WWE Smackdown Results – February 22, 2013

We get Alberto Del Rio to kick off Smackdown! Del Rio comes out and addresses his Wrestlemania opponent (possibly still) Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter. Del Rio states that the backbone of this country is the hard working immigrants that come here and that he, himself is American. Alberto calls Swagger a jackass. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and says that he wants a piece of Swagger as well, after being ‘screwed’ by him at Elimination Chamber. Booker T comes out and gives us two main events for the night in Alberto Del Rio vs Wade Barrett & Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger.

Match #1
* Sheamus vs Damien Sandow
Match starts off with back and forth brawling and neither guy getting a real upperhand. Sheamus manages to clothesline bSandow out of the ring and sends the fight to the outside. Sheamus chucks Sandow into the barricade. Sandow hits a clothesline but his offense is halted by Sheamus. Clubbing blows on the apron from Sheamus. We return from the break to Sandow in control with a headlock on Sheamus. Russian leg sweep and elbow of disdain from Sandow. Sheamus continues to get worked over by Sandow. Sandow with knees to the body of Sheamus. Sheamus fights back and hits White Noise, followed by the Brogue Kick for the victory.

Winner: Sheamus

Match #2
* Kaitlyn & Layla vs Aksana & Tamina
Rather short match here. Kaitlyn and Tamina are the legal women going down the stretch and Kaitlyn gets the win with a big spear.

Winner: Kaitlyn & Layla

Match #3
* Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton
Swagger and Orton trade punches in the ring. Orton takes control and goes for the elevated DDT but Swagger gets away. Swagger tosses Orton shoulder first into the steel steps. Swagger with knees in the corner and a lifting takedown. Swagger with some knees before Orton flips him out of the ring. Orton with a backdrop into the barricade. Swagger takes out Orton’s leg and hits a Swagger Bomb for two. Orton tosses Swagger into the ring post and hits a powerslam. Running knee to the chest of Orton. Swagger goes for Swagger Bomb and gets kicked in the stomach. Orton with the elevated DDT to Swagger. Swagger guillotines Orton on the ropes and rolls him up with his feet on the rope for the win!
Winner: Jack Swagger

Match #4
* The Miz vs Cody Rhodes
Miz seems to still be selling the shoulder injury. Very similar match to the one we saw on Raw a few weeks ago before Cesaro interfered. A somewhat short match where Miz gets the win using the Figure Four Leg Lock, and probably the best looking version of it he’s done.

Winner: The Miz

Main Event
* Alberto Del Rio vs Wade Barrett
Right as the match starts, Swagger & Coulter make their way out to watch. Match starts off with each guy getting some strikes off on each other. Barrett tosses Del Rio off the top rope to the outside and slams his face off the steps. Back in the ring, Barrett locks in a rear naked choke on Del Rio. Pumphandle drop from Barrett. Wade traps Del Rio in the ropes and knees him before kicking him in the head out of the ring. Diving elbow from Barrett, followed by another submission attempt but Del Rio fights out. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Del Rio. Superkick to Barrett. Del Rio goes for a running enziguri but gets caught by the Winds Of Change from Barrett. Del Rio hits a backstabber using the ropes. Barrett goes for the Bull Hammer but Del Rio counters into the Cross Armbreaker for the win!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

As the show ends, Del Rio & Swagger stare each other down.