WWE Smackdown Results – February 2, 2013

Show starts off with Booker & Teddy in the ring with Bryan, Kane, Ziggler, Orton, Sheamus & Khali. Booker is talking about Elimination Chamber and seems to be ready to set up the match when Jack Swagger makes his return! Swagger demands to be put into the match. Ziggler then opts out of the match because he has his Money In The Bank. Booker says he can chicken out here but he can’t chicken out against Alberto Del Rio tonight.

Match #1
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Team Hell No

Match starts off with Mysterio and Cara in control early, using their high flying to get around Hell No. Mysterio attempts the 619 and Bryan dodges. Back from break it’s Bryan and Cara and Bryan is in control. Surfboard from Bryan. Kane works over Cara but Sin Cara hits a huge DDT and the hot tags are made to Mysterio and Bryan. Bryan locks in the No Lock on Mysterio in the ring but Sin Cara breaks it up and takes out Kane. Mysterio hits the 619 on Bryan for the win. Kane and Bryan argue after.

Winners: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio

Del Rio is in the parking lot waiting for Big Show.

Match #2
Jinder Mahal vs Khali

Khali with some chops to Jinder. McIntyre and Slater try to get involved but Hornswoggle takes out Slater and Khali disposes of McIntyre. Punjabi Plunge by Khali for the W.

Winner: Khali

Backstage Rhodes and Sandow announce that they’re still going to be friends but are splitting up as a tag team to pursue singles success. Booker puts Sandow up against Sheamus.

Match #3
Sheamus vs Sandow

Sheamus and Sandow go back and forth before Sandow starts to take control. Damien hits his elbow of disdain to Sheamus. As Sheamus starts fighting back, he goes for White Noise but Sandow breaks out. Sheamus with the clubbing blows on the ropes when The Shield’s music hits and they come out. Sheamus Brogue Kicks Rollins but the others get the best of him and powerbomb him.

Winner: No Contest

Match #4
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Barrett unleashes a barrage to Orton in this match. Lots of strong strikes from Wade with Orton getting a little offense in at first. Neckbreaker from Barrett. Sleeper hold from Barrett leads to Orton fighting out and making his comeback. Clotheslines, powerslam and Orton goes for the middle rope DDT. Barrett fights out and goes for the Bull Hammer but hits the ring post. Orton hits the middle rope DDT and follows up with an RKO!

Winner: Randy Orton

Backstage post-match Wade Barrett beats down Bo Dallas who he spots.

Match #5
Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger

Swagger starts off in full throttle, slamming Kingston down a couple times and overpowering him. Kingston fights back with a cross body but Swagger immediately gets back up and clotheslines Kingston. Armlock in the center of the ring but Kofi fights out. Knees to the chest from Swagger until Kofi hits a monkey flip. Boom Drop from Kofi! On the outside Kingston jumps off the steps and clotheslines Swagger. Kofi goes for the Trouble In Paradise but misses and hits the announce table. Swagger rolls him into the ring and delivers the ankle lock, making Kofi tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger

On the outside, Big Show shows up and Del Rio attacks him with the baseball bat. Big Show eventually manages to get away.

Main Event
Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

The two superstars trade blows to each other before Ziggler hits a big DDT. And then a neckbreaker. Del Rio takes back control and climbs to the top but AJ distracts and Big E pushes him. Del Rio dropkicks Big E but it does nothing. Big E gets ejected. After the break the match is still in full force as they exchange kicks. Superplex from Del Rio. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker but Ziggler reverses into a fame-asser. Backstabber in the corner from Del Rio and Ziggler barely kicks out. Del Rio heads to the top and Ziggler catches him in mid air with a dropkick. Zig goes for a Zig Zag but Del Rio reverses into the Armbreaker and Zig taps!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Big Show comes on the big screen. He’s back and he’s holding Ricardo hostage. After taunting him he punches out Ricardo and leaves. Del Rio runs to the back and checks on him as the show ends and Del Rio yells for a doctor.