WWE Site Pushing For Hardcore Title, Update On Perry Saturn

— WWE.com columnist Michael Burdick published an article demanding the return of the Hardcore Championship.

He writes, “While the Intercontinental Title symbolizes the emerging excellence of past icons, its out-casted, hardcore cousin stands for the excellence of all-out anarchy. If you think Superstars are worried about “unsafe working conditions” now, just imagine what would happen if they ever got a dose of the ultimate monument to pure mayhem.”

— Harvey Wippleman turned 46 years old on Thursday. He still works for WWE in a backstage capacity.

— Awesome Wrestling Entertainment announced Thursday they have signed Perry Saturn to a contract. The former WWE star competed for the first time in over five years on October 15 at their Night of the Legends pay-per-view event. He defeated C.W. Anderson.

Recent photos of Perry Saturn