WWE Reportedly Telling Current & Former Talents To Stay Away From Nancy Grace

TMZ reports that Nancy Grace has been blackballed by WWE over the way she covered the death of The Ultimate Warrior. WWE is warning current and former Superstars to stay off her show.

TMZ notes that while WWE hasn’t issued any official memos yet, strong word is going around the company that anyone connected to the WWE brand should stay away from Nancy if they want to keep a working relationship.

  • xnyer

    Everyone should stay away from NG, she is rude and tells half truths when reporting the stories, she misleads the stories

    • Ryan Stanfield

      If you want to keep your hearing intact, stay away from NG.

  • Rob Ert

    She seems like a nasty, selfish woman who will twist any story to try and get more attention and boost her ratings. She is the worst type of journalist, and has no place on television.

  • ChloeMatthews

    I really hate how she covered his death. Especially bringing a doctor in that never once met with Warrior? She just determined that he died from ‘drugs’ and ‘steroids’. When I’m pretty confident that Warrior probably hadn’t of done steroids in over 10+ years, if that really is true. He’s been outta’ wrestling for a while.

    I would stay away from that show if I were a wrestler or not. The lady is an annoying hypocrite, piece of trash in fact.