’t want him in front of the camera. Apparently another man who was sitting with the fan also had his seats changed after he was seen holding up a sign related to Ring of Honor.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Shane Mead

    Hide your signs until the show starts and show them when on camera..smarten up

    • RandomAssPost

      they take signs during the show to, with the cameras it’s more easy to spot signs they don’t like.

  • Christopher David Bate

    That’s ridiculous.