WWE SmackDown Results – August 23, 2013

We open up the evening with a Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton promo. Orton claims that he didn’t need Triple H’s help. Bryan insults Orton and says that he has to fight for everything and Orton is handed it because of his image. He challenges Orton for the belt but Orton says that he’ll have to wait for Night Of Champions for that. Orton holds up the belt and Bryan attacks him out of the ring. Backstage, we get the announcement of Bryan vs Barrett in a cage tonight.

Match #1
Curtis Axel vs Cody Rhodes

Fairly slow match to start off with Axel working over Rhodes for much of it. Running snapmare from Axel. Clothesline from Axel followed by a diving elbow attempt but Rhodes moves. Uppercut from Rhodes and a kick to the gut. Clothesline from Rhodes after a roll up attempt. Rhodes goes for the moonsault but Heyman distracts him and Axel shakes the ropes. Axel hits the neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Heyman cuts a short promo on CM Punk afterwards.

Match #2
Big E Langston W/AJ vs Dolph Ziggler

Big E starts off dominating, using his size on Ziggler. Big E throws Dolph up in the air. Big splash from E, followed by a chinlock. Ziggler is on Big E’s shoulders and fights out into a facebuster. Huge clothesline from Big E. Dolph with the Zig Zag out of nowhere for the win!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Match #3
Alberto Del Rio vs Christian

Match starts off with Alberto reluctantly wrestling and leaving the ring. We return to a brawl in the corner. Del Rio tosses Christian out of the ring. Big kick to the ribs of Christian. Del Rio in control until Christian dodges a dive and Del Rio goes out of the ring. Ten punch from Christian. Christian misses a diving crossbody and Del Rio dropkicks him in the face. Del Rio locks in the cross armbreaker and gets the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Ricardo introduces RVD and Christian dropkicks Del Rio and RVD hits the rolling thunder. Del Rio escapes but Ricardo has the belt!

Match #4
Big Show & Mark Henry vs 3MB

Pretty quick squash here. 3MB get in a little offense but Big Show and Henry dominate. Show gets the pin, hitting the KO punch on McIntyre.

Winners: Henry & Big Show

After the match, The Shield cut a promo on the titantron on Show & Henry.

Match #5
Antonio Cesaro vs Darren Young

Cesaro starts off dominant and locks Young in a chinlock. Belly to belly from Young. Northern Lights Suplex from DY. Young goes for his finisher but Swagger gets on the apron. Titus fights him off and Young gets rolled up for two. Darren Young hits the gutcrusher and gets the win!

Winner: Darren Young

Main Event
Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett – Steel Cage

Daniel Bryan with kicks in the corner to Barrett. Big boot from Barrett. Barrett with a beatdown on Bryan for a bit. Bryan bounces back and dropkicks Barrett into the cage and caps it off with two more of the same! Barrett tries to do the Wasteland but Bryan grabs the cage and climbs. Electric chair drop from Barrett. In the corner, Bryan catches up to Barrett, who is climbing. Bryan goes for a german suplex to no avail, but hits a sunset flip powerbomb! Bryan with the running knee for the win!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Bryan is celebrating by the ramp when Orton comes out from under the ring and RKOs Bryan!

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