WWE Smackdown Results – January 11, 2013

The show kicks off with Booker T announcing that The Rock will be in the ring tonight. Also announces Orton/Cesaro. Big Show comes out and complains about the match against Del Rio later in the show. Show claims Booker has a personal vendetta against him and that Del Rio doesn’t deserve it. After berating Del Rio and his past opponents, Del Rio comes out and fights off Show.

Match #1
Randy Orton vs Antonio Cesaro
The match starts with both guys hitting a couple moves on each other before Orton tosses Cesaro out of the ring. Back in the ring Cesaro locks in a chin lock. Big clothesline from Cesaro followed by a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro with body blows to Orton, then a snap mare and another submission. Orton starts to come back and hits the clothesline, only to get caught by Swiss Death. Orton kicks out. Orton with a backbreaker to Cesaro. Orton hits the elevated DDT. As Orton gets ready, The Shield attack and destroy him.
Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

3MB Interview with Striker but the big segment follows with CM Punk and Paul Heyman in the Orange Bowl. Punk says that just like the Orange Bowl, the WWE Rock competed in is gone and Rock will never be ‘home’ here.

Match #2
Dolph Ziggler & AJ vs Khali & Natalya
Khali delivers some strong shots to Ziggler before AJ comes in. Natalya gets the tag and goes after AJ but AJ hits the Sliced Bread in the corner for the win.
Winners: Dolph & AJ

After the match Big E takes out Khali.

The Rock time as he makes his way to the ring. Rock talks about his days in Miami and being home. The Rhodes Scholars interrupt him. Rhodes Scholars say that Rock doesn’t deserve their TV time. Rock makes fun of Cody’s mustache. They play the game that Sandow usually plays with a fan, asking 3 questions. First is asking who the 19th president of America is. Rock answers correctly with Rutherford B Hayes. Cody asks which movie won Best Picture in 1993 and Rock is correct again with Schindlers List. Rock decides to ask the third question. What do you get when you combine a geological aggregate of minerals with it’s lowest form. Sandow answers Rock Bottom…and that’s exactly what he gets. Rock gives Cody a People’s Elbow.

Match #3
Sheamus vs 3MB
Sheamus stands in the ring as all three leave. Slater runs in and gets Brogue Kicked. The other two back off as Sheamus pins.
Winner: Sheamus

Match #4
Daniel Bryan & Kane vs Prime Time Players
Bryan and DY start off and Bryan seems to be selling the leg from Monday. Big slam from Titus. Bryan boots Titus out of the corner and tags in Kane. Kane cleans house beating down Young. Kane goes for a double chokeslam but they break out. Bryan off the ropes onto both. Chokeslam to DY from Kane for the win.
Winners: Team Hell No!

Main Event
Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio – World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show starts off in control and the first big spot comes when Del Rio gets body slammed through table. Show goes after Del Rio with a chair but Del Rio gets hold of the chair after a kick to the side. Big shots to the back of Big Show. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker but Show goes to toss him out of the ring…but Del Rio hangs onto the arm!. Show slams Del Rio off the apron out of the ring. Table set up in the corner and Del Rio dropkicks him through it! Del Rio locks in a sleeper on Show. Show starts to fade but manages to toss Del Rio over his shoulder.

Kick to the chest from Del Rio with some punches to the stomach and headbutt. Clotheslines from Del Rio but he gets caught after the third. Del Rio fights back and goes for a ax handle off the ropes, only to be caught by a chokeslam. Big Show slams Del Rio through the barricade. Del Rio manages to get up and uses the steel steps on Big Show. Del Rio hits Show with the steps three times and that’s it! Big Show is down for the count as Del Rio flips the announce table onto him.
Winner & NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

And Del Rio celebrates to a huge ovation as the show ends!

  • sunil Kumar bhargava

    What about the interference by shield in future matches. The match for championship between Ryback and punk should go indefinately till there is no interference by shield or other, otherwise I call it cheating and the WWE management. I request HHH to interfere and set the table correct. At present TNA impact wrestling is interesting at present.