WWE Responds To Claims By Linda McMahon Political Opponent

– WWE’s Robert Zimmerman has sent a letter to Christopher Shays, the opponent for Linda McMahon in her 2012 Senate bid, disputing recent statements Shays made about WWE. Here are some quotes:

“In the past you have visited WWE Headquarters in Stamford and, as a Congressman, you actively supported WWE’s non-partisan initiative, SmackDown Your Vote, which encouraged young people to register to vote. Certainly, you are aware of our recent anti-bullying efforts in your hometown of Bridgeport when WWE Superstar Sheamus visited Hall Neighborhood House on August 3, 2011 and spoke to over 100 kids about stopping this rampant issue. Therefore, we are perplexed about the factual inaccuracies you stated regarding WWE in recent interviews with the Connecticut Post and Associated Press.”

The letter goes on to mention WWE’s new anti-bullying campaign and PG content. WWE says that Shays is inaccurate when he says they promote bullying.

“The health and well-being of our performers is WWE’s top priority. As with any entertainment or sports business, our performers are the cornerstone of our success and without them, we have no business. We have an extensive talent health and wellness program administered independently by a team of renowned physicians. We invite you to review our program by visiting corporate.wwe.com. One death in any industry is too many. However, since the formation of the company in 1982, five wrestlers have passed away while under contract. According to coroner reports, one individual died by accident, one by suicide and three by heart disease. Therefore, your statement that “41 people 50 years and younger have died in their jobs” while at WWE is inaccurate.”

“On behalf of WWE, its 650 employees and approximately 300,000 fans in Connecticut, we would greatly appreciate it if you would stick to factual statements about our organization and brand.”