WWE SmackDown Results – December 20, 2013

WWE SmackDown Results – December 20, 2013

WWE SmackDown kicks off with Randy Orton cutting a promo on becoming the unified champion. Cena interrupts, followed by Bryan who also interrupts. The Shield start to make their way through the crowd and Punk comes out and evens the odds. Vickie announces Punk, Bryan & Cena vs The Shield as our main event.

Match #1
Big E Langston vs Jack Swagger

Lots of mat wrestling and power struggles between these two before Big E destroys Swagger. Spear in the corner and big splash from E. Cesaro distracts him but Henry takes out Cesaro. Swagger goes after Big E but gets taken down by a shoulder block. Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E Langston

Match #2
Brie Bella vs Tamina Snuka

Tamina roughs up Brie and throws her through the ropes. Tamina chokes Brie with her knee. Brie fights back but takes a superkick from Tamina. Tamina goes for Snuka Splash but Brie gets her knees up and wins with a roll-up.

Winner: Brie Bella

Match #3
Drew McIntyre vs Sin Cara

Sin Cara dives out onto McIntyre. McIntyre gets a little bit of offense in before Sin Cara hits the senton bomb for the victory.

Winner: Sin Cara

Match #4
Brodus Clay vs Tensai

Brodus is full on heel here. Tensai with a clothesline. Splash in the corner from Brodus. Big splash from Brodus. And then another. Cameron, Naomi & Woods come out which distracts Brodus and Tensai rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Tensai

Brodus tries to attack Tensai but Woods makes the save.

Match #5
Rowan & Harper vs Rhodes & Goldust

The majority of this match is the Wyatt Family working over Goldust. Goldust makes the hot tag to Cody. Moonsault from Cody. After a huge brawl on the outside, Harper gets the pin for the victory with a lariat clothesline.

Winners: Harper & Rowan

After the match the attack continues until Bryan comes out with a chair and breaks things up.

Match #6
Miz vs Damien Sandow

Sandow cut a promo before the match on Christmas. Miz with a figure four but Sandow gets the ropes. Sandow rolls up Miz up quickly after for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Match #7
Fandango vs Kofi Kingston

Fandango with elbows to the head of Kofi. Chinlock from Fandango leads to a Kofi comeback. Boom drop from Kofi. Fandango escapes the Trouble In Paradise and knocks Kofi down. Leg drop off the ropes from Fandango for the win.

Winner: Fandango

Backstage the Wyatt Family attacks Bryan, taking him out of the main event.

Main Event
CM Punk & John Cena vs The Shield

Punk and Cena with good teamwork on Ambrose. Double suplex from Cena/Punk. The Shield isolate Cena and make quick tags. Cena makes the hot tag to Punk who cleans house. Shining wizard to Rollins. The Shield all begin to beat down Punk and the ref rings the bell.

Winners via DQ: Punk & Cena

Reigns spears Cena and Shield hit the triple powerbomb on him. As they’re attacking Punk, Big E Langston comes out and makes the save to end the show.