WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 26, 2014

WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results – January 26, 2014

* The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view kicks off with a video package. We’re live with JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler as we go right to the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Daniel Bryan is out first to a huge pop. A “yes!” chant starts up.

Ricardo Rodriguez is shown on commentary with the Spanish announce team. The lights hit and out comes Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Bray enters the ring and takes his time as fans continue to chant for Bryan. Bryan is very focused and continues to stare Bray down. The bell rings and here we go.

Bryan unloads and takes Bray to the floor early on after leaping out. Bryan brings him back in and hits a big crossbody for a 2 count. Bryan with kicks in the corner now. Bryan gets knocked off the top and lands hard on the outside. Bryan comes back in and takes control with kicks and a submission. Bryan works on Bray’s leg now. Bryan stomps Bray’s face into the mat and unloads with more kicks. They end up tangling on the apron. Bray gets the upper-hand and slamming Bryan face first down into the apron. Bray brings Bryan back in and tosses him across the ring.

Bryan fights out of a hold and nails Bray with forearms. Bray tosses Bryan over the top and back out to the floor. Bray follows and puts Bryan’s head against the ring post. Bray hits Bryan with punches and forearms while his head is against the post. Bray drops Bryan hard on the floor and brings him back in for a 2 count. Bray taunts and stomps on Bryan now. Bray with another 2 count and another. Bray works on Bryan’s neck now. Bryan tries to make a comeback but Bray knocks him back down. Bray turns upside down in the corner and falls on his back. He starts doing the spider walk and splashes Bryan in the corner.

Bray blocks a third clothesline and levels Bryan but Bryan kicks out at 2. Bryan blocks Sister Abigail and rolls Bray up for 2. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock and gets it applied. Bray bites Bryan to break the hold. Bray takes back control now. Bray takes Bryan to the corner and works him over. Bryan fights back with headbutts but so does Bray. Bryan sends Bray to the mat. Bryan climbs up and nails the flying splash. Fans and Bryan chant “yes!” but Wyatt avoids the running knee by rolling out of the ring. Bryan kicks him and leaps out with a suicide dive but Bray catches him in mid-move and drops him with Sister Abigail on the floor. Bryan’s head hits the barrier and fans start a “holy shit” chant.

Fans chant “this is awesome” as Bray rolls Bryan back in the ring. Bray nails Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

– After the match, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan pose with Bray before they leave.

– Renee Young interviews Paul Heyman backstage. He apologizes for what’s about to happen and says Brock Lesnar is ready to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

– We see Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger sitting in the crowd.

– We go back to the panel to talk about the show so far. Shawn says the future of the WWE is in the hands of Bray and Bryan and praises Bryan specifically. They talk about Lesnar vs. Show next.

Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar

We go to the ring and out first comes Big Show.

Out next comes Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Lesnar looks huge and is wearing his Jimmy John’s cap.

Lesnar attacks Show before the bell and takes him down. Lesnar unloads on Show. Heyman tosses a steel chair in. Lesnar smacks Show with it several times. The bell still hasn’t rang yet. Lesnar with more chair shots. The referee checks on Show but Lesnar comes over with another big chair shot. Show rolls out of the ring now. Lesnar drops the chair and waits on Show to come fight. Show rolls in and Lesnar goes right to work with stomps. Lesnar grabs the chair and whacks Show with it again. Lesnar yells for the bell to be rang but the referee won’t do it. The referee grabs the chair and tosses it out of the ring. Heyman hands Lesnar another chair. The bell rings and Show blocks a chair shot and nails a knockout punch. Both are down now with Lesnar falling out of the ring.

Show tosses Lesnar and hits a big body shot against the barrier. Show rolls Lesnar back in and both are hurting. Show come in and calls Lesnar a son of a bitch. Show with another big body shot.

Lesnar ducks a knockout punch and lifts Show on his shoulders. Lesnar walks around with Show on his shoulders and nails a big F5 for the victory.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

– After the match, we go to replays. Lesnar looks a bit shocked and goes outside of the ring to grab a steel chair. Heyman watches as Lesnar walks around the ring with the chair. Lesnar enters the ring as a referee checks on Show. Lesnar unloads with chair shots and Show rolls out to the floor. Lesnar follows with more chair shots as Heyman cheers him on. Lesnar beats on Show’s back and legs with the chair. The chair is destroyed so Heyman tosses him another. Lesnar continues the steel chair attack. Lesnar goes under the ring for something. A referee tries to stop him but gets shoved to the floor. Lesnar grabs another chair and whacks Show with it some more. Lesnar tosses the chair and walks off with Heyman. We go to replays. We see scars and bruises on Show’s back as he’s checked on.Show walks to the back with trainers and we see part of one of the broken chairs laying at ringside.

– We go backstage to The Shield. They understand only one of them can win and say The Shield will still be standing when it’s over. Roman Reigns feels like he has the winning number and there’s some tension there with Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins tries to pull them together.

– Renee Young is backstage with Randy Orton. Orton isn’t worried about John Cena or the line forming of other potential challenges. He says none of them are worthy like him. He calls Bray Wyatt a Duck Dynasty reject.

– We get a WrestleMania XXX promo.

– We get a promo for tonight’s WWE World Heavyweight Title match.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: John Cena vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. John Cena is out next to a big pop.

Lilian Garcia does official ring introductions and we get the bell. They lock up and Orton goes to the mat with a headlock. They trade holds and go back to their feet. We get dueling Cena chants from the crowd. Fans chant for Daniel Bryan as Orton applies another headlock. Cena drops Orton with a shoulder and a “yes!” chant starts. Cena takes Orton down for a 1 count. A “we want Daniel” chant starts now. Orton with a suplex and another pin attempt. Orton with a headbutt and another pin attempt. Orton with a headlock now.

Cena tries for a crab but Orton kicks him out of the ring. They come back in and Orton goes for another pin attempt. The fans have totally hijacked this match with chants. Cena sends Orton outside of the ring now. Orton whips Cena shoulder first into the steel steps. Orton brings Cena back in for a 2 count. Orton yells at the fans and says they should be chanting for him. Cena comes from behind. Orton blocks an Attitude Adjustment and drops Cena with a big DDT for another 2 count. Orton stomps away on Cena now. Orton poses in the corner and the fans boo. Cena comes from behind and falls back with Orton on his shoulders. Cena with a 2 count. Cena with flying shoulders now. Cena with the big side slam as the fans boo. Orton blocks the Five Knuckle Shuffle and powerslams Cena for a 2 count.

Cena with a full nelson into a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Cena goes to the top but Orton cuts him off and climbs up with him. Cena headbutts Orton to the mat. Cena hits the top rope leg drop. Orton blocks another AA with a backbreaker and covers for 2. Orton goes for the second rope draping DDT but Cena backdrops Orton over the top rope to the floor. Orton does the draping DDT from the apron and drops Cena face first on the floor. Orton rolls Cena back in and covers for a 2 count. Cena ends up blocking a RKO and applying the STF. Orton breaks it and drops Cena’s neck over the top rope.

Orton comes in and Cena nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Orton blocks an AA and the referee gets knocked down. Cena applies the STF again and this time Orton taps out but the referee is still down. Orton grabs the title and lays Cena out with a shot to the face. The referee wakes up with the help of a WWE trainer. Orton covers as the referee crawls over but Cena kicks out at 2. Orton has words with the referee. It sounds like fans are chanting “this is awful” now. Orton turns around to an AA from Cena for a close 2 count. Orton nails a RKO for a close 2 count. Orton poses and gets booed some more. Cena dodges a punt kick and goes for another AA but Orton slides out. Orton applies the STF on Cena this time. Cena breaks his own hold and applies it on Orton. Orton goes for an AA and nails Cena’s own move on him again. Cena kicks out at 2. Cena nails a RKO out of nowhere but Orton kicks out at 2. Cena lifts Orton and takes him to the top. Cena goes for a super AA from the second rope but Orton slides out. They trade shots and Cena turns it into a tornado DDT. Cena applies the STF again. Orton crawls for the rope but Cena pulls Orton back and tightens the hold. The lights go out and it’s The Wyatt Family. They come back on and Rowan, Harper and Bray are on the apron. Cena motions towards them but they drop down to the floor. Cena turns around to a big RKO from Orton for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the match, Orton avoids The Wyatt Family and leaves through the crowd. The Wyatt Family enters the ring where Cena is still laid out. Rowan shoves Cena into a big boot from Harper. Rowan beats Cena down in the corner. Harper whips Rowan into Cena with a big splash and follows up with a clothesline from Harper. They hold Cena while Bray laughs. Bray turns upside down in the corner and walks over to Cena again. Bray says, “behold the creators of the new world” and nails Sister Abigail on Cena and a “yes!” chant starts up. The Wyatts pose over Cena as their music hits and they leave together. We go to replays. We come back to Cena being helped out of the ring. Cena leaves on his own as his music plays.

– We get a WWE Network promo.

– Renee Young is backstage with new champions The New Age Outlaws. We see how they won the titles on the pre-show earlier tonight. They brag about the win and have a victory party to go to but Renee isn’t invited.

– We get commercials for pizza rolls and Elimination Chamber.

– They air a video of several Superstars talking about why they will win the Royal Rumble match tonight. The Miz, The Usos, Big E Langston, Fandango, Batista, Damien Sandow, Ryback and Rey Mysterio all speak.

– We go back to Mathews, Duggan, Flair and Michaels. Duggan picks Dolph Ziggler to win the match, Michaels picks either The Shield or CM Punk to win and Flair sticks with Batista.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

We go to the ring and Justin Roberts is in explaining the rules. Out first comes CM Punk to a big pop. Out next comes Seth Rollins to start the match with Punk.

The bell rings and they go at it. Rollins beats Punk down in the corner and starts trying to get him over the top rope. Punk fights back with forearms and kicks. The next man out is Damien Sandow. Sandow goes down and Punk tries to toss Rollins but can’t. Punk with a shoulder thrust. Sandow beats Punk down as Cody Rhodes makes his way out. Cody rushes the ring and goes at it with Sandow. They trade shots in the middle of the ring. Sandow misses a clothesline and gets hit with CrossRhodes. Cody tries to toss Sandow but Rollins stops him. Rollins and Cody go at it now. Punk eliminates Sandow.

Punk and Cody both work on Rollins. Kane is out next in suit pants. Kane shoves Cody and boots him. Kane drops Punk with a big right hand. Kane with more right hands on Punk in the corner. Kane stomps away now. Kane with a big sideslam on Punk. Kane calls for a chokeslam but Punk blocks it with a roundhouse kick. Punk eliminates Kane.

The next man out is NXT star Alexander Rusev. Rusev hits the ring and levels Rollins. Rusev tosses Rollins but he hangs on. Rusev levels Cody with a big kick and tosses him to the apron. Rusev blocks a Punk kick and hits him with big knee shots. Rusev scoops Punk and hits a huge overhead slam. Rusev goes back to work on Cody and beats him up in the corner. Rusev tries to toss Cody but Rollins make the save. The next man out is Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter. Swagger hits the ring and nails a Swagger Bomb on Rollins and one on Cody. Rusev works on Punk in the corner. Rusev and Swagger go at it in the middle of the ring now. Rusev with a huge knee to the gut and a splash in the corner. Rusev tries to toss Swagger but Rollins makes the save. Everyone gangs up on Rusev now except for Punk. Swagger tries to dump Cody. Punk comes over and helps Rollins with Rusev. The next man out is Kofi Kingston.

Punk and Swagger go at it for a minute. Cody tries to eliminate Punk next. Rusev has control of Kofi. Swagger almost dumps Rollins but Rollins hangs on. Cody and Kofi double team Rusev now. The next man out is Jimmy Uso. He and Rollins go at it. Uso unloads and hits Rusev next and then Cody. Uso spears Kofi in the corner and unloads. Rusev kicks away on Swagger in the corner. Cody dropkicks Uso. Swagger with shoulder thrusts on Rusev. Uso dumps Cody to the apron but he hangs on. The next man out is Goldust as Rusev breaks a sleeper hold from Punk. Goldust runs down and nails Rollins and then Uso. Goldust with a powerslam on Rollins. Rusev drops Goldust. Punk and Cody and Rollins triple team Rusev now. Cody fights with Rollins. Cody and Rollins try to elimiante Rusev now. Punk and Kofi join in and Rusev is eliminated.

Kofi leaps out of the ring but Rusev catches him. Rusev slams Kofi on top of the barrier and is forced to leave by referees. Kofi’s feet still haven’t touched the floor. Kofi leaps from the farthest barrier on the entrance all the way to the ring apron to stay in the match. That was a very long leap. The next man out is Dean Ambrose. Ambrose hits the ring and Punk goes at it with him. Goldust and Cody try to eliminate Swagger. Swagger dumps Goldust to the apron but Kofi makes the save. The next man out is Dolph Ziggler to a huge pop. Ziggler hits the ring and goes to the top. He nails a missile dropkick on Rollins and leaps onto him in the corner with right hands. Ambrose and Ziggler go at it now as fans chant for Ziggler. Ziggler fights from the apron and Goldust makes the save. Punk and Kofi work on eliminating Swagger but Punk goes for Kofi. The next man out is #13 and it’s R-Truth. Punk hangs on the apron and stays in. Truth goes at it with Ambrose but Rollins makes the save and they beat him down. Ambrose eliminates Truth.

Ambrose eliminates Jimmy Uso. Swagger tries to boot Kofi off the apron but Kofi hangs on to Swagger’s leg. Kofi is inches from hitting the floor and pulls Swagger’s boot off. Swagger comes over and Kofi nails him in the head with the boot. Kofi pulls himself back into the match and the fans applaud. The next man out is Kevin Nash to a big pop with nWo music.

Nash eliminates Swagger and goes at it with Ambrose and Rollins. Nash fights them off and big boots Cody. Rollins and Ambrose work on eliminating Nash now. Punk works on Ziggler but he hangs on. The next man out is Roman Reigns. Reigns hits the ring and dropkicks Punk in the head before he even enters. Reigns decks Goldust and spears Cody. Reigns fights Nash off. Kofi leaps but Reigns catches him in mid-air. Reigns eliminates Kofi. Ziggler nails a big DDT on Reigns. Ziggler gets a huge spear from Reigns. Ziggler is eliminated. Everyone watches Reigns as the fans boo at Ziggler’s elimination. Nash charges and Reigns dumps him over the top. Nash is eliminated. Cody and Goldust work on dumping Reigns but Rollins makes the save. The next man out is The Great Khali.

Khali goes at it with The Shield. Reigns nails a Superman punch on him. The Shield eliminates Khali. Punk and Goldust attack The Shield. Goldust eliminates Cody. Reigns eliminates Goldust. It’s down to CM Punk and The Shield. #17 is Sheamus to a huge pop.

Sheamus comes in and unloads on The Shield. A big spear for Rollins in the corner. Sheamus with the forearm shots to the chest on Ambrose on the apron. Rollins gets hit with an Irish Curse and Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick on Reigns. The Shield beat Sheamus down now. The next man out is The Miz. The Miz attacks Rollins and tosses Ambrose to the apron but he hangs on. Reigns attacks Miz now. The next man out is Fandango with Summer Rae. He hits the ring and goes at it with Miz. The crowd starts doing the Fandango chant. Fandango hangs on as Sheamus goes after Miz. Fans chant for Daniel Bryan. Out next comes Los Matadores but it’s El Torito that’s in the match. Torito hits the ring and springboards in on Rollins with a hurricanrana. Torito takes down Miz. Everyone else looks shocked. Torito calls out Punk. Torito charges but Punk stops him with his hand. Punk laughs but Torito takes him down with a scissors. Fandango attacks Torito and gets booed. Fandango presses Torito in the air but also gets taken down and sent to the apron. Torito springboards up and knocks Fandango off the apron. Fandango is eliminated. Torito with another springboard but Reigns catches him. Reigns presses Torito high and tosses him out onto Fandango. Torito is eliminated. The next man out is Antonio Cesaro.

Cesaro comes in and hits the Cesaro Swing on The Miz, tossing him into Punk. Punk misses a kick and catches a Swing until The Shield breaks it up. Cesaro takes out Ambrose and Rollins. Rollins gets a lengthy Swing now. The crowd pops as Cesaro keeps spinning. The next man out is Luke Harper. Reigns spears Cesaro. Harper nails Reigns and Cesaro and then Punk. Punk and Harper trade shots now. Sheamus and Ambrose tangle on the apron. Jey Uso is the next man out. He tries taking out Cesaro but Rollins attacks. Ambrose stops Sheamus from eliminating Reigns. Uso superkicks Cesaro. Sheamus works on Ambrose again. Harper and Cesaro go at it. The next man is… JBL. JBL gets up from commentary as Cole points out this is JBL’s first-ever Rumble match. JBL gets in with his suit and tie on. He takes off his suit coat and tells Cole to come get it. Reigns comes from behind and dumps JBL quickly. The crowd boos. JBL is eliminated.

The next man out is Erick Rowan. He hits the ring and helps Harper with The Miz. Rowan scoops Miz and tosses him to the apron. Miz slides back in but Rowan tosses him back to the apron. Harper with a big clothesline and The Miz is eliminated. Rowan and Harper work on Uso now. Harper eliminates Jey Uso. The Shield faces off with The Wyatt Family as Ryback is the next man out. He scoops Cesaro and slams him into the ropes. Ryback with thrusts to the gut on Cesaro. Fans chant Goldberg’s name at Ryback. Ryback works on dumping Sheamus and then Rollins.

#27 out is Alberto Del Rio. Ryback and he go at it. Cesaro drops Ambrose and catapults him into the ropes. Rowan and Harper double team Reigns. The next man out is Batista to a huge pop. Batista hits the ring and runs over Ambrose, Rollins and Cesaro. Fans start booing now. Batista eliminates Rowan. Batista and Ryback come face to face now. They have words and Batista unloads. Ryback tosses Batista in the corner and he goes down. Batista blocks a Meathook clothesline and Ryback is eliminated. Del Rio takes out Batista’s leg and superkicks him. Del Rio unloads on Batista. Batista eliminates Del Rio.

Big E Langston is out next and comes out to manhandle Sheamus. Big E dumps Sheamus but he hangs on. Cesaro works on Ambrose. Sheamus fights back against Big E. Punk works on Batista. Fans start chanting “yes” as we get ready for #30. The last man out is Rey Mysterio to no reaction. Everyone was expecting Daniel Bryan. Fans boo now as Rey hits the ring and goes to work.

Fans are not happy at all about the last entrant. Sheamus ends up eliminating Big E with a big clothesline. There’s a continous boo from the crowd. Cesaro unloads with European uppercuts. Cesaro drops Harper with a big boot. Batista and Ambrose go at it as the fans continue to boo. Rey nails 619 on Rollins. Rollins eliminates Mysterio and fans cheer. Ambrose and Harper go at it now. Reigns beats down Sheamus in the corner. Ambrose and Rollins work on Harper. Reigns comes over and decks Harper off the apron. Ambrose gets pissed and tries to eliminate Reigns but he hangs on. Rollins and Ambrose argue. Cesaro tries to eliminate them but can’t. Reigns eliminates Cesaro, Ambrose and Rollins at the same time. Reigns yells at his partners. Reigns turns around to a big spinebuster from Batista. Sheamus hits a Brogue on Batista. Punk with GTS on Sheamus and then Reigns.

Kane comes from under the ring and eliminates Punk. Kane takes apart the Spanish announce table and chokeslams Punk through it. Officials check on Punk now as Kane leaves through the crowd. It’s down to Reigns, Batista and Sheamus. We see Punk talking to a medic. Fans still want Daniel Bryan and are booing the final three. Sheamus runs over Reigns. Batista goes at it with Sheamus. Batista with a big clothesline in the corner. Batista with a powerslam on Reigns. A “no!” chant starts up now. Batista eats a big boot from Sheamus. Sheamus lays out Batista and points at the WrestleMania XXX sign. Batista ducks a Brogue Kick and then a clothesline. Sheamus blocks a Batista Bomb. Batista dumps Sheamus to the apron and Reigns knocks him off. Sheamus is eliminated.

Batista tries to dump Reigns but he hangs on. They take a second to breathe and meet in the center of the ring. Batista strikes first and they go at it. Reigns with a huge clothesline out of the corner. Reigns goes for a Superman punch but Batista blocks it with a spear. More boos from the crowd. All they want is Daniel Bryan. Batista turns around to a big spear from Reigns. Reigns gets a pop. They tangle and Batista just tosses Reigns over the top like it’s nothing.

Winner: Batista

– After the match, fans chant “no!” before booing some more. We go to replays of some of the bigger eliminations. Batista stands tall after the match but most of the fans just boo. He hits the turnbuckle and motions for the belt around his waist. Pyro goes off as Batista points at the WrestleMania XXX sign. More pyro goes off on the stage but the fans aren’t happy. Royal Rumble goes off the air with Batista posing in the corner.

  • Siddharth Tripathi

    Bryan started the Rumble…..its good news …Expect hiim to perform double duty..

    i think now…Bryan will make Bray win may b by interference…n he will enter Rumble at No 30 and will win it!!!

    yes yes yes…….

    this will happpen for sure now….

    • Bryan Thomas

      Well let’s not jump to conclusions now. Lol

      • Siddharth Tripathi

        i say again…if bryan lose the match.chances of him winning rumble is 100%…

        • Bryan Thomas

          I hope so

        • Photo 107

          sooooo 100%??….remind me not to listen to your prediction of a Super Bowl winner…..

  • lee

    (@BookerT5x) “An Old friend has been lost in the rafters #RoyalRumble #WWE

  • Some guy

    Dolphins1925 said Batista is going to win. I guess we’ll have to wait and see

  • Raihan Khan

    i think the reason why big shwo lost qucikly cz he suffered an injury 2 nights ago at wwe live event, so wwe didnt want him to get beat down more

    • luke

      more likley the cowardly attack behind with a chair

      • Raihan Khan

        yes , lesnar would have killed the big show if wwe havent finished it earlier

        • luke

          think he did after the match

          • Raihan Khan

            he did that before and after the match, both

        • Parvez

          Who ever think Brock Lesnar is Unbeatable. Need to check a UFC at Brock Lesnar vs Cain Vallasquez.

          • Raihan Khan

            dude so what? still he is the most power wrestler, ufc and wresting is different and still lesnar record in ufc is way better. its more than 50%, which is amazing for a wrestler

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            There is a Difference Between UFC and WWE… We Know He is Not Unbeatable His Recent Losses are John Cena (Superman?) and Triple H (Skilled With a Shovel) and If Your Gonna Make a Brock Lesnar Losing at UFC Example Use Brock Lesnar Vs. Alistair Overeem…

  • Pepper McGowan

    is there a way to watch it live

    • nunyabizness

      ya, pay for it.

      • Pepper McGowan

        on the internet dummy

  • tushar

    Big Show should have won :(

    • prabhat

      but tusher batista is the cheater in ever

  • luke

    didnt know it was a NO DQ match at all

    • Raihan Khan

      it wast a no dq match, lesnar attacked show before the match

  • luke

    whats the chances that borton will get himself DQ

    • Raihan Khan

      cz its best for business

      • luke

        getting sick of borton title needs to change hands dont care who long as its not borton

        • Aakash

          Buddy its orton not borton

          • Punkamania

            dude… there’s a thing called sarcasm!!!

          • prabhat

            ja cmpunk is the best guy in the world

  • DarkCool

    Come on Orton

  • Raihan Khan


  • Raihan Khan


  • Raihan Khan


  • WWE Royal Rumble Official

    Next Is The Royal Rumble Match Daniel Bryant Start’s 1st But I Can’t Speak Nothing Else I’ll Ruin It For You Guys!

    • Raihan Khan

      cm punk is no 1

    • luke

      incorrect cmpunk is no 1

    • Zach G

      fuck up you liar.

  • WWE Royal Rumble Official

    Next is the royal rumble match! Daniel Bryan start’s first but I can’t speak more Or it won’t be a surprise for you guys!

  • ResidentX

    Done with WWE. No idea why they let Randy win the belts let alone keep them

    • Aakash

      Because they want it shuld be Batista vs Randy Orton n for cena its bray Wyatt vs cena at wrestlmaina 30

    • Buster Hymen

      Cuz Shena sucks and its about time he doesn’t get handed the title

  • sonserray

    Come on Cena kick ortons @$$!!!!bring him bk down to reality….

  • Pepper McGowan

    cena lost I knew it

  • WWE Royal Rumble Official

    Cena Should’ve Won Like WTF

    • Jack Mehoff

      -no one ever

  • DarkCool

    Orton won

  • Raihan Khan

    here comes punk

  • Raihan Khan

    kane got eliminated by punk

  • Raihan Khan

    wow kofi is gonna show off now, again !!!

  • Raihan Khan

    wow kofi just flied 15 feet

  • Big E

    What should have happend is Bryan should have won, Out Laws should have lost, Big Show should have broke Lesners jaw, and John should have won. terrible so far hopefully 30 man rumble makes up for the all those terrible match ups?

    • Cravin Moorehead

      John should not have won he sucks

      • wwe5

        Are you not sick of Orton! John had is number many times in that match. JOHN SHOULD HAVE WON.

    • James Tebrucio Luna

      LOL No DB vs Bray was great the outlaws imho being tag champs will help build up the tag team division as well as establish up and coming tag teams i honestly dont care much for show vs lesnar besides lesnar wasnt going to lose a match leading to him vs taker at WM 30 anyways Cena not winning this time was nice for a change look at past matches after something “personal” happens between cena and his opponent Super Cena Preveils! but this time he lost and its so damn refreshing now batista winning the rumble just blew logic to hell but not to worry This is the year of Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt and im fine knowing that

      • James Tebrucio Luna

        Of Course I Speak as a Individual that wants to do this as a career and not some butt hurt Wee-A-Boo of Wrestling.

  • WWECrazyCarlos

    What a match Diesel is back just as he was a suprise in 2011.

  • Raihan Khan

    nash is out,

  • Raihan Khan

    goldust eliminated by goldust, accident

  • Bryan Thomas

    Well so much for sandow

  • Raihan Khan

    here comes fannn dannnn gooooo

  • Factz203

    Kevin Nash to a huge pop wow what’s next Chris Jericho and Christian

  • Raihan Khan

    jericho si coming

  • Bryan Thomas

    Reigns got booed for eliminating ziggler. Hahaha

  • Bryan Thomas

    Damn guess talking bad about orton is just career suicide for ziggler. Didn’t even last long

  • Noah

    Sheamus is Back!!!!!!

  • cj

    Jbl has never been in a royal Rumble ever ?

    • Gibranno

      JBL has never competed in any royal rumble, he competed under Bradshaw gimmick

      sorry for my bad english, I’m an Indonesian :)

  • Ryan Katz

    Imagine the reaction if Daniel Bryan wasn’t there at all

  • Raihan Khan

    lol no daniel brayn, no jericho. wtf

  • Yusei Asakura

    Holy shit talk about career suicide LOL NO DB after All

  • Ryan Katz

    So WWE just said fu, to the fans

    • Yusei Asakura

      EXACTLY ROFL Oh my god Welp Not buying WM this year

  • Raihan Khan

    kane eliminated punk,

  • Raihan Khan

    the sick crowd still chating bryans name, wtf, so what

  • Raihan Khan

    people r booing all, batista,, sheamus and rollins. pitts crowd suck

  • Raihan Khan

    batista and romans final 2

  • Raihan Khan

    people booing batista

  • Raihan Khan

    batsita might turn heel

  • Raihan Khan

    spear to reigns and then spear to batsita

  • Raihan Khan

    batsita won, people booing

  • Raihan Khan

    this rumble sucked, no big names than nash,

  • Raihan Khan

    batista might turn heel, people booing so much

  • Raihan Khan

    worst rumble in history

  • Ryan Katz

    Wrestling fans all over the world were yelling at the sight of Rey Mysterio, no Daniel Bryan in the rumble, are u kidding me

    • Thomas Meagher

      People don’t get it. It wasn’t so much that they were booing Mysterio. Fans were mad because they realized Bryan wasn’t going to be in the match.

    • Raihan Khan

      some wwe people need to grow up and stop disrespecting others like they they did to rey and few others, just for bryan , wow

  • cj

    WWE had all the tools to make this ome of the best pay per views in recent memory especially with every ppv in 2013 sucking, but they dropped the ball. And don’t care what the fans obviously want.

  • wwe5

    Worst Royal Rumble Ever! The WWE is getting worst by the min

  • wwe5

    So they give JBL and El torito a spot and No Danile Bryan WTF is wrong with the wwe!!

  • Parvez

    Oh Man i am smelling The Animal vs The Beast at WMXXX for WWE WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIOSHIP.

    • xnyer

      Rather see that and not Brock vs Undertaker Brock is going to hurt somesome for real

  • Factz203

    It should be orton vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan WM 30 main event the Usos vs The New Age Outlaws vs real Americans for the tag titles Big E Langston Vs Dean Ambrose unified title match AJ Lee vs Tamina Vs Naomi vs Nikki Bella divas title match a money in the bank ladder match

  • wwe5

    I’m sick of Randy Orton!!! I hope the Animal takes it!

  • Bryan Thomas

    What can i say about wwe officials, that hasn’t already been said? How do you explain this to the fans. I wish the fans would have gotten up and started walking out once rey entered.

    • kowboy

      Yes, exactly what I was thinking. I really do think that that’s what it would take for the WWE to start caring about there fans.

    • Andrew Horrington

      F’ing true man. Now its like, “WWE ‘Needs’ to lose fans” WWE went from one of the most legendary development in the history of the world to now kids watching this shit. You know what? Quit WWE! And this is exactly the reason why Batista left this company in 2010. Batista and many more wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Goldberg ACTUALLY KNOW in what condition is the WWE in now. Now WWE is that desperate to gain some new leaders that it has to hire wrestlers from its own roster for the Management of this company. Seriously, WWE is ruining every single dream of a young man or woman every minute as it goes more PG.

  • Jake

    I wanted reigns to win. But i believe this is the untangling of the shield and it will be reigns vs ambrose at wrestlemania

    • B

      Or it could be a triple threat match reigns vs Ambrose vs Rollins. That would be awesome

      • james

        hell that actually sounds good the triple threat would be awesome cuz unlike batista THEY CAN WRESTLE.

    • Gurdeep Singh Negi

      I really fed-up with this Shield business from past 1 1/2 years……….They always get what they want……and dictate their terms……..I don’t know how & why…..????

  • DanielWright

    People I like Daniel Brian as much as the next guy but god no use in getting all tore up like a kid who doesn’t get his way when he didn’t get in all the rumbles matches!

  • Aakash

    The matches for wrestlemania are
    1 Randy Orton v/s Batista for WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
    2 John cena v/s bray wyatt
    3 Daniel bryan v/s sheamus
    4 CM Punk v/s the authority

    • That Guy

      Change it to Bryan v Taker and I’d be happier.

    • prabhat

      sheamus vs cmpunk vs batista foe wwe wht match

  • LGFFan

    you all misheard the announcement too for the royal rumble, justin roberts clearly also said ‘the winner of the royal rumble match will have a title shot at the main event at Wrestle Mania in a triple threat match’ >implying whoever has the title by wrestlemania is in the ring with batista and lesnar? lolwhat.

  • james

    pretty bad when mick foley who works for wwe got on twitter and said he was disgusted by the ppv

  • loni

    People are stupid, Daniel Bryan just had a match, did they really expect him to come back out and fight again????? Come on don’t be an idiot!

    • james

      no i didnt epect really we just wanted batista to fu^k off

  • Josh

    Wow that was pitiful.. They dropped the ball big time. Very disapointed in the outcome. No D. Bryan even in the Rumble? We want Bryan and they refuse to give it to us…WTF? No D.B. Roman Reigns was
    awesome also, he shoulda at least won if no D.B.

  • james

    only thing worth a damn on this ppv was roman reigns awesome performance(wasnt a huge fan but he can move and didnt get gassed out every 10 seconds like batista) and D.BRY vs Bray was good bray showed he can actualy have a good match if wwe actually lets him

  • Danielbryan

    This must be the worst royal rumble in history
    I mean no Daniel Bryan WTF !! :/

    • prabhat

      the 30 man royal rumble is not batista he is cmpunk

  • Raihan Khan

    how come people say cena vs orton was boring? i guess it was but it got exciting when cena delivered rko and orton delivered aa and stf

    • james

      no just no it was awful… i didnt pay for it but i was with the crowd on that one i was chanting we want refunds with them

    • Mackenzie Lambert

      How many times have we seen them wrestle one another or be in the main event spot. Funny how the buy rates have been terrible, yet who has been in the main events since Summerslam? Randy Orton.

  • Scott

    It is coming down to the point where the wwe is making dumber and dumber choices. I have been a fan for 25years now and things keep getting worse. They are about to lose a fan
    I am glad I didnt spend $55 on that garbage from what I heard. Now I know not to bother with wrestlemania either

  • Steve Dover

    Batista shows up on the raw before the rumble and people actually thought he wasn’t going to win…really did any one watch wwf in the 80’s he just hulk hoganed his way to the top…DUH! BTW Daniel Bryan has a concussion,of course he wasn’t in the rumble…DUH!…4 years off and still dominates te guys who work everyday…reminds me of the rocks return and every other superstar that has been gone and came back to a huge return…apparently you guys are NEW fans and never saw Hogan do this and btw he sucked too…

    • Raihan Khan

      u r dumb? everyone knew he was gonna win.

  • Guest

    You dont see bray wyatt or brock lesnar or big show or even john cena enter the rumble then how can you expect daniel bryan to enter it, they’ve all had gruelling matches earlier in the night, maybe they’re taking rest..how could the crowd be so disrespectful to the other participants??

  • Mr Slippyfist

    I’m still laughing about the crowd at the end. WWE does not care aboutnwhat the fans want. Now we know. Stop watching. Force them to change

  • Sanjib Halder

    sorry thjohn cena ia looser

  • Michael Robertson

    Hi , I would love to see different matches. I would love to see kane join the Wyatt family. Wrestlemania ; The Undertakker vs Orton , The Shield vs the Wyatts (with Kane) Lesner vs Bastista , Daniel Bryant vs Goldberg , B.E. Vs Mark Herny , Cena vs Sheamus

  • trueblood

    Lesnar is a nothin to big show and bryan doesnt make any sense and cena should b champ all would b better wwe sucks anymore this from a long long time viewer

  • owen musselwhite

    yes I am so glad because Bastista won


    Get over it, so Daniel bryan wasn’t in the rumble, too bad, idk why u ppl r surprised, i know his a great wrestler but it didn’t happen for him, too mad just move on

    • Jacob June

      You are the kind of person who has ruined WWE. YOU are the kind of person who will buy any shitty PPV and say “whatever!” to it. I bet you would buy a PPV if it were El Torito vs Hornswoggle for the WWE titles. You are the type of fan who WWE loves as they can produce utter shit and have people buy it.

  • adithya curse

    so how about a rematch of show and lesner
    whos gonna face undertaker at wrestle mania xxx

  • prabhat

    batista and kane is cheater and cmpunk is the winner os this match

  • James Humwood

    the thing is its not daniel bryan being in it that got me pissed it was batista winning a guy who doesnt deserve it a guy who got gased out 10 seconds into the match and the guy who DIDNT earn it. if wwe would pull their heads out of their asses they would see we dont want the batistas,the ortons or even the cenas we want the bryans, the cm punks and even ziggler i mean did you hear zigglers pop it was amazing and wwe fu*ks it up very disapointed as a long time fan

  • Andrew Horrington

    So…. this is exactly what Triple H meant saying “2014 is going to be epic”. Well we can see how “Epic” it is from the starting of the year. This PPV is bullshit. Anyone watching the PPV after reading from this website, is stupid. Come on…. Daniel Bryan lost, Big Show lost and same with Cena. And did anyone notice Kevin Nash is the only “Legendary” guy who returned in this PPV? Wow, I knew that WWE was gonna drop off in 2011, but this is getting even worse than I thought it would be. WWE is taking TOO MUCH care for the kids. It went from Foley falling from 20 feet high cages to Cena falling off from 3 feet Turnbuckles breaking his knee or shoulder. So, from now on, GOODBYE WWE.

  • James Humwood

    Also no one mentioned Seth Rollins had a impressive rumble he was boss and never got fatigued

  • Jake_Bullet_Cybernautic_Detect

    I’d like to add my 2 cents in..
    I really don’t like to be negative about the product but the whole night was WAY off base. It did seem like the WWE were saying “We don’t really care what you guys want right now. We’ve paid alot of money for Batista.. and are going push him over stars you are popping for..but don’t worry we know what you like”.
    Not to sound like a Smark or say “I know whats best.” but judging by the fans reactions for the last 6 months Daniel Bryan was the obvious choice for a surprise entrance at No.30. to go on to win. Then maybe set up a match at Elimination chamber between Daniel and Batista (if the WWE want to get their moneys worth out of him) but to have him come back after 4 years of having digs at the company (if you believe the reports) to win a place at the big one? To quote the crowd after he was posing and pointing at the WMXXX sign “NO! NO! NO!”
    Even on his return he didn’t get much of a pop and you could tell the crowd have maybe been a bit wary of him coming in and winning the rumble over a star they prefer like Punk, Bryan and going by the pop last night Ziggler.

    On the Cena Vs Orton match it seemed a bit like a filler match. More emphasis was put on the Bryan Vs Wyatt blow off match than this unneeded rematch. The fans obviously couldn’t give too hoots over it and showed their distaste for it when ever they could.. and also this fan at home lol. We had the perfect blow off to their feud at TLC and really didn’t need to see another one. Why not have put Cena in the RR to add a bit of a “Who Is going to win?” feel to the match. If the writers had nobody else to put into the title match (At least that’s what it felt like to me) Orton could have played up to his chicken persona and somehow made the authority give him the card off… No fans would have cared to be honest as it was the Royal Rumble.

    I’m not a fan of Lesner so i wouldn’t comment on that match as i couldn’t be unbiased lol ;)

    The Bray Vs Bryan match was pretty good. I noticed alot of rest hold points so I’m guessing they were still being careful of Bryans concussion? Either way good match :)

    If the WWE want WMXXX to be a BIG hit they need to start listening to the fans a bit more. For me the PPV was the worst of the year… ;) lol 3/10 for me.

  • Gurdeep Singh Negi

    Worst ever Royal Rumble served by the so called CEO Triple H………….Everything looks fixed and only for the persons with negative intentions and attitude……..This really hurts the feelings of the mass who believes in Good over the Evil………….The Authority Really Sucks for this…………

  • seshu

    Iam happy because Sheamus return to WWE.This royal rumble is not good.No Daniel Bryan,Bigshow,MarkHenry.

  • The Painlete AJP

    I know I’m stupid for saying this but, Jeff Hardy needed a return, And where was Rob Van Dam? What up with that!

  • Sharath MP

    Ths is what “Best For Business” means..??? WTF…!!! HHH sucks…!!!!
    The Worst PPV/Royal Rumble of the year….!!!!!
    Lets shift the attention of DB from Wyatts..!!! its Cena’s time now..!!!
    I dont care who is having the title as long as the authority is listning to Fans..!!!
    What about the below ones..!!!
    Sack Kane from the WWE Authority..!!!

    Need Hell in a Cell match between Brock Vs Show… and Wyatt Vs Cena

    No Holds Barred match between CM Punk and Kane..!!!
    Triple Threat match between Shield members for the US championship..!!!!
    Let New age outlaws face the USOS for the Tag Team championship..!!!

  • Cece

    The crowd was very disrespectful and rude. Mentioning DB in every single match. Then the Royal Rumble 30 pick poor Rey . These wrestlers work their butt off and this is how the fans treat them. I don’t understand everyone’s deal Daniel Bryan is pretty much on every Monday and Friday ,on every ppv, and had his match already with Brey. Some fans are wanting way too much too fast. Some ppl think just because he is DB that he has to main event on WM , or have a championship. There are lots of wrestlers in the WWE that are just as good even better than Daniel Bryan. KofI Kingston beat Orton a couple weeks ago but you don’t see them suggesting a title shot . Pretty much all the royal rumbles are waste of time. Cause they are not going to let ppl like gold dust, usos,big e , Cody Rhodes win because they don’t have enough pull in wwe. They should sum the RR down to 10 ppl ( the more popular ones of course) cause that’s whats it’s gonna come down to. I just wish everybody REALLY had a shot at these titles . Same amount of talent but not enough pull . I like Daniel Bryan but his fans are ruining him by being annoying and disrespectful.

  • Barack Lesnar

    Mick Foley criticized WWE management on social media by stating that “Does WWE hate their audience? I’ve never been so disgusted with a PPV.” Daniel Bryan responded to fans on Twitter, writing “They try to keep US down and away from the top spots, but they can’t ignore the reactions forever. Keep voicing your opinions”.