WWE SmackDown Results – April 12, 2013

Smackdown kicks off with our new World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler! Dolph comes down with AJ and Big E Langston. Zig cuts a promo on being champion after cashing in and being better than everyone in the back. Crowd is hot for him. Swagger and Colter come out and interrupt. Colter says that Swagger wants to be the first one to get his hands on that belt. They leave. Alberto Del Rio makes his way down, limping. Alberto also wants a title shot against Ziggler. Now Chris Jericho makes his way to the ramp after Del Rio leaves! Jericho tells Ziggler that his first match as champion will be tonight, against him.

Match #1
Daniel Bryan & Kane vs The Prime Time Players

Kane and Bryan start off tagging in and out, working over Young. Bryan with the dropkick in the corner and some kicks to the chest. Tag to Titus. Kane comes in the ring and chokeslams Young, Bryan locks in the No! Lock on O’Neil for the win. Very, very short.

Winners: Kane & Daniel Bryan

After the match, The Shield cut a promo on the big screen, saying they can strike any time.

Match #2
Wade Barrett vs Santino Marella

Barrett dominates this match. Santino manages to avoid the Bullhammer on first attempt but was not able to hit the Cobra. Barrett with the Bullhammer for the win.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Booker T tells Sheamus and Orton that they will face Big Show in a handicap match for the main event.

Match #3
Bella Twins & Tamina vs Naomi, Cameron and Kaitlyn

Naomi looks impressive in this one with a huracanrana and cross body. Very athletic. Naomi goes for a move off the top rope but is distracted by a Bella. The other one manages to get the pin.

Winners: Bella Twins & Tamina

Triple H makes his way down to the right. He talks about the match with Brock Lesnar from Wrestlemania until the 3MB music hits and they come down. As they surround the ring, The Shield comes out and beats down 3MB. In the ring, Triple H is being outnumbered by The Shield before Kane and Bryan make the save. The Shield back off.

Match #4
Randy Orton & Sheamus vs Big Show

Orton’s ribs are taped up. Never really understood what taping the stomach would do for that though. Anyway, Big Show hits a sidewalk slam and works over the ribs of Randy. Big Show steps on Orton and taunts Sheamus. Punches to the ribs of Orton. Body slam from Show. Sheamus gets the tag and goes right after Show. Spear from Big Show! RKO from Orton followed by a Brogue Kick that sends Show out of the ring. Big Show refuses to come back in and gets the 10 count.

Winners: Sheamus & Randy Orton

Orton and Sheamus are backstage. Sheamus gets interviewed before being attacked by Mark Henry.

Match #5
Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston

Seen this match a few times now. Cesaro is on the offense for the most part. Kinda slow this time around. Kofi starts fighting back and manages to pull the Trouble In Paradise off out of nowhere. Kofi gets the win, surprisingly.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Main Event
Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho

Fandango was at ringside for this one and the theme song chant was still going strong! Jericho and Ziggler lock up and Jericho takes control before Ziggler punches away at Jericho in the corner and hits a big splash. Ziggler runs at the corner again but Jericho kicked him, climbed to the 2nd rope and hit a dropkick. Jericho chokes Ziggler on the ropes. While Fandango distracts the ref, AJ trips Jericho and Ziggler hits the Fame-asser. Jericho fights back against Ziggler and hits a Lionsault for two. Fandango on the apron again. Ziggler dropkicks him after springboarding. Ziggler jumps into a Walls of Jericho but Fandnago distracts and Big E punches Jericho in the head. Ziggler win the roll up for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler.

After the match Jericho attacks Ziggler but Big E gets involved. Zig Zag from Dolph. Big E hits his finisher to Jericho. Fandango comes in and attacks Jericho. Diving leg drop from Fandango.

That’s the show, folks, post our thoughts, comments and feedback from the show below!