WWE Smackdown Results – January 18, 2013

We kick off with Alberto Del Rio’s World Championship Fiesta. Dolph, Big E and AJ interrupt and Dolph threatens to cash in on Del Rio. Big Show interrupts. Ziggler, Big E and Big Show corner Del Rio but Sheamus comes down and evens the odds. Booker T comes out and makes Show/Ziggler vs Sheamus/Del Rio for later. Booker T with a spinerooni in the ring while the mariachi band plays.

Match #1
Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro
Cesaro tripsKofi into the rope and stomps away.Big gutwrench suplex from Cesaro. Double stomp. Kofi with a series of roll ups before Cesaro catches him going for a huracanrana into the neutralizer for the win in a very short match.
Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Confrontation between Primo/Epico/Rosa and Miz.

Match #2
The Great Khali vs Tensai
Tensai hammers away at Khali in the corner and then walks into a big boot, followed by a brain chop for the win. Another very short match.
Winner: The Great Khali

Match #3
Daniel Bryan, Kane & Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett
Bryan kicking Rhodes in the chest multiple times before Sandow comes in. Sandow rolls out of the No! Lock and we go to commercial. Upon return Sandow is hammering away on Kane. Tag to Rhodes. Kane is isolated as Barrett comes in and then tags in Rhodes. Big tag to Orton as Orton begins to clean house. Powerslam and clotheslines from Orton to Rhodes Scholars. Orton with an elbow to Barrett and Bryan dives out onto Barrett. Cross Rhodes to Orton from Rhodes, Kane breaks up the pin. RKO to Sandow from Orton for the win!
Winners: Team Hell No & Randy Orton

After the match all three guys hug it out.

We’ve got a recap of Rock Concert.

Match #4
Primo vs Miz
Miz starts off doing some Flair impressions before Primo takes control. Primo with an elbow followed by some punches to the face. Stomp to the face. Primo with a front dropkick. Primo with a chinlock and Miz fights back and hits a flapjack. Miz reverses a sunset flip into a kick to the face. Miz with the clothesline in the corner followed by an ax handle smash. Miz with a figure four leg lock for the win.
Winner: The Miz

Match #5
Aksana vs Kaitlyn
Aksana dominates the majority of the short match with a chinlock and then pounds away in the corners. Kaitlyn catches Aksana with the spear as the ref pulls her back. Kaitlyn with the cover for the win.
Winner: Kaitlyn

Main Event
Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus vs Ziggler & Big Show
Del Rio and Ziggler in and Del Rio misses the moonsault but throws Ziggler into the air. Tag to Sheamus. Sheamus pounds away at Ziggler in the corner. Dolph kicks SHeamus in the head and Sheamus comes back with a shoulder block. Tag to Big Show, who starts dominating Sheamus with strikes in the corner and tosses him to the outside. Big E tries to throw Sheamus into the ring post but Sheamus stops him. Big E gets kicked out. AJ gets kicked out! Ziggler and Del Rio back in and Del Rio hits an amazing german suplex to Zig. Tag to Sheamus who cleans out Ziggler with a polish hammer. Clothesline from Sheamus. Sheamus goes to the top but Big Show throws him out of the ring. Show and Ziggler beat down Sheamus and keep him away from Del Rio. Heabutt from Big Show. Sheamus gets hit with a big splash from Big Show but kicks out. Show goes for another but Sheamus dodges and tags in Del Rio! Superkick from Del Rio to Ziggler for a close two count. Del Rio sets up for the armbreaker but Big Show comes in and breaks it up. Sheamus comes in and hits White Noise on Big Show. Big Show rolls out of the ring and gets enziguri’d by Del Rio. Del Rio tosses a bucket of water on Big Show and Show walks out.
Winners: Sheamus & Del Rio

Balloons fall from the ceiling while they celebrate with Ricardo and the show ends.