WWE Seeking Seat Fillers For Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

WWE sent out a notice requesting seat fillers for Tuesday’s WWE TV taping in Columbus, Ohio. The notice reads the following:

“We are in need of at least 60 seat fillers for our use during the event. Your main purpose this evening is to assist the television production.”

Basically, WWE needs people to fill unsold seats facing the camera to make the arena look full for television.

  • Willey

    are they giving you free tickets? or is it just letting you know there are seats available and you can pay a hundred+ dollars to get one?

  • Daniel

    This is what happens when you don’t give enough support for Smackdown. Smackdown has never sold out in years and just doesn’t live up to Raw. Read the article “Death of Wrestling: Smackdown” to get a better insight!

    • saulewright

      “sold out?” I don’t think Raw NOR smackdown sell out to be honest. Most fans of rasslin’ that I know kind of feel that the stronger show was actually smackdown for a while with Raw being the drama and bling.